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Smallville Episode: "Warrior"

Season 9, Episode 13
Episode Synopsis: Clark runs into the magician Zatanna (Serinda Swan) at a comic-book convention, where a magical comic book is stolen by a young man (Carlo Marks) who develops special powers. Calling himself the Warrior Angel, he rescues Chloe from an accident. Meanwhile, Lois grows envious of Clark and Zatanna's connection.
Original Air Date: Feb 12, 2010
Guest Cast Brian Austin Green: John Corben Carlo Marks: Stephen/Warrior Angel Serinda Swan: Zatanna
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Season 9, Episode 13
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Length: 42:18
Aired: 2/12/2010
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Smallville Episode Recap: "Persuasion" Season 9, Episode 13

When Clark is accidentally infected with gemstone kryptonite, which has wish-fulfilling properties, he makes Lois move in with him and sets an infected Chloe after Lois. Meanwhile, Zod's towers are nearing completion and Clark must stop him or suffer the consequences of their dismal future coming true.

The episode opens with Clark and Lois doing a little digging into RAO corporations (ie Zod's company that's building the towers). This is how two reporters spend their Valentine's Day, but Clark thinks they should be out celebrating. A Cupid-like fairy blows her pixie dust at the couple and suddenly, Clark's eyes go purple.

At the Daily Planet, Lois insists on getting a story out. "Lois, maybe we should put our relationship before our work, just for tonight," Clark says, wanting some semblance of a traditional relationship. Lois' eyes flash purple and she's suddenly under his spell. When Clark's plans change because of the tower opening in two days, she replies, "Anything for your career sweetie." Uh, Lois Lane would never say that and this is definitely not the star reporter we know and love, especially when she quits her job.

At Watch Tower, a vase of roses stands on a table. Could Oliver be Miss Sullivan's Valentine? Clark arrives to pick up documents that would create new lives for the Kandorians. "You're a life saver," he tells her. "If by that you mean sweet on the outside and empty in the middle, that's pretty much exactly how I feel right now," she retorts bitterly. She doesn't agree with him helping the Kandorians, but he says that she just needs to focus on watching his back. And there goes that flash of purple again. "I will protect you no matter what it takes," she replies robotically.

Clark goes to the RAO site to give out the documents and a few of the Kandorians are overwhelmed by his generosity. In repayment, he asks who killed his father, but they warn him that Zod has a lot of followers and he needs to be careful.

Clark arrives home to find Lois playing homemaker, with a fresh pie coming out of the oven. She's moved in, but just in the guest room until they get engaged. Whoa! Dinner is an interesting affair, interesting in that even Shelby (!), Clark's dog, won't touch Lois' pot roast. She tells him that she quit her job at the Planet to focus solely on his happiness.

At the Luthor mansion, Zod walks in on Tess taking a bath. He declines her invitation to join him, saying that she's already in bed with someone else: Kal-El. "You're digging your own grave," she says to Zod regarding his tower. Unfortunately, he's found out about Clark supplying the new identities and Tess relishes in the fact that Clark will someday be their leader. "They don't see you as the savior that he is," she says. "He's the promise for their future." Before taking his leave, Zod threatens that Tess will be the one who needs mercy once he has his powers.

Chloe arrives at the Kent farm to find Lois scrubbing the floor. An infected Chloe jumps right down her throat saying she's seen Clark in love before and this is a definite distraction. "It's just a little sad that the only way you can get close to Clark right now is to play mother hen," Lois says. Low blow! Chloe retorts that she's not trust worthy, having ousted her previous relationship with the Blur to the public. "If you really love him," she continues, "the best thing you can do for Clark is leave him."

Clark runs into the Valentine's fairy in Metropolis and learns that the pixie dust comes from a quarry in Smallville. He deduces that it has meteor rock in it, but has to rush home when he gets a 911 text from his girlfriend. Well, they don't quite do the title thing yet. She's crying her eyes out thinking she's not good enough for him and that Chloe was right. "She said that it was going to wreck us," Lois conveys before saying that she needs to leave Clark and escape from Smallville. Clark promises that they'll be together always and forever before sharing a sweet embrace with her. (Ugh, I hate Valentine's Day episodes.)

Back at Watch Tower, Dr. Emil tries to crack into the system, but Chloe has put up every defense possible before disappearing. Clark tries to get him to calm down, which leads to a persuasion that's quite unfortunate. He just doesn't care anymore, grabbing a beer out of the fridge. Clark tries to explain his kryptonite debacle, and Emil suggests using it to his advantage.

Lois calls Martha Kent (who will be showing up very soon!) to ask if she can try on her wedding dress. "Thanks mom," she says before one of those fun (blerg) montages of her in the dress. She also calls the Lane clan, including Lucy and the General, to break the news of her engagement to Clark.

Clark approaches Zod, clearly wanting to use his power of persuasion to stop the tower from being finished. Even though Clark tries to force the truth out of Zod, he insists that Tess killed Jor-El. I can see Zod's way of thinking here. 1. Kill Tess and she's no longer a nuisance. 2. If Clark gets his hands dirty, then he's no more a savior than Zod is. He spurs Clark into putting the spell on himself, causing him to want to kill and get revenge for his father's death.

Chloe is behind a desk at the Daily Planet! OK she's not there to be a reporter, she's mostly trying to set off a virus of epic proportions to stop the satellites. However, Tess says if she does that, Clark will be in even more danger. She offers to work with Chloe, but the latter decides that's not a good idea and pistol-whips her. A hardcore fight ensues, and Chloe can semi-hold her own, but it's Tess who ends up with the gun. Thankfully, she's swept away by Clark, who has vengeance in his heart.

On a nearby rooftop, Clark encircles them in a ring of fire. He explains that his powers would disappear if the towers go up, and she claims she had no idea. "Don't worry, Tess. I'll save your world, just not with you in it," he says before nearly frying her alive. Chloe saves the day with a bit of kryptonite and everyone seems to come out of their reverie.

Elsewhere, Alia (our favorite ninja Kandorian) admits to Zod that she was the one who killed Jor-El. She hands Zod her own death sentence by placing a gun in his hands and he shoots her in cold blood. Already, the future will change immensely with that one little act.

Clark tells his mom that the engagement was a miscommunication, even though the announcement made it on the front page. "In the face of the candy-coated emotional manipulation of V-Day, maybe I just need to trust that what we have is something more," Lois says, though conveys that things are moving too fast for her. They decide to take things slow and be honest with each other. Oh, Clark, you're still lying to her.

The episode closes on Alia's traditional Kandorian funeral. Zod admits to Clark that he killed her, but only because she murdered Jor-El. "This isn't my kind of justice," Clark says, but Zod says Clark will have to decide whether he really is one of them in the coming days. Chloe and Clark share a moment in Watch Tower, where she tells him that she really believes he's the savior. To make sure their future has really changed, Clark blows up the towers using his heat vision the night before it's meant to open.

How do you think the future will change now? Will Zod get his revenge on Clark? Discuss in the comments.

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When Clark is accidentally infected with gemstone kryptonite, which has wish-fulfilling properties, he makes Lois move in with him and sets an infected Chloe after Lois... read more

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