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Smallville Episode: "Absolute Justice"

Season 9, Episode 11
Episode Synopsis: Part 1 of 2. Clark, Chloe, Green Arrow and John Jones join forces with the Justice Society of America when the group of superheroes are targeted by the murderous Icicle. Meanwhile, Amanda Waller (Pam Grier), head of the shady agency Checkmate, sends Lois a package.
Original Air Date: Feb 5, 2010
Guest Cast Pam Grier: Amanda Waller
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Season 9, Episode 11
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Aired: 2/5/2010
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Smallville Episode Recap: "Absolute Justice" Season 9, Episode 11

In a special two-hour movie titled "Absolute Justice," Clark finds the former headquarters of the Justice Society of America, meeting a few superheroes along the way, including Dr. Fate, Hawkman and Star Girl. Clark teams up with Oliver, John Jones and Chloe to stop the villian Icicle before he murders another member of the JSA. Lois finds herself investigating the Justice Society, leading to the arrival of a package from Amanda Waller and Checkmate.

The movie opens on Chloe leaving a message for Clark, who's been MIA for a while. She's been trying to set up an official meeting with their super gang. Ah, the good old days. Suddenly, power goes out for blocks and Chloe finds herself alone on the street.

A super named Sylvester Pemberton (aka the Star Spangled Kid) catches up to her and says they have something in common: They're both trying to put a team together. He knows her as Watch Tower, but says it's OK because he's a friend. Before their conversation can go any further, SSK throws Chloe in a dumpster to protect her from Icicle's wrath. An epic battle ensues outside of the trash bin, but when the snow settles, SSK is slain. "They came after us; they'll come after you," he says before he dies. "Check..." mate?

Clark arrives at the hospital to check on Chloe. The frostbite is the least of her worries, since Clark hasn't been returning her calls. "I've been playing phone solitaire. Not nearly as much fun," she says, before adding that he needn't apologize as she understands he's juggling being a super, a boyfriend and the new leader of Kandor.

"I'm only helping them find their place here. They're trying to make Earth their home," he says. Chloe scoffs thinking Clark expects them to take up ordinary jobs. Their Krypto-conversation is short-lived as they try to decipher who the mystery man was that contacted Chloe. She proceeds to clone his cell phone, while Clark witnesses a girl learning of SSK's death. He tries to comfort her, but she sees his reporter badge on his chest and takes off. Clark is then off to investigate SSK's final phone call.

Elsewhere, Wesley Dodds (aka the Sandman), who SSK spoke with shortly before his death, wakes from a dream, or shall we say nightmare, as he watches Icicle kill SSK. He—and we—only get a minute more though, as he is then murdered by Icicle, who is on a super killing spree. Two down so far this episode.

Oliver arrives at Watch Tower, but he's the only supe there. He chides her for being "Big Sister" and says, "Chloe, I'll have you know that those messages between me Canary were purely platonic." Down to business, Chloe is able to track down Courtney Whitmore (aka Star Girl), the mysterious woman at the hospital. She sends Ollie off to the police station to retrieve SSK's golden rod.

Clark enters Sandman's apartment to find that he's gone the same way as SSK. Blood splatters the wall, forming the letters JSA. Later, Dr. Hamilton and Chloe examine Dodds' body and learn that the killer icicles have DNA in them, meaning they've come from within someone.

Meanwhile, Icicle crosses out the faces of those he's killed. Looks like Star Girl is next. And the big reveal? He's sitting in a Checkmate cell. Dun-dun-DUN.

Clark and Chloe dig in the old archives at the Daily Planet in search of information on the JSA. Video footage shows that they were "systematically caught and taken down," comments Clark. Each seemed to be a trumped-up charge, while they each tried to take the fall for one another. "Sounds like you admire them," ponders Chloe. "I admire the loyalty," says Clark. "What kind of a team was this?" she adds.

