Siegfried & Roy: Masters of the Impossible

  • 1996
  • TV Show
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The Las Vegas legends of legerdemain appear as adventurers in a four-part animated saga set in a fantastic realm of unicorns, monstrous Titans, two-headed horses, pixies, wizards and dragons.

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The Realm of Endland Season 1, Episode 4 Nov 10, 2008 Paid

As mortals, Siegfried and Roy are the only ones unaffected when Loki strips Endland and its God-beings of all their power, making himself supreme in all the universe. Our heroes face a battle royal, and ultimately defeat Loki in his palace at Valhalla. In doing so, they return magic to the Titans. But when they must choose between saving Queen Alexa, (King Midas' wife, kidnapped here to Endland by Titans, back in the Year of The Darkness) and returning her to Sarmoti, or taking with them all the magic that was once in their world... they must choose Alexa. Banished back to Sarmoti without the magic, they reunite King Midas with his wife and Prince Mallory and Princess Estella with their mother. This victory is the sweetest of all. -- Then, Siegfried and Roy, Stilts and Manticore head off on a journey together, using the Book of Sarmoti as their guide, they continue to search out forgotten spots where magic might slowly be returning.

Monsters of the Mind Season 1, Episode 3 Nov 10, 2008 Paid

Siegfried, Roy, Rumplestiltskin and Manticore avoid being slaughtered by the beast Grendel, when King Midas' son, Prince Mallory makes a heroic entrance, doing what his father cannot, rid the countryside of Grendel. Meanwhile, our heroes deliver the magic water to King Midas, but before he can drink, he accidentally touches his daughter, turning her into a golden statue. Suddenly, Grendel bursts into the castle and makes off with her on his shoulder, hurling Siegfried and Roy aside like toy soldiers. Our heroes journey to the monster's lair to save the princess. However their dangerous quest into the center of the earth reveals much. It turns out Grendel is not the horrific beast that he appears. Instead, he is a gentle giant whose sustenance, the very gold in the earth, has been drained by the power of the golden touch Midas has been using above ground. Without the gold "food", his own mother lies dying. Grendel sadly admits he made a pact with Prince Mallory. If he pretended to attack the town and allow the Prince to drive him away, he would be paid secretly in gold... and thus his mother might be saved. Siegfried and Roy realize that Prince Mallory has been overtaken by the entity of Pride and is doing its bidding, as he tries to usurp his own father's throne. They use the waters of Pactolus to return Princess Estella to her human form, and promise Grendel the king will gladly give him all the gold he can carry, when they return her unharmed. However, once back at the castle our heroes are held captive by a now-evil Prince Mallory. In a masterful sting, Siegfried and Roy manage to exorcise the entity of pride from the Prince, only to find themselves blasted through a portal into the very realm of Endland by its powers. There, in the Titans realm, where no human has ever survived, they realize the evil Titan god Loki, has engineered the kidnapping of all the entities; Envy, Pride, Greed, and Power. He plans to use them all in a takeover of the god kingdom of Endland.

Kingdom of Gold Season 1, Episode 2 Nov 10, 2008 Paid

Siegfried and Roy manage a brilliant escape from the Cave of No Return and are beseeched by the King's beautiful daughter, Princess Estella, to help save her father, King Midas, who has now been cursed by Greed with the power of the golden touch. Roy opens a mysterious book he keeps in his possession. The Book of Sarmoti is a record that shows the Titan's legendary path of destruction, during the Year of the Darkness, when they pillaged Sarmoti's magic. Following a map, Siegfried and Roy head to the River Pactolus because rumors have cropped up that magic is slowly making its way back into remote pockets of their world. The river's once-magical waters (if now revived) are their only hope of curing the King's golden touch, and banishing the entity Greed which has taken over his body and mind. At the river Pactolus, Siegfried and Roy must outsmart Medusa as they risk being turned to stone. But in a wild action sequence, they use an illusionist's penchant for misdirection and ultimately foil the monstrous she-beast. Racing back to Midas' castle with a gourd filled with the magic water, they are suddenly confronted by a massive beast, Grendel, as it attacks the village and castle. Princess Estella and all the town are in peril unless they now do something to vanquish the twelve foot monster.

In the Beginning Season 0, Episode 0 Nov 10, 2008 Paid

In the timeless, mythical world of Sarmoti, all real magic has been stolen. Powerful god-like beings, from a mysterious realm known as Endland, have usurped the magical powers of Sarmoti's fairies, witches, giants, wizards and enchanted creatures of all kinds. Left to rely on mortal devices and vices to survive, these once-magical beings cling to the hope that one day mystic powers will somehow be returned to their now dying world. Into this gloomy picture arrive two traveling heroes with divergent personalities and private agendas. Siegfried is a showman who performs stage illusions for profit. Along with his "roadie" sidekick, Rumpelstiltskin, he is not above chicanery, con games and even minor petty thievery to keep a few gold coins in his pockets. Through a series of exciting accidents, Siegfried befriends a mysterious traveler, Roy, whose once-mystical white Tiger, Manticore, is wanted by the local king for whatever magic, if any, it might still possess. Our heroes are on the run and are eventually trapped by the king (Midas) who instructs them, upon the threat of death, to use any power, real or staged, at their disposal, in order to open the dangerous Oracle of Phyrigia, from which he hopes to gain the ultimate powers legend says exists therein. No one is more surprised than Siegfried and Roy themselves when they succeed, and inadvertently unleash the horrible powers once trapped there by the Titans: powers so awesome, even the gods didn't want to tinker with them. As the episode reaches its dramatic climax, Siegfried and Roy are banished into the perpetual flames of the Cave of No Return for their miscalculations, while the shrieking entities of Pride, Greed, Envy, and Power ravage the Kingdom of Phyrigia.

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  • Premiered: February 19, 1996
  • Rating: None
  • Premise: The Las Vegas legends of legerdemain appear as adventurers in a four-part animated saga set in a fantastic realm of unicorns, monstrous Titans, two-headed horses, pixies, wizards and dragons. (more)

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