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Smallville Episode Recap: "Doomsday" Season 8, Episode 22

This week in the Smallville Season 8 finale, Clark and the Legion fought over how best to deal with Davis, the Blur braced to battle Doomsday, and Lois got into a scrape of her own before... well, we'll get to that in a bit. On with the recap!

Rokk meets up with Clark on the roof, toting a message of gloom and Doom. Whoa, I thought all was right with Brainiac gone, Clark says. "Yes," Cosmic Boy says, "Brainiac is gone... but so are you." Clark refuses to regret his decision to save Chloe and thus save her connection to Doomy. Still, Rokk offers Clark a new Legion ring. "Send Doomsday to the future," he strongly suggests, "where the Legion is ready to fight him." If only because, he says, "There is nothing on earth ... read more

Injustice Season 8, Episode 21

Unable to control Davis, Chloe asks Clark to kill him. Seizing the opportunity, Tess gathers Plastique (Jessica Parker Kennedy) and a crew of meteor freaks to track down Davis, all the while planning a double cross. Things go awry, however, when Tess' true plans are discovered. read more

Beast Season 8, Episode 20

Clark discovers Davis is alive and confronts Chloe about her role in hiding him. Meanwhile, Oliver and Jimmy are attacked by Davis at Chloe's apartment. read more

Stiletto Season 8, Episode 19

Pretending she is the superhero Stiletto, Lois secures her star-reporter status by scoring exclusive interviews with the city's newest crimefighter. Clark fears for her safety until she ably saves him from Kryptonite-wielding thugs. read more

Eternal Season 8, Episode 18

Tess reveals Davis' childhood with the Luthors when she turns to Clark for help after she fails to kill Davis. Meanwhile, Davis seeks Chloe's assistance. read more

Hex Season 8, Episode 17

The magician Zatanna (Serinda Swan) comes to town and grants Chloe's birthday wish to be more like Lois, resulting in the two switching bodies. She also grants Clark his deepest wish. read more

Turbulence Season 8, Episode 16

Tess tries to manipulate Clark into revealing his powers by staging a midair plane accident as they fly to New York for a press conference. Meanwhile, Davis learns how to control his inner beast. read more

Infamous Season 8, Episode 15

Reporter Linda Lake (Tori Spelling) attempts to blackmail Clark for information on the "Red-Blue Blur" in hopes of regaining journalistic fame. Clark chooses instead to reveal his secret identity to Lois and asks her to write the story for the Daily Planet. read more

Requiem Season 8, Episode 14

An explosion at LuthorCorp injures Oliver, who suspects Lex is at fault. But Clark and Lana discover the culprit is Oliver's former employee Winslow Schott (Chris Gauthier), a toymaker harboring a grudge against his old boss. read more

Power Season 8, Episode 13

Clark learns from Tess that Lex is alive and may have kidnapped Lana. She also reveals what Lana went through after her coma. Elsewhere, Tess breaks into a secret LuthorCorp facility and makes a shocking discovery. Allison Mack, who plays Chloe, directed the episode. read more

Bulletproof Season 8, Episode 12

Clark goes undercover as a cop to discover who shot John Jones. Meanwhile, Lana unsettles Tess with her opinion on Lex, prompting Luthorcorp's head to reconsider her position with the company. read more

Legion Season 8, Episode 11

Doomsday kidnaps Chloe, and Clark searches for her while battling the Persuader (Fraser Aitcheson) with a little help from three superheroes known as the Legion: Rokk (Ryan Kennedy), Imra (Alexz Johnson) and Garth (Calum Worthy). read more

Smallville Episode Recap: "Bride" Season 8, Episode 10

This week on Smallville, Chloe and Jimmy were heading for a wedding, where two "special guests" would turn Clark's world upside down.

I'm Matt Mitovich, you own "special guest" recapper, offering you Smallville fans a solid by giving you a place to discuss this week's "Bride." I had hoped to recap for you ... read more

Abyss Season 8, Episode 9

Brainiac slowly takes over Chloe's mind until the only person she remembers is Davis. In an effort to save her, Clark rebuilds the Fortress of Solitude in order to seek help from Jor-El. read more

Bloodline Season 8, Episode 8

The Arctic crystal is anonymously delivered to Clark, and it sends him and Lois to the Phantom Zone, where they run into Kara. She returns Lois to Earth, but inadvertently releases Zod's wife, who takes over Lois' body and wreaks havoc on Metropolis. read more

Identity Season 8, Episode 7

Clark fears his identity may be revealed after Jimmy snaps a photo of him saving Lois from a mugger. Clark asks Chloe for help to prevent the picture from running on the front page, but to no avail. read more

Prey Season 8, Episode 6

Clark suspects a recent murder at a theater may be the work of a meteor-infected serial killer, and he demands that Chloe give him names of people she's counselling at the Isis Foundation. A fearful Davis thinks he's the killer and confides in Chloe. read more

Committed Season 8, Episode 5

A psychotic jeweler (David Lewis) kidnaps Jimmy and Chloe after their engagement party and subjects them to a shocking lie-detector test. Posing as a couple while trying to find their friends, Lois and Clark are also forced to answer questions about their feelings for each other. read more

Instinct Season 8, Episode 4

Maxima (Charlotte Sullivan), a queen from planet Almerac, arrives on Earth after being accidentally summoned by Tess. Thinking that her soul mate called her, Maxima sets out to find him, starting with Jimmy, but the men of Metropolis better beware---her kiss is deadly. read more

Toxic Season 8, Episode 3

Oliver falls ill at a charity event and Clark and Chloe discover their friend has only hours to live. Oliver soon descends into delirium and is overcome by memories of his time on the island and when he first met Tess. Meanwhile, Clark and Chloe's fruitless search for a cure pushes Chloe to try out her new powers, much to Clark's surprise. read more

Plastique Season 8, Episode 2

Clark starts his new job at the Daily Planet, where he is partnered with Lois for a story on a bus explosion. Meanwhile, paramedic Davis Bloome is attracted to Chloe. read more

Odyssey Season 8, Episode 1

In the eighth-season opener, the Justice League searches for Clark, but is stymied by the new CEO of Luthorcorp, Tess Mercer (Cassidy Freeman); and Chloe is held prisoner by a group who have discovered her powers, while Clark has been stripped of his by Jor-El. read more

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Premise: Superman's teen years as Clark Kent find him agonizing over his shy, uncertain persona while dealing with his evolving powers and an infatuation with classmate Lana Lang. Crisply paced and cast with appealing performers, `Smallville' is not at all campy and is often surprisingly moving as a conventional coming-of-age drama; it succeeds in adding creative twists to the young hero's life without compromising the adult pop icon's legend.



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