Clark arrives at the museum of Carter Hall (aka Hawkman), hoping to get information on the slew of recent deaths. It doesn't look like anyone has been there for a while, as sheets hang over the furniture. Clark conveys that both SSK and Dodds are dead, though he's interrupted by Nelson (aka Dr. Fate), rocking and speaking to himself in the corner. Clark uses his X-ray vision to peek within Nelson's bag and sees Dr. Fate's helmet. He senses he's not welcome and takes his leave.

Ollie's trip to the police station is fruitless because the golden rod is missing, but after he tells Chloe this via cell phone, he sees Courtney strolling down the street with it. She turns the rod on him, but refrains from using it as Ollie says two people are now dead. Nelson suddenly shows up and in a flash of golden light, the pair disappears.

Chloe arrives to help Ollie do some digging and they find SSK's car, the Star Rocket Racer, which may have doubled as his home. Creepy, there's a notebook in the glove box with details and pictures of Chloe, Clark, Ollie and the other supers.

Star Girl tries to convince Hawkman to fight back, but he's not having any of it. Understandable, seeing as he's cursed and knows he will just die and be reborn over and over again. "Don't waste your breath; I have enough guilt to last 20 lifetimes," he says. Star Girl bites back asking what Shayera (aka Hawkgirl) would have done, which stops him in his tracks.

Chloe shows Clark Joar Mahkent's file, who she believes to be the Icicle. Yes, she's right, but he's not the one killing everyone. It's his son. Come on, Chloe; play catch up! I feel ahead of Chloe, for once, in this episode, but it's probably because I'm a comic book geek.

Justice Society lives again! Hawkman, Dr. Fate and Star Girl reunite in the JSA hall, but Nelson has reservations. "I wish I could remember what my life was like before Dr. Fate," he says, "I think I had a wife... and a family, but I don't know where they are anymore. I scared them away." Not quite, buddy. Hawkman has your back, and with that, Dr. Fate comes to life. (Can I just say that my jaw was literally on the floor with that transformation!?)

Clark and Chloe arrive at the hospital to see if Icicle Sr. really is their culprit. Seeing that he's in a vegetative state knocks him off the list, but Dr. Fate, who appears inside the room, has other plans. Clark tries to stop him, but is shown—you guessed it—his fate. Whoa, the Superman cape! "Your fate is utterly binding. You are of value, Clark Kent," he says, "But you, you walk the same path I do, Chloe Sullivan." Ruh-roh! Seriously, did they have to go there? Clark and Dr. Fate then disappear in a golden flash of light.

Chloe calls Oliver to tell him that Clark is missing. Ollie is tailing Star Girl, who's dressed in red, white and blue in suicide slums acting as bait for Icicle. She tells Ollie to scram, saying she knows what kind of hero the Green Arrow is. Their meeting is cut short by Icicle, but Star Girl is quick with the Golden Rod, dueling him in a ferocious battle. The rod and his icicle connect sending them both flying backwards. Just as he sends icicle like bullets heading her way, Ollie shoots them down, saving her life, though she's not too happy about that.

"You just ruined everything... I was supposed to get the first shot at Sylvester's killer. He promised me," she screams at Ollie, who replies, "He who?" before being lifted into space by Hawkman. Ollie's thrown through Water Tower's giant glass window as Hawkman tells them to "stay the hell out of our business."

As Chloe cleans Ollie's wounds, she thinks getting the band back together is now a lost cause, but Ollie has an ace—or should I say, a ninth metal throwing star—up his sleeve. Ollie calls on some reinforcements, namely John Johns (aka the Martian Manhunter) to find Clark.

Cut to Clark in the old JSA hall, a museum with artifacts from old superheros, including Wildcat and the Green Lantern. A mural uncovers the entire JSA, with the Flash and others in tow. After nearly nine years of watching this show, I've never had goosebumps quite as large as I did during this scene. It dawns on Clark that these are no villains, as Chloe suspected; they are a group of superheroes.

