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Dec 05, 1986 Season 2 Episode 33 watch on (Paid)

Mon*star sets out to destroy the SilverHawks' airshow by having Mo-Lec-U-Lar masquerade as the Maraj.

Zeek's Power

Dec 04, 1986 Season 2 Episode 32

Zeek talks the Orb into giving him the magical powers intended for a weakening Hotwing and heads to the casino.
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Uncle Rattler

Dec 03, 1986 Season 2 Episode 31

A snake-like criminal whose primary weapon is stun venom steals the SilverHawks' payroll before the Mob can get to it.
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The Harder They Fall

Dec 02, 1986 Season 2 Episode 30

Mon*star plots to test a giant Sky-Shadow by having it tow the Penal Planet to Brim*star, where he will make all the prisoners members of the Mob.
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The Invisible Destroyer

Dec 01, 1986 Season 2 Episode 29

Hardware threatens to destroy Bedlam with his invisible satellite.
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Stargazer's Refit

Nov 28, 1986 Season 2 Episode 28

Outfitted with deadly meltdown discs, Mo-Lec-U-Lar is sent to destroy Commander Stargazer.
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Match Up

Nov 26, 1986 Season 2 Episode 27

The Mob uses a tornado to rob a space freighter, but when Windhammer is captured he must face the robot Smiley in the boxing ring.
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Small World

Nov 26, 1986 Season 2 Episode 26

Hardware plots to steal Automata and tow it out of the SilverHawks' jurisdiction, unaware that a mechanical fault in the planet will cause an explosion that will destroy Limbo Galaxy.
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Battle Cruiser

Nov 25, 1986 Season 2 Episode 25

Mon*star plots to go to Chicago and take over the Earth mob.
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Nov 24, 1986 Season 2 Episode 24

Zero steals Professor Power's memory and takes over the artificial sun, which roasts HawkHaven when the doors jam.
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The Diamond Stick Pin

Nov 21, 1986 Season 2 Episode 23

Hardware gives Zeek a diamond stick-pin containing a remote-controlled bomb.
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Nov 20, 1986 Season 2 Episode 22

Mon*star gains new powers when he acquires a chunk of the Moon*star.
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Sneak Attack Part 2

Nov 19, 1986 Season 2 Episode 21

Mon*star seeks revenge on those who jailed him. Second of a two-part episode.
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Sneak Attack Part 1

Nov 18, 1986 Season 2 Episode 20

Hotwing and Quicksilver attempt to sneak into Brim*star to arrest Mon*star. First of a two-part episode.
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Gangwar Part 2

Nov 17, 1986 Season 2 Episode 19

The battered Mob plots a comeback by building the Sky Chomper, a vehicle that devours its own kind. Second of a two-part episode.
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