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SheZow Season 1 episodes

Snow Way, Dude! Season 1, Episode 52

Guy goes snowboarding and mistakenly lets Cold Finger out of his snow-globe prison. read more

SheZon's Greetings Season 1, Episode 51

SheZow must save Christmas by saving Santa Claus, who's been abducted by Tattoozala. read more

Null & Void Season 1, Episode 50

A game of mind over matter is played by SheZow and two malicious foreign-exchange students. read more

Missing Link Season 1, Episode 49

Maz's uncle visits and teaches they boys dance moves, which become surprisingly popular. read more

SheZap Is Whack Season 1, Episode 48

Guy gets kidnapped by SheZap on SheZow Wow Day. read more

Hot Rocks Season 1, Episode 47

Guy and Maz must toss a glam rock into a volcano in order to save the world. read more

Dudepow Returns Season 1, Episode 46

SheZow teams up with DudePower to fight MegaMonkey, who's looking for a powerful melon. read more

Supernatural History Season 1, Episode 45

Guy summons his deceased aunt to battle a sinister curator who seeks SheZow's ring. read more

Vampire Cats in Zombie Town Season 1, Episode 44

A video-game villain crosses into the real world and plans on destroying the sun. read more

Evil Villains Day Season 1, Episode 43

The villains deceive the mayor into giving them a key to the city, so SheZow has to break the law to set things right. read more

Lawn Gone Mad Season 1, Episode 42

Mutated lawn ornaments and vegetables spring up after SheZow uses a special fertilizer. read more

Unplugged Season 1, Episode 41

Guy's computer stops working after he makes a online bid on a SheZow item. read more

No Girls Allowed Season 1, Episode 40

SheZow goes to court to fight for a spot in an all-male superhero club, and a group of villains decide to mount an attack on that day. read more

SheZow for a Day Season 1, Episode 39

Kelly fills in for SheZow and excels at the task, triggering jealousy in Guy. read more

Friend or Faux Season 1, Episode 38

SheZow battles a villainess who wants to steal all of his fans. read more

PSA-Lister Season 1, Episode 37

The crime rate grows, so SheZow searches for McSniff, a poodle who tries o prevent crimes. read more

Wishington Season 1, Episode 36

A magical fountain grants SheZow an overabundance of wishes. read more

Transformation Overload Season 1, Episode 35

Guy loses the ability to control his transformations, so he seeks help from a therapist. read more

Uncommon Cold Season 1, Episode 34

SheZow gets ill and must prepare a remedy using odd ingredients. read more

Maz Junior Season 1, Episode 33

Guy's pet lizard is coveted by a wealthy villain. read more

SheSquatch Season 1, Episode 32

Guy goes camping and meets a SheSquatch who's being manipulated by a malicious park ranger. read more

Sarcazmo the Great Season 1, Episode 31

The Hamdons get a new jungle-like pool as part of a home makeover from a reality-TV show. read more

Fibberachee Season 1, Episode 30

SheZow outranks a rock star in a fan poll, so the rock star seeks to eliminate SheZow. read more

In She-D Season 1, Episode 29

Guy is exposed to a 3-D film, causing SheZow to vanish and reappear randomly. read more

The Pigeon Season 1, Episode 28

A pillow fight causes trouble when it awakens a dangerous large bird. read more

She Pal Season 1, Episode 27

A school reporter spends a day with SheZow, leading Guy to put his secret identity in jeopardy. read more

Facsimilady Season 1, Episode 26

Guy creates a robot housekeeper to clean his room. read more

Momnesia Season 1, Episode 25

Guy's mom wants to reveal his secret identity to the world. read more

Shehicle Pickle Season 1, Episode 24

The SheHicle needs repairs, so SheZow hires an old crook to work on it. read more

Brouhaha Season 1, Episode 23

Guy sells his aunt's old vacuum cleaner, thereby unleashing an ancient prankster villain. read more

She-T Season 1, Episode 22

SheZow battles aliens who are fond of trash. read more

A Walk in My Heels Season 1, Episode 21

Kelly believes she has superpowers, so she prepares to fight a giant. read more

No Tattoo 4 U Season 1, Episode 20

SheZow must fight a tattooed villain in order to renew his license. read more

Babysitter Jitters Season 1, Episode 19

SheZow babysits Kelly and Maz, who regress into babies when they use an antiaging cream. read more

ShePhat Season 1, Episode 18

SheZow's she-tabolism goes haywire, so the city's cunning villains give him a workout. read more

Shezow Meets Dudepow Season 1, Episode 17

SheZow works with DudePow to stop Grilla from freezing the city. read more

Meet Dr. Frankenweather Season 1, Episode 16

The town's weather gets manipulated by Dr. Frankenweather. read more

Crash Thunder Season 1, Episode 15

SheZow helps a wrestler regain his confidence. read more

Dental Breakdown Season 1, Episode 14

Guy loses his tooth and the tooth fairy's nephew gets ahold of it, causing chaos all over town. read more

Mr. Nice Guy Season 1, Episode 13

SheZow watches a chick flick and becomes too empathetic to use violence. read more

Black Is the New Pink Season 1, Episode 12

SheZow experiments with a new look after meeting the Caped Koala. read more

Fortune Kooky Season 1, Episode 11

Guy faces a mob boss and some ninjas after he acquires a special fortune cookie. read more

Family Tree Season 1, Episode 10

Guy travels through time and meets SheZows of the past. read more

Guy & Doll Season 1, Episode 9

Guy's thrown into a nightmare filled with his worst fears. read more

Stuck Up Season 1, Episode 8

A stamp and a holiday are created in SheZow's honor, and the fame goes to Guy's head, resulting a sticky situation for him. read more

S.I.C.K. Day Season 1, Episode 7

Boxter gets humiliated by some bad guys, so SheZow arranges for Boxter to be seen as a hero. read more

SheZap Season 1, Episode 6

SheZow's evil clone emerges when SheZow's broken fingernail lands in a toxic solution. read more

Glamageddon Season 1, Episode 5

SheZow reunites with an old sidekick, and then he's challenged to battle her. read more

Super Sidekick Season 1, Episode 4

SheZow and Maz's friendship faces a test when Maz's sidekick identity overpowers a monster. read more

Makin' Bank Season 1, Episode 3

SheZow battles bank robbers, but then he loses his powers when he snatches some cash. read more

Cold Finger Season 1, Episode 2

Guy speaks at a SheZow convention. read more

SheZow Happens Season 1, Episode 1

Guy's family move in with his aunt in the series premiere of this animated show about a boy who finds a heroine's power ring and then fights villains while dressed as her superhero persona. read more

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Premiered: June 01, 2013, on The Hub
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Premise: A boy finds a heroine's power ring and then fights villains while dressed as her superhero persona.


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