Female rookie cops patrolling the streets of Pittsburgh include single mom Lynn Stanton, second-generation cop Molly Whelan and Sarah Berkezchuk, who's married. Attractive women in law enforcement aside, this was a gritty, Emmy-nominated series, which was nothing like the fluff of, say, `Charlie's Angels,' with which it was sometimes unfairly compared. It moved from ABC to first-run syndication in September 1994.


Guest Stars

Mrs. Inwegen
Joseph Bendick
Searched Prisoner
Randall Smith
Mrs. Hawthorne
Howard Pinkster
Guy Stewart
Female Store Owner
Jack Wagner
Jack Braeden
Father Rick
Bill Withuski
Seamus Whelan
Raphael Sbarge
Jeremy Beecher
Irving Chattle
Stephen Root
`George Bailey'
William Sanderson
Male Store Owner
Amy Ryan
April Ward
Woman Driver
Michael Dutton/Zack
Alvin Young
Carjacking Victim
Desk Sergeant
Victim's Son
Off. Garrick
Juice Salesman
Off. Limbrick
Girl with Gun