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Latest Episode: Tricks of the Trade

Oct 22, 2013 Season 1 Episode 16 watch on (Paid)

With the onset of fall and wild snakes hibernating below ground, pastors Andrew Hamblin and Jamie Coots are forced to obtain their deadly, venomous serpents by other means. The men travel to Repticon, a huge snake expo in Columbia, South Carolina, to purchase new snakes for their congregation. Jamie brings newborn rattlesnakes from his church that he will use to trade in for larger snakes at the expo. But Andrew is forced to pawn his prized electric guitar to get money to buy his snakes. The pastors compete head to head at the expo to see who will leave with the most serpents.

Tempted by the Devil [HD]

Oct 22, 2013 Season 1 Episode 15

The foundation of Jamie's church is shaken when a copperhead bites his father.
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Lethal Poison [HD]

Oct 22, 2013 Season 1 Episode 14

Pastor Hamblin tries to win acceptance from the grandparents who raised him by bringing them to a snake-handling service; Little Cody Coots prepares to drink poison to exhibit one of the five Bible signs: drinking "any deadly thing."
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Deadly Legacy [HD]

Oct 22, 2013 Season 1 Episode 13

Concerned about who will replace him should he die from a snake bite, Jamie tries to groom his son, Little Cody, to take over the pastorship. Meanwhile Andrew Hamblin holds a special outdoor service to help save a close friend.
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Sin or Serpents [HD]

Oct 15, 2013 Season 1 Episode 12

Forbidden by her religion to remarry, Pastor Coots' daughter, Trina, faces an awful choice: leave her faith and fulfill her dreams of marriage or rejoin her family's snake-handling church but spend her life alone.
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Temptation of the Flesh [HD]

Oct 15, 2013 Season 1 Episode 11

Snake-handling preacher Andrew Hamblin battles internal demons, wondering if he made the right decision leaving his once-prosperous career of a bluegrass banjo prodigy to lead a life of faith.
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The Devil Fights Your Mind

Oct 08, 2013 Season 1 Episode 10

Drug dealing and a life of crime are just a phone call away for Holiness church member "Big" Cody Wynn, who struggles to stay on the straight and narrow path towards salvation.
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Outlaw Religion

Oct 08, 2013 Season 1 Episode 9

Pastor Andrew Hamblin goes to battle against state of Tennessee to overturn a law that forbids snake handling.
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Oct 01, 2013 Season 1 Episode 8

Pastor Jamie Coots faces one of the biggest challenges of his life--his daughter Trina has stopped going to church. Jamie fears she is now heading to hell unless he can convince her to return.
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Bitten in Church [HD]

Oct 01, 2013 Season 1 Episode 7

The foundation of Jamie's church is shaken when a copperhead bites his father.
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Casting Out Demons

Sep 24, 2013 Season 1 Episode 6

When a prophetess senses that an evil spirit is threatening to destroy Andrew's congregation, the young pastor calls for a revival: daily services that will last until the evil is gone.
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Venom in the Veins [HD]

Sep 24, 2013 Season 1 Episode 5

Twelve hours after a near fatal bite, Little Cody Coots is back to snake hunting, pushing his body and his marriage to their breaking points.
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Swamp Hunt [HD]

Sep 17, 2013 Season 1 Episode 4

Religious snake handler Little Cody Coots fights excruciating pain, and possibly his life, after being bitten by a venomous cottonmouth while hunting in a Louisiana swamp.
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Courting Disaster

Sep 17, 2013 Season 1 Episode 3

After being caught in Tennessee possessing and transporting illegal snakes for use in church, Pastor Jamie Coots must appear in court to defend his religion and avoid being sentenced to jail time.
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Smoke 'em Out

Sep 10, 2013 Season 1 Episode 2

Due to an unusually long winter in Appalachia, Pastor Jamie Coots' snake supply is running dangerously low. He hatches an ambitious but risky plan to travel all the way to Texas, hoping that he and his gang can hunt down some deadly western diamondback rattlers. They face a possibly fatal bite far from home for the one chance this month to stock up on snakes. In Tennessee, Pastor Andrew Hamblin adds a new specimen to his snake collection: a very rare, albino western diamondback. Andrew must decide whether to take up the deadly albino snake in service or leave it safely in its protective cage.
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Appalachian Hunt [HD]

Sep 10, 2013 Season 1 Episode 1

When a baneful copperhead snake bites a church congregant, pastor Andrew Hamblin is called in to pray for his recovery. With their snake supply dwindling, pastors Jamie Coots and Andrew Hamblin race to hunt and capture wild, venomous snakes before the reptiles go into winter hibernation.
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