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Smallville Season 6 episodes

Phantom Season 6, Episode 22

In the sixth-season finale, Clark learns how Lionel got Lana to marry his son; Lana tells Lex that it's over; Martian Manhunter (Phil Morris) helps Clark stop Lex from finding the last Phantom Zone wraith, hoping to keep him from building his army of super soldiers; and Lois gets into serious trouble when she tries to investigate the secret lab. read more

Prototype Season 6, Episode 21

Lex's secret efforts to use DNA from meteor freaks to turn Wes Keenan (Tahmoh Penikett) into a "super soldier" may be exposed by a corrupt senator (Alan C. Peterson), so Lex sends Wes to kill him, but Lois sees everything and becomes Wes' next target. read more

Noir Season 6, Episode 20

Lana is shot after secretly meeting with Lionel at the Daily Planet. As Jimmy studies photos of the scene, he's knocked unconscious and dreams of a 1940s version of Smallville. Meanwhile, Clark discovers why Lana married Lex. read more

Nemesis Season 6, Episode 19

Lex and Clark are trapped in an underground maze that's rigged with explosives, and the two reveal secrets about each other that were best left unsaid. Jodi: Emily Holmes. read more

Progeny Season 6, Episode 18

Chloe discovers she's being manipulated by someone with meteor-enhanced abilities. Meanwhile, Lana laments the loss of her child; and Chloe's mother (Lynda Carter) is the subject of an experiment by Lex. read more

March 22, 2007: Combat Season 6, Episode 17

It's funny how from the previews of an episode, you think one thing, and then when you actually watch, you feel totally different. For some reason, I initially thought "Combat" was going to be a silly hour of television, but it turns out I rather enjoyed it. Probably because Clark was all business. He tried to stop feeling. Stopped trying to think about Lex and Lana getting married. Stopped thinking of the fact that he and Lana were thisclose to being reunited and then it didn't happen. He thought it would be easier to put the smackdown on his human side in order to get through losing his ex-girlfriend all over again. I, for one, was glad to see a Clark so focused on getting rid of the latest Zoner. And, really, if he had to go to a fight club to do that, I didn't mind. Because chances were, we'd actually get a fight worthy of the "Man of Steel." And I have to say that the Titan-Clark battle royale didn't disappoint like most of the other fights on this show the past couple of seaso... read more

Promise Season 6, Episode 16

On the day of Lex and Lana's wedding, Lex receives a call from Dr. Langston (Fred Henderson), who threatens him; Lana has second thoughts; and Clark decides he should tell Lana his secret. read more

February 15, 2007: Freak Season 6, Episode 15

Chloe being outed as a meteor freak yielded some really interesting drama. I don't know why, but for some reason, I just didn't think Chloe would have such a problem with being one. Sure, she's the creator of the "Wall of Weird," but she's usually a "we'll just deal with things" kind of girl. So the fact that she was so freaked out about getting abducted for being infected was surprising to me. On the other side of things, Lana pretty much admitted that if Clark had been one of these "special" people, she'd have been OK with it. After all, he'd still be the same Clark Kent. Wow. I have to say, I kinda loved both reactions — especially Lana's. That's what I've been waiting for from her. Sure, there's a bit of a jump from "meteor freak" to "alien from another planet," but I just knew the girl could handle it. I liked Lana in this episode. There, I said it. I know we're in the sixth season and Lana and Chloe have been friends for a while, but it's still weird for me to think of th... read more

February 8, 2007: Trespass Season 6, Episode 14

Believe it or not, I was a tiny bit creeped out by some of this episode. That is, until the culprit turned out to be some no-name Luthor security guy who I've never seen before and who happened to be in love with Lana and wanted to save her from a life with Lex. I just wish that if there had to be another stalking-Lana episode, it would have been for some other reason than being in love with the soon-to-be Ms. Luthor. But I have to say, I don't mind a Lana Lang who takes things into her own hands in order to figure out Clark's secret. She has the mangled chisel (well, at least she did until the end of the episode); Clark now knows that Ms. Snoop Dogg has been showing up to the barn to spy on him; and she conveniently arranged for a stay at the Kent Farm by claiming it's the last place anyone would find her. Then she used this opportunity to go through Clark's drawers in his bedroom. Plus, she even tried to hack into Chloe's computer. The girl really has become more underhanded since... read more

