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Smallville Episode: "Pandora"

Season 9, Episode 9
Episode Synopsis: Lois is kidnapped by Tess and forced to reveal what she learned during the weeks of her disappearance. She witnessed a future with Metropolis controlled by Zod and Clark left without his powers because of the red sun. With this information, Clark makes a big decision about Zod.
Original Air Date: Nov 20, 2009

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Season 9, Episode 9
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Aired: 11/20/2009
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Smallville Episode Recap: "Pandora" Season 9, Episode 9

In the final installation of Smallville for 2009, Lois' memories of her missing three weeks are finally revealed. The future is looking grim for the characters as Zod has taken control of planet Earth.

Welcome to the first Smallville recap of the season, which happens to coincide with the final episode of the year. Regardless, we're in for an action packed night, so let's get started...

Kicking off where last week's episode left off, Lois is running out of time. Oliver has called in doctors from all over the world, but suddenly, the patient zero is missing.  Clark arrives only to discover that Ollie believes Chloe and Dr. Emil are behind Lois' disappearance.

The Green Arrow is wrong though, as we find Lois being dragged down a hall and placed into a memory retriever device on Tess' orders. Tess is trying to find out what happens to Lois when she went missing. Tess and Stewart are able to catch a few fragments of Lois' memories, including the vision of Zod's solar tower. Tess concludes that Lois has been to the future.

Flashing back to when Lois jumped ahead in time during the season finale, Lois finds herself alone in the Daily Planet. There's an inch of dust on her desk, meaning no one has been there for ages. Heading outside, Lois discovers that Metropolis is deserted and the sun burns red.

A Kandorian flies down to her side. Seeing that she's bleeding, he realizes she's a "filthy human." Lois is in a zone that's off limits to her kind. Her attempts at getting answers are fruitless and she tries to run. When the Kandorian stops her, she says the Red Blue Blur will stop him. "Not under a red sun," he retorts. The Blur is useless, and his destroyed shirt waves like a flag of proof from a light post.

Back to the present, Tess decides to sync her brain waves with Lois in order to find out what the future holds. Jumping back to Lois' memories, the dynamic reporter wakes up in the Kent family barn, which has turned into a prison. Trying to find food, Lois approaches Alia, the Ninja-like Kandorian. Bargaining, Clark steps in and offers his father's watch in exchange for her freedom.

Once Alia is gone, Clark exclaims "I thought I lost you forever." Clark breaks the news to her that this isn't a dream. They really have been invaded by aliens. He details how he had tried to fight Zod, but made all the wrong choices. A lot of people died, but no one is clear on if Chloe is alive or not. We discover that Lois vanished one year prior to their current predicament. She is pulled away, however, as Zod requests an audience with her.

In the present, Clark shows up to the Watch Tower accusing Chloe of hiding Lois. Chloe explains to Clark that Tess is running tests on Lois and if they don't her soon, the PTSD of her trip to the future may bring her early demise.

Meanwhile, Zod has taken up headquarters in the Luthor mansion and has assumed his role as General. Thinking she's part of the resistance, Zod wants to know how she snuck into the restricted zone. Lois is used to interrogation and doesn't spill. Unfortunately, Zod manages to get his hands on the Legion ring.

Tess enters to Lois' surprise, and after landing a good slap across her face, Lois calls her a traitor. "I helped General Zod take power to ensure this Earth's survival," Tess spits back. Zod insinuates that Lois is the real traitor, having been seen consorting with Clark Kent, who's only alive because the General was hoping he'd bridge the gap between their people. Tess draws the line, saying Clark won't come around and Zod concedes that he must execute both Lois and Clark to send a message to those trying to defy him.

With two lives ending, a new one has begun. Tess kneels before Zod and is donned with dog tags, becoming a soldier in Zod's army. Forced to kneel before Zod, Clark's life is almost taken. Luckily the Green Arrow and his band of merry men -- led by Chloe -- are able to save the day with Kryptonite-laden arrows and knives. While Zod is able to escape, Tess is a victim of the attack. Before she dies, she cries that she did this to herself. All she wanted was to save the Earth.

Oliver buries Tess as Lois looks on, causing Tess to wake up and exclaim "Chloe kills me." She orders Stewart to wipe Lois' memories. When he refuses, she shoots him in the back. Clark shows up, but is accidently pushed into Lois' memories.

At the resistance's headquarters, Lois explains that the ring has been taken by Zod. Clark says they need to get the ring back so Lois can return to the past and prevent this dismal future. Chloe doesn't trust him, citing that he already left them once to fight on his own. If they're able to shut down the tower and bring back the yellow sun, Clark will be able to stop Zod. The tower is the key to the Kandorians' strength, enabling them to have the same powers Clark now does not have.

Later, Lois and Clark find some alone time. She's shocked—like the rest of the Smallville fandom have been this season—that he and Chloe are no longer friends. He explains that he turned his back on his friends once Lois disappeared. Lois asks that he not beat himself over this future. Even though they could all die tomorrow, there are others in this battle. "Lois, I died when you left," he says, kicking off another kiss for the ages, which leads to something more hot and heavy.

Chloe and gang return to Watch Tower to hack into Zod's command center. Chloe is able to shut down the tower, but they must make a quick exit before the Kandorians show up. Trailing the other two, Chloe is caught by Alia and is killed in the process. Lois runs off to find Clark, while Oliver's future takes a grim turn, as he faced with hundreds of Kandorians flying his way.

Elsewhere, Clark is being dragged through the streets by General Zod. Lois tosses Clark a Kryptonite knife, but it's too late. "Goodbye, son of Jor-El," says Zod before kicking him clear through a building. Fortunately, the tower's power finally ceases and Clark returns to take the Legion ring from Zod. Unfortunately, Zod stabs him with the knife. Before he dies, he plants a kiss on Lois and tells her to return to the past, though Alia is able to hitch a ride to the past with her.

In present-day Metropolis, Lois is unaware of her future memories. Clark asks Lois why they aren't a couple yet, but she thinks he's moving too fast. If they're going to really take a stab at this relationship, Lois says they have many dates ahead of them. In the elevator, though, she catches his hand.

At the Watch Tower, Clark explains to Chloe that he should befriend Zod to show him how great this world is. If he treats him like an enemy, he will fail once again. In the closing moments of the episode, Clark arrives at Zod's hideout just as the leader is telling his troops that the tower must be built. Zod proclaims that the Kandorians must kneel before Kal-El, though he is conspicuously still standing.

Are our favorite characters doomed to make the same mistakes, causing this future to come to fruition? Discuss the interesting turn of events from the episode in the comments.

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In the final installation of Smallville for 2009, Lois' memories of her missing three weeks are finally revealed. The future is looking grim for the characters as Zod has taken control of planet Earth... read more

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