• 2005
  • TV Show
  • TV-PG

A series recounting history's violent confrontations.

Shootout: Iraq's Most Wanted: Terror At The Border Trailer
01:06 — Trail U.S. Marines as they hone in on a Jihadist training camp at the Iraqi-Syrian border. This stealth mission packs the latest assault technology de (more…)
Shootout: WWII Assault On Germany Trailer
01:32 — In 1944, Ike's order was to the point: Destroy the German army. This crowning episode vividly chronicles the experience of the GI's who crushed the Ge (more…)
Shootout: The Big Red One Trailer
01:38 — The 1st Infantry Division, aka Big Red One, fought more campaigns than any other division in World War II. Step inside battles that defined history fr (more…)
Shootout: Return To Fallujah Trailer
01:05 — U.S. troops return to squelch the insurgency in Fallujah while dodging road bombs and improvised explosive devices (IED's) planted everywhere- and ret (more…)
Shootout: Iwo Jima: Fight To The Death Trailer
01:05 — The Battle of IWO Jima is best known for the flag-raising photo that symbolizes U.S. vistory in the Pacific Theter- and World War II itself. Witness t (more…)
Shootout: Guadalcanal Trailer
01:33 — Veterans relive the man-toman combat on this small island where U.S. amphibious troops and Japanese forces clashed in the South Pacific in a battle th (more…)
Shootout: Wild West Trailer
01:23 — Duels at high-noon on deserted, dusty streets are pure myth. Real shootouts were up-close, messy, drunken affairs sparked by scuffles over money, wome (more…)
Shootout: WWII: The Pacific Trailer
01:19 — In the vast emptiness of the Pacific, see how World War II was fought on tiny specks of land where soldiers battled to the death within face-to-face r (more…)
Shootout: Swat Team Shootouts Trailer
01:19 — Tag along with SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactics) officers as they relive real crises in this fast-paced, action-heavy episode that has a few happy en (more…)
Shootout: Afghanistan's Deadliest Snipers Trailer
01:03 — For five years, heroic U.S. Servicemen and their allies have hunted AlQaeda and Taliban extermists in the mountains of Afghanistan. This ongoing searc (more…)
Shootout: Iraq's Ambush Alley Trailer
01:10 — A battalion of U.S. Marines from North Carolina descends on the city of An Nasiriyah will welcome the Americans, but Saddam's men get there first sett (more…)
Shootout: Hunt For Bin Laden Trailer
01:19 — Fighting the enemy across scorched deserts and frigid mountain peaks, soldiers trek this ancient country on the hunt for Osama bin Laden. National Gua (more…)
Shootout: Okinawaa: The Last Battle Of World War II Trailer
01:20 — It was the last battle before the bombs. Experience the final confrontation-equal parts bloodbath and chess match- through the eyes of the men who liv (more…)
Shootout: Battle Of The Bulge Trailer
01:15 — In Hitler's boldest move, the Axis of Evil created an 85-mile "bulge" along the Western front to drive a wedge between Allied armies. Relive the helli (more…)
Shootout: North Hollywood Shootout Trailer
01:51 — Witness the shot-by-shot re-creation of one of the most violent shootouts in American police history as a high stakes heist turns into an urban shooti (more…)
Shootout: Battle For Baghdad Trailer
01:49 — Ride along the bloody road to Baghdad with two divisions of U.S. soldiers as they fight the Fedayeen Saddam, "Saddam's Men of Sacrifice," on a race ac (more…)
Shootout: D-Day: Fallujah Trailer
01:31 — Peer across the front line into the viper pit that is Fallujah. As one of the key cities for the Irag insurgency in 2004, Al Qaeda terrorists and Isla (more…)