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Smallville Episode: "Bride"

Season 8, Episode 10
Episode Synopsis: Chloe has concerns that Davis will try to stop her wedding. Instead, the ceremony comes under attack by Doomsday, who tries to kidnap the bride. In the melee, Clark and Lois grow closer. Meanwhile, Oliver is off hunting for Lex in Cuba, where he is surprised to find Lana.
Original Air Date: Nov 20, 2008
Guest Cast Aaron Ashmore: Jimmy Olsen
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Season 8, Episode 10
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Length: 42:07
Aired: 11/20/2008
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Smallville Episode Recap: "Bride" Season 8, Episode 10

This week on Smallville, Chloe and Jimmy were heading for a wedding, where two "special guests" would turn Clark's world upside down.

I'm Matt Mitovich, you own "special guest" recapper, offering you Smallville fans a solid by giving you a place to discuss this week's "Bride." I had hoped to recap for you the whole episode, but my priority duties as a newsman (see Thursday's late-break stories "ABC's Dirty Sexy, Daisies and Eli All Goners" and "Scrubs Scrubs In on Tuesdays") made me "late for the party," so most of this concerns the final 30 minutes. I know, that's less than "super," but it's all I got.


I actually glimpsed two memorable moments from early in the episode. With her back turned to Clark, Lois hears him talk of "From the first day I met you, I knew we were meant to be" - or words to that effect. Touched, Lois turns only to realize that Clark was reading Jimmy's vows. But then something registers on Clark's face, when he senses that Lois might have... well, you know. (Watch that clip here.)

Elsewhere, a blood-soaked Davis calls Chloe to try to speak of the unimaginable horror of which he has been a part. After hanging up on her machine, he deposits "remains" in a dumpster, but is confronted by a cop. The policeman discovers what Davis was disposing of, and pulls a gun. Davis does his best to warn the flatfoot, but the poor guy's fate is sealed. In a decent piece of CGI, Davis' limbs start sprouting scaly spikes, and then... bye-bye, policeman.

Chloe and Jimmy's actual wedding goes off with nary a hitch, as friends fill the decked-out Kent farmhouse. A slow dance comes on, and before unlucky-in-love Lois can race clear of the dance floor, Clark grabs her for a dance. As they sway, some lout bumps into them, ostensibly breaking the mood. But they don't let it. Lois touches Clark's chest, their eyes lock, we go in slow for the kiss and.... Hey, it's Lana frickin' Lang! And Lois' exits stage left to nurse a bottle of champagne.

Clark is understandably unsettled. He and Lana try to have a conversation about why she left and for so long. He brings her up to speed on how he wiped Chloe's memory of his secret, akin to how Lana's own knowledge of it was "undone" at one time. As they each broach the delicate matter of "Could we have made it work?", Lana sums it up best - "Maybe Clark Kent and Lana Lang simply weren't meant to be."

Oliver finds Lois on the porch, and at first she is hesitant to share her boy troubles with an ex. Ollie, god bless him, declares their old business just that, then and there, and Lois opens up a bit more. Though she never mentions Clark by name, Oliver does it first. Cute moment.

And then all cute for the night comes to an end. As they cut the cake, Clark notices a ripple in the punch bowl (a la Jurassic Park). There's a screeching noise. The lights flicker. And then all Doomsday breaks loose. The scaled, monstrous, clawed creature stampedes through the farmhouse, as everyone tries to flee. Lana is pinned under fallen beams, but she assures Clark she is OK, urging him to do what he can do. But what can he do? Clark takes a swing at the big guy, only to have his fist met with a clang. Doomy then lobs Clark through the rafters and upstairs, where he lands (of course) next to a shard of kryptonite. Hate when that happens.

Once the dust clears, Chloe is gone. Jimmy is seriously injured, having been utterly wailed on by the uninvited guest. Lois tells Clark that she is accompanying Jimmy to the Star City (sp?) hospital until he is better (thus accommodating Lois' absence for the next few episodes, which return Jan. 15).

And then two bits of creepiness. Off in the snow somewhere, the creature sets Chloe down, and when she opens her eyes, she smiles, positively beaming. Had he simply transformed back to Davis? But even if so, why that reaction from Chloe? Would not her first concern be Jimmy and the carnage she last witnessed?

The final, final moment is a doozy, as closed-circuit footage (the special kind that uses the exact same camera angles, positions and cuts that the Smallville director uses) of the crashed wedding plays in some dark sanctum. Its audience? Some bald dude hooked up to many manner of life-support... or something. Hi, Lex!

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This week on Smallville, Chloe and Jimmy were heading for a wedding, where two "special guests" would turn Clark's world upside down.

I'm Matt Mitovich, you own "special guest" recapper, offering you Smallville fans a solid by giving you a place to discuss this week's "Bride." I had hoped to recap for you ... read more

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