February 1, 2007: Crimson Season 6, Episode 13

You know I love me some Clark on red kryptonite something fierce. Maybe not as much this time, but Bad Clark's definitely always worth the price of admission. After all, he gets to tell people whatever he wants to; he doesn't act like the shy farm boy he always does; and yes, Bad Clark even goes shirtless. I just want to know why when he's bad, he's still pining after Lana. I know, I know, Martha told us: When he's under the influence, it doesn't change the essence of who he is. In my world, I really wish it would. Because we're firmly back in Lana-and-Clarksville, and he spelled it out for us after he kidnapped Lana and dragged her back to the barn. That's where he kissed her and asked her not to marry Lex. And then later, he told Mama Martha he could tell that she felt something when he kissed her. Really? I remember worshipping Martha last year when she was the voice of reason trying to make her son see that maybe he should finally give up on having a relationship on Lana. And wo... read more

January 25, 2007: Labryinth Season 6, Episode 12

Clark's whole world changes in the blink of an eye, and all of a sudden he's a patient in a psychiatric hospital. He has no powers; Martha is married to Lionel; Lex lost his legs; the Talon doesn't exist; and Lana? Lana lives at the Kent farm, which she "bought" from Martha after Jonathan died. I can't talk about "Labryinth" without referring to a certain Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode from Season 6 called "Normal Again." This brilliantly took every aspect of Buffy's world and explained it as nothing more than a mere hallucination. It was my favorite Season 6 episode other than "Tabula Rasa" and "Once More with Feeling." Like I said, "Normal Again" was brilliant. "Labryinth" was decent. It got major points off for breathing new life into the Clark-Lana saga. I know if that girl had just left him alone for a little longer, he'd get over her. (Or is that one of my delusions?) This particular Smallville gave us beaucoup de Clark and Lana scenes and even dared give us a scene where po... read more

January 18, 2007: Justice Season 6, Episode 11

Clark teamed up with some friends for some justice; Lex showed off his dark side in a big and bad way; Chloe was in the middle of all the action; we actually saw Martha and Lionel (although not together); arrows were flying around; characters were zipping around faster than a speeding bullet; a building blew up; and Lana was thankfully in Paris buying a wedding dress. All in all, it was a really good hour of television.I remember thinking during last season and early in this season that Clark needed friends. Of course, he has his best pal Chloe — there's no way he could do any of this without her. But since Pete flew the coop, the superboy has been seriously lacking in amigos of the male persuasion. That's why I'm such a big fan of any Smallville where a character arrives on the scene that comes complete with special abilities; because that automatically makes that person someone Clark can relate to. I've really liked the fact that Oliver Queen has been around. At times, his re... read more

January 11, 2007: Hydro Season 6, Episode 10

Welcome back from hiatus, Smallville. And what a way to come back: Tori Spelling, took her turn as the meteor freak-of-the-week; Clark found out about Lana's secrets; Lana came thisclose to finding out about Clark's secrets; Ms. Lang gave Lex an answer to his proposal; Clark and Lois "kissed"; and Tom Welling directed the entire circus. I'm a big 90210 fan, so I rather enjoyed Tori's Smallville guest spot as the evil gossip queen Linda Lake. She's the ultimate watercooler — she can actually turn into H20 — that's how she gets all her stories for her "Daily Planet" column. The show didn't overuse her, which I appreciated, plus Tori played her way over-the-top, which was exactly what was needed. I loved that part when the baseball athlete suffering from a serious case of 'roid rage chased her down after she blew his big secret. It kind of reminded me of when that stalker chased Donna Martin, back in the day. Well, either that, or one of Tori's rad TV-movies like Mother, May ... read more

