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Smallville Episode: "Absolute Justice"

Season 9, Episode 12
Episode Synopsis: Conclusion. The Justice Society of America are targeted by Icicle, and Clark and Chloe step in to help.
Original Air Date: Feb 5, 2010
Guest Cast Pam Grier: Amanda Waller
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Season 9, Episode 12
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Length: 43:00
Aired: 2/5/2010
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Smallville Episode Recap: "Warrior" Season 9, Episode 12

In Allison Mack's second spin at directing an episode of Smallville, Zatanna returns and meets Clark at a comic book convention where a copy of "Warrior Angel" that holds magical powers is stolen. Trouble ensues when the thief then transforms into Warrior Angel.

The episode opens at Met Con, clearly not unlike Comic-Con, or dare we say WonderCon? We follow a young boy as he makes his way through the madness until he comes upon a classic issue of "Warrior Angel" that no one has ever read before — it's much more valuable that way. After the nerdy (oh, it's a loving term) salesman leaves the keys in the case (duh), he's suddenly distracted long enough for the kid to make a run for it with this priceless piece of comic history.

On his way out he runs into Lois dressed as a storm trooper (did anyone catch a Met Con-goer dressed as Green Arrow?). She's trying to nail down a human interest piece for the Daily Planet, but having a tough go of it. As Lois discusses her lack of intimacy with Clark, Chloe is saved by the bell. Oliver texts that their target has been acquired, but Lois insists that Chloe drop her Blackberry and take pleasure in her place of worship.

Meanwhile, the "Warrior Angel" thief finds a back room to read his prize. The story seems to materialize from page to real life as he is suddenly transformed into Warrior Angel, during which, Met Con loses power and debris nearly falls on Chloe, but she's saved by the new and improved Stephen Swift, or so he calls himself.

From the Con, Lois phones Clark and asks him to pick up something from her closet. He is a bit tied up, or at least the bad guys he just caught are. He even nails one who tries to make a run for it with a can, all so he doesn't have to drop his call with his girlfriend. How, um, sweet? "What was that whooshing sound?" she asks when he speeds over to her apartment.

Cutting back to Stephen, Chloe follows him across town and offers her help. "I'm sort of in the business of helping superheroes," she says. "I don't think anyone's dad talked about that on career day," he replies. (Ha, you almost forget he's basically a 10-year-old now in a hot body. Whoa, that sounded wrong.) Not too wrong for Chloe though, who agrees to go for coffee with him.

We follow Clark into the Con, decked out in his classic red and blues. But wait! It's just some geek dressed up as the Red-Blue Blur. Cute. "A costume isn't just about hiding who you are, it's about seeing the world in a way you haven't before," says Lois as she takes her garment bag. Enter Zatanna, who needs to "borrow" Clark for a bit. Cue Lois looking jealous.

Zatanna explains to Clark that her father had cursed several things in his hay day and she's been trying to round them all up. Of course, the now stolen comic book is the magical item she's after. Before taking her up on her offer, Clark rushes off to a screaming Lois. She's fine, but the male geeks are in trouble as she exits the men's room decked out in a Wonder Woman costume. She's then off on her own mission to find the stolen comic book.

Chloe should've sensed something was off on her coffee date when Stephen ordered a glass of milk. "You really know superheroes?" he asks surprised. He explains that he's an orphan and was sent to live with his aunt when he was, uh, little. He goes on to create a story about being caught in a chemical fire, hence his new powers, one of which is super hearing. He takes off to make his first save, hilariously giving a bully a wedgie so he won't pick on a young boy. Chloe is definitely smitten.

Using his x-ray vision, Clark locates the missing comic book. Zatanna is surprised at how much power he truly has, which makes Clark realize he's missing out on crucial things in life because he has so much responsibility. "It's all in a day's work," they both agree. At least he has Lois, even though he's keeping her at arm's length. She suggests "a tiny moment of true fantasy to remind you of what the sparks are all about." She starts seducing him, using her power to get him to kiss her and, well, it gets hot until he comes out of his reverie.