"Clark Kent is not like the others," says Dr. Fate. "His path is righteous." It turns out, SSK wanted to bring together a new Justice Society of America, hence the notebook filled with the identities of Clark and his super friends. Just then, Ollie enters for a fight, but it's stopped as John Johns says, "I hope it's not too late to say we come in peace." (Ha, a Martian saying that... bravo, Geoff Johns!) The supers meet around the legendary JSA table saying all they want is justice. Despite their protests, they agree to let Clark and gang to help out.

Whoa, enter Lois in the Daily Planet. The first time we've seen her all episode. She believes she's speaking to Clark, but it's just another hunky reporter in glasses. Looks like Clark missed their morning date. No matter really, as Lois receives as mysterious package with a note saying, "The truth will set you free." Inside are files on the supers that Clark is now teaming up with. Tess tries to discover the contents of the box to no avail, though she later finds Checkmate's calling card on her desk.

Back at the hospital, Icicle Jr. visits Icicle Sr., telling him that what they did to his father was an injustice. So this is all about revenge.

"The Justice Society of America was cleaning up the streets before you were in diapers," Hawkman explains back at JSA. When they turned down the government's offer to work for them, they were arrested and institutionalized. Hawkman admits that he wasn't the leader he should've been and made many mistakes. After Star Girl says there are still members of the JSA out there, Hawkman calls a temporary alliance.

Chloe joins in on the fun, to Hawkman's chagrin—"who's this, your secretary?"—but she's got a few clues on how to track down Icicle.  All Chloe has to do is locate the nearest nitrogen depot. Unfortunately, just like the rest of the vintage superhero artifacts, their computer is quite outdated. She heads back to Water Tower with Star Girl, who is impressed by their operation. "It's missing something. Where are the pictures?" she asks. She's used to a headquarters being a home.

Courtney proceeds to describe how she came into the super world, despite not being related to anyone in JSA. "Family is not just about blood... Maybe your team would operate better if you didn't get together only when there was trouble," she suggests. An incoming call from Ollie pulls Chloe out of, clearly, daydreaming what this family could be. Icicle should show up to the hospital, thanks to a tip off from Chloe saying his father has taken a turn for the worst.

On the roof of the hospital, Ollie and Hawkman don't do the bonding thing very well. Hawkman says he's only there to keep Ollie in line, but the younger of the duo may just be the wiser in this instance when he ponders why Icicle is now coming after them.

Meanwhile, back at JSA headquarters, Dr. Fate conveys to Clark that he is the hope for tomorrow. "You will lead this generation as Hawkman once led ours," he says. More specifically, he tells Clark that he will triumph over Lex Luthor. Wait, dead Lex? Yep!

Lois Lane then arrives at the JSA. Though Clark worries, Dr. Fate says, "She is the key." Hmmm. She comes face to face with Fate, who says she will be a part of the Savior's life. "I see your fate, Lois Lane. You are the one he will need. He is the one you will need."

At Checkmate, we finally meet Agent Waller, who tells Icicle that he's taking the assignment too personally. He grows angry with her and wraps her in an icicle chokehold. "I grew up in Chicago, Icicle. The cold doesn't bother me," she retorts. He's been killing for Waller longer than just this mission, and blames the JSA for having all this blood on his hands.

Clark catches Tess going through Lois' desk at the Daily Planet, though she notes that it must be hard for Clark to date someone so nosy. "Maybe you're not the only one with a secret," she says, adding that Lois is in way over her head with this Checkmate business. When Clark later tries to get in Lois' good graces, she says it's double-super secret. She does confide that she met a super, and that Icicle was plucked out of juvenile detention by someone very high up. "Someone's collecting them," Clark realizes.

