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Latest Episode: The Disappearance Of Harry The Hat

Mar 29, 1984 Season 3 Episode 23 watch on Hulu (Free)

Rick and A.J. (Gerald McRaney, Jameson Parker) are tricked into helping a spy escape from federal agents.

Corpus Delecti

Mar 22, 1984 Season 3 Episode 22

A stainless-steel denture provides Rick and A.J. (Gerald McRaney, Jameson Parker) with the lead they need to close an insurance case.
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The Dillinger Print

Mar 08, 1984 Season 3 Episode 21

A.J. & Rick investigate when John Dillinger's gun is stolen from the collection of a former FBI agent.
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Harm's Way

Mar 01, 1984 Season 3 Episode 20

The Simons are hired to find a spy who recently came out of retirement.
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Under The Knife

Feb 23, 1984 Season 3 Episode 19

A doctor, faced with a $6 million malpractice suit, hires the Simons to prove that the man suing him is faking his paraplegia.
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Double Play

Feb 16, 1984 Season 3 Episode 18

Rick and A.J. contend with a smuggler who uses celebrity look-alikes as a cover for his underhanded dealings. Guest: Barry Livingston.
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The Wrong Stuff

Feb 09, 1984 Season 3 Episode 17

A schoolteacher's pornographic past comes back to haunt her.
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Heels And Toes

Feb 02, 1984 Season 3 Episode 16

A ballerina believes the owner of a sleazy bar is out to kill her.
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Jan 19, 1984 Season 3 Episode 15

A.J. and Rick investigate a thoroughbred-theft ring and an unsolved manslaughter case on the racetrack.
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Dear Lovesick

Jan 12, 1984 Season 3 Episode 14

An advice columnist asks the Simons to locate a reader who may know about an impending murder.
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John Doe

Jan 05, 1984 Season 3 Episode 13

An amnesia victim turns to the Simon brothers when he's accused of murder.
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All Your Favorite Games

Dec 22, 1983 Season 3 Episode 12

The Simons are hired to keep a key witness alive until she can testify at an upcoming trial.
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Bon Voyage, Alonso

Dec 15, 1983 Season 3 Episode 11

A.J. and Rick chaperon two teen-age girls on a cruise.
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Betty Grable Flies Again

Dec 08, 1983 Season 3 Episode 10

A former World War II pilot hires the Simons to help him find a missing plane.
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Too Much Of A Good Thing

Dec 01, 1983 Season 3 Episode 9

A.J. and Rick look for a mild-mannered chemist who turns out to be a bigamist.
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