Clark heads to the Daily Planet and catches Oliver planting a kiss on Lois' head. "You may be bullet proof, but you might want to duck and cover in there," Ollie tells Clark before taking his leave. Lois immediately brings up Zatanna, but tries to act as though she's not jealous. "I have nothing to worry about because Clark Kent, he's the most honest man that I know," she says. Lois has discovered that the comic book thief is none other than missing kid Alec Abrams (heh), but we know him as Stephen. Alec was actually once a candidate for a Planet story having written letters to the Blur wishing he could be like him.

Elsewhere, Chloe learns that Stephen asking to come up to her place had nothing to do with her, but more about Lois' Xbox. "When's the last time you had any fun?" he asks. One good thing the comes from Stephen? He's able to bring out Chloe's fun side, during which he explains all his powers and suddenly learns he can fly as he begins to levitate in her living room. In a very Superman moment, he holds his hand out to Chloe before taking off out her window, zooming over the Metropolis skyline. 

At Watch Tower, Chloe enters to Clark and Zatanna discussing the curse of the "Warrior Angel" comic book. Unfortunately this is where Chloe discovers that the new hero in her life is no more than just a child. She takes off to find Stephen just before Clark and Zatanna realize that the story in the comic book isn't about the origins of a hero, but the creation of a villain.

Stephen meets up with Chloe, who reveals that she knows how he actually became Warrior Angel. He says he doesn't want to go back. "Do you have any idea how much my actual life sucked?" he yells at her and the monster inside of him bursts through turning him into the villain Devilicus. As this happens, Clark uses Watch Tower to try to find Alec and sees that he had interacted with Chloe at Met Con. He flies off to rescue Chloe as Zatanna begins her spell to reverse his power.

On a nearby rooftop, Chloe tries to convince Stephen that he is a good man, not a villain. Zatanna's spell rings through his head as the comic book burns. Stephen is stripped of his powers, blasting Chloe off the roof, but Clark catches her in true hero form. We find little boy Alec in Devilicus' place, with Clark saying that everything will be OK.

The next day, Clark joins Alec in the farmhouse on the Kent farm. Alec is terribly sorry and never meant to turn into a bully. "The test of a true hero is not letting the sadness and the loneliness take over," Clark tells him. "I do it because I want to help people, like you. Not because I have to, but because I choose to." Alec gives him a drawing that looks very similar to Superman, though the insignia says "RBB" for Red-Blue Blur. "I like the 'S' better," he says. "I do too," replies Clark. (I love those moments.)

Alec reunites with his aunt at the Daily Planet as Zatanna suggests keeping her teamwork with Clark going, but he only his eyes for Lois. "It must be love," she says before heading out. Clark admits to Lois that Zatanna kissed him, but he never meant for it to happen. "I was wondering how long it would take for you to fess up," she says with a smile. He assures her it will never happen again, but Lois wants to get a little payback in so she kisses a random Planet worker who happens to walk by. Touché.

Chloe returns to Watch Tower where Ollie is honing his archer skills. They share a drink and realize they can relate in the not-having-fun department. "Sometimes it's right in front of your face, you just have to want to see it," he tells her, leading to a sexy scene where he shows her how to shoot an arrow. "How do I know when to let go?" she asks, definitely implying more than just the arrow. After a tantalizing moment where their hands meet, Chloe gulps, shoots the arrow and we cut to black.

What do you think of the chemistry between Chloe and Oliver? Did Allison Mack rock as a director once again? Sound off in the comments.

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In Allison Mack's second spin at directing an episode of Smallville, Zatanna returns and meets Clark at a comic book convention where a copy of "Warrior Angel" that holds magical powers is stolen. Trouble ensues when the thief then transforms into Warrior Angel....

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