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Sheriff Callie's Wild West Season 1 episodes

Rhymin' Rodeo Season 1, Episode 44

Callie helps Mr. Dillo overcome stage fright so he can read a poem at the Rhymin' Rodeo bonfire. read more

Hike to Wish Mountain Season 1, Episode 43

Peck goes the wrong way on a hike up Wish Mountain and gets the townsfolk in trouble. read more

Crystal Cave Caper Season 1, Episode 42

Dirty Dan and Dusty are rescued by Callie and an unlikely friend. read more

The Prickly Pair Season 1, Episode 41

Peck feels left out when Toby meets Polly May Porcupine and the two instantly bond over being prickly. read more

Doc's Cheatin' Chili Season 1, Episode 38

Doc takes Tio's chilies without asking during the town's annual chili cook-off. read more

Moustache Toby Season 1, Episode 37

Toby wears a fake mustache in hopes he will look like a tough cowboy. read more

Bug Trouble Season 1, Episode 40

The townsfolk work together to stop bugs from eating Farmer Stinky's berry crop. read more

Here Comes the Sun Season 1, Episode 39

Peck and Toby lasso the sun to stop spooky nighttime noises, but they set off a ripple effect of problems. read more

Toby Gets the Scoop Season 1, Episode 36

Toby learns the importance of asking before touching other people's things. read more

Parroting Pedro Season 1, Episode 35

Newcomer Parrotin' Pedro tries to get some laughs and win friends by repeating everything Peck says and making him feel silly. read more

My Fair Stinky Season 1, Episode 34

Priscilla gives Farmer Stinky a makeover and turns him into a proper gentleman. read more

Peck and Toby's Big Yarn Season 1, Episode 33

Toby and Peck accidentally unravel a blanket that Callie is knitting and then try to repair the damage by knitting a new one themselves. read more

Fool for Gold Season 1, Episode 32

Uncle Bun mistakes fool's gold for the real thing. read more

The Pie Thief Season 1, Episode 31

Callie and Peck hunt a pie thief when all of the pies meant for a baking competition get eaten. read more

Callie's Cowgirl Twirl Season 1, Episode 30

Callie gets her foot stuck in a can and inadvertently creates a new dance move. read more

Priscilla's Lost Love Bird Season 1, Episode 29

One of Priscilla's love birds flies away, so Callie and Peck ride out into the desert to bring it back. read more

Peck's Trail Mix Mix Up Season 1, Episode 28

Peck mistakenly accuses some townsfolk of stealing his trail mix. read more

Callie Asks for Help Season 1, Episode 27

Callie tries to help too many people at the same time and ends up stuck at the bottom of a deep canyon. read more

My Brother's Sleeper Season 1, Episode 26

Dirty Dan and Dusty become overly competitive during the town's annual bed race. read more

Horsefeathers Season 1, Episode 25

Feathers stick to Clementine, which makes Peck and Toby think she is part bird and try to teach her to fly. read more

Abigail's Extra Big Story Season 1, Episode 24

Abigail makes up a false newspaper story that puts Toby and Peck in danger. read more

King Stinky Season 1, Episode 23

The townsfolk shower Farmer Stinky with gifts and treat him like a king in order to get some of his rare prairie peppers. read more

Calamity Priscilla Season 1, Episode 22

Priscilla puts on a wild west show. read more

Twist and Shout Season 1, Episode 21

Peck is hailed a hero when a twister storms through town. read more

Lasso Come Home Season 1, Episode 20

Callie teaches Toby how to rope. read more

Peck's Darling Clementine Season 1, Episode 19

Peck's beloved mule comes to his rescue. read more

Callie's Blue Jay Blues Season 1, Episode 18

Callie tries to stop a pair of blue jays from stealing Farmer Stinky's crops. read more

Toby the Cowsitter Season 1, Episode 17

Toby learns about responsibility when he starts a cowsitting business. read more

Peck's Bent Beak Season 1