Dr. Fate and John Jones stake out the nitrogen depot waiting for Icicle to show. While swapping stories of their past, they think they miss their opportunity to catch the villain. However, Dr. Fate appears to endow John with his powers once again, temporarily turning the Martian Manhunter green (whoa!), before being stabbed in the back by Icicle. As Fate dies, Icicle takes his helmet. Later, just before he pulls the plug on his father, he puts the helmet on, believing it will help him finish off the supes.

Back at the hospital, Courtney and Clark watch over John, who is now in a state of "incubation," says Dr. Hamilton. Courtney confides that Hawkman began crossing lines to get things done in his heyday, and Clark replies that she needs to bring back the legacy of SSK and the original supes.

Agent Waller shows up at the Daily Planet, promising Lois a front-page story. She gives her a Checkmate cell phone and says she'll be in touch. Why does she trust Lois? Girl's a good reporter, got to give her that.

At the JSA, Hawkman retrieves his old weapons, planning to take Icicle down himself. He explains to Ollie that he and Shayera were cursed by an enemy, destined to fall in love and die over and over again. "You don't want anyone to know how important they are to you, so you act like a jackass," he says to Ollie, who had conceded he never felt that way about anyone. Ollie tells him to shelf his death wish and help save the other supes.

The pair join Star Girl, Clark and Chloe at Watch Tower. Unfortunately, their meeting is interrupted by the arrival of Icicle (with Fate headgear), who puts Chloe in an icy chokehold. Clark shoots fire at ice (ha); Hawkman uses his mace; Oliver, his arrow, and Star Girl, the golden rod, in an attempt at taking him down.  It's no use, but thankfully Martian Manhunter shows up, powers back in full. The five of them each take a whack at Icicle. Hawkman gives the final blow, removing Fate's mask from the villain's head.

As Hawkman replaces his armor at the museum, he admits that Clark's team is quite good. "You have to trust them. You have to remember they're people too, they make mistakes," he tells Clark. "We all have to keep trying." (Oh, do please keep trying and have many more movies like this.) Classic superhero pep talk ensues. "You will soar higher than any one of us," he adds.

Thanks to Chloe, Hawkman and Star Girl have been able to locate the remaining members of the JSA and their protégés. "The Justice Society lives again," says Hawkman. What's Clark's team called? "A work in progress," he says.

At Watch Tower, John Jones tells Chloe that he wants to continue to protect and serve, but she should be careful with how she helps the team. "There is a limit to how much knowledge someone can have," he tells her. (Oh, Chloe as the next Dr. Fate? Me likey. OK, I know that's not going to happen.) After John conveys that his fellow Watch Tower-ites are his family, Ollie arrives just to see if anyone is hungry. It's come full circle from what Courtney conveyed earlier in the episode.

The episode closes with Lois revealing her front-page news: Who Was the Justice Society of America? She also slips that "a helmet head" revealed her fate. When asked to explain, Lois says, "I'd be there for him and he'd be there for me," adding that the he is the savior. Lois and Clark, yay.

In the final shocking moment, Icicle is still alive, being held in a heated Checkmate cell. Dr. Fate's helmet has stirred his brains around. He asks Agent Waller to let him finish his mission, but she says he's already completed it. All she wanted was for the Justice Society of America to step back in the limelight. "Welcome to the Suicide Squad," Waller says, before shooting him. But the shocks aren't over. "Welcome, Agent Mercer..." Tess is a WHAT NOW?

Props must be given to the amazing cast of Smallville for this adventurous two-hour movie. There are so many things to discuss, so hit the comments and get chatting about the revelations from Friday's episodes and what you think is coming next!

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In a special two-hour movie titled "Absolute Justice," Clark finds the former headquarters of the Justice Society of America, meeting a few superheroes along the way, including Dr. Fate, Hawkman and Star Girl. Clark teams up with Oliver, John Jones and Chloe to stop the villian Icicle before he murders another member of the JSA. Lois finds herself investigating the Justice Society, leading to the arrival of a package from Amanda Waller and Checkmate... read more

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