December 7, 2006: Subterranean Season 6, Episode 9

Just a note: If you're not the type to watch the previews for upcoming episodes, you may want to skip the first paragraph and the last sentence of this column.I love Smallville, I really do, but that was just painful. From beginning to end. OK, not to "end," not by a long shot. The best parts of "Subterranean" were: 1) Lex's evil strut of doom set to that AFI song; that was just badass, 2) Clark's continuing to think about the world as a whole, not just the precious few he saves here and there, and 3) the sneak peek to what's coming up in the second half of the season — especially that last shot of what I guess is the fledgling Justice League of America (I believe we saw Flash, Cyborg, Green Arrow, Clark and Aquaman). I'm not sure when the next new "Smallville" airs, but it needs to be sooner rather than later. We haven't had a new episode in about three weeks. So I really thought the show was going to reward us for our patience; especially since this may be the last fresh (oop... read more

November 16, 2006: "Static" Season 6, Episode 8

I'm not going to say I didn't like "Static"; I am going to say that parts of it were very frustrating. The episode ended and I just really didn't know how to feel about it. Much of the hour featured Lex and Lana's "love" story, a story I'm just not completely feeling. Thanks to this "142" meteor-freak dude (we find out later his name is Bronson), Lex and Lana are living on different frequencies. It all actually reminded me of the movie Frequency starring Dennis Quaid and James Caviezel, not to mention R.E.M's "What's the Frequency Kenneth?" Anyway, while the two are spending time on alternate planes of existence, Lex hears Lana open up to Chloe about their relationship. Later, when she figures out Lex can hear her, she lets him in on her pregnancy. I feel like the show was trying really hard for us to get into their relationship. Did that happen? Not so much. Especially when Lana admitted that Lex has been more honest with her than anyone has ever been (yet another dig against Clark... read more

November 9, 2006: Rage Season 6, Episode 7

It's an early Thanksgiving on Smallville, and Ollie's experiencing some sort of souped-up 'roid rage; Lana's got a bun in the oven; and Martha and Lionel are dealing with some serious sexual tension. And Clark? Well, Clark's just trying to hold everything together. Someone in my last column posted that Clark seemed to be channeling Jonathan Kent. I think a lot of that was going on with this episode, too, but more on that later.So, Lana's preggers, huh? I wonder how long she's going to keep this a secret from Lex? When the doctor asked Lana if she's ever fainted before and she told him three times within the last month, she needed to be telling him that she's passed out tons — that's what happens when you're constantly being attacked, possessed and/or kidnapped. But I'm curious to see where this pregnancy business will lead. Clark tried to talk to Lana again. I hope he stops trying soon, because she was right: Her problems or issues aren't any of Clark's business anymore. Hope s... read more

Fallout Season 6, Episode 6

Clark and Raya (Pascale Hutton) face another escapee from the Phantom Zone, Baern (Bow Wow), who knows the secret of the Kryptonian Black Box and will be unstoppable if he accesses its power. read more

Reunion Season 6, Episode 5

An old prep-school incident involving the apparent death of a schoolmate returns to haunt Lex and Oliver (Justin Hartley), and the consequences could be deadly. Duncan: Bryce Hodgson. read more

Arrow Season 6, Episode 4

The Green Arrow (Justin Hartley) draws the attention of Lois after she sees him steal a rare diamond necklace off Martha's neck; Clark discovers Oliver Queen's secret; Lex mends fences with his father to test Lana's loyalty. read more

Wither Season 6, Episode 3

A guilt-ridden Lex throws a charity ball for the town and hires the All-American Rejects to perform; Clark and Chloe pursue a creature who uses male human bodies to spawn, and the hunt intensifies after the creature abducts Jimmy Olsen; Lois reluctantly agrees to go with Oliver Queen (Justin Hartley) to Lex's ball. read more

Sneeze Season 6, Episode 2

Clark thinks he's developed a cold, but it turns out to be a symptom of a new superpower; Lois gets a job at the Inquisitor, a local tabloid; Lana moves in with Lex, who suspects someone is stalking him. read more

Zod Season 6, Episode 1

Clark is imprisoned in the Phantom Zone, deprived of his powers. Meanwhile, Lex/Zod keeps Lana captive so she can sire him an heir; Lois and Martha crash near the Fortress of Solitude, where Jor-El tells Martha how to kill Zod; and Chloe reunites with Jimmy Olsen (Aaron Ashmore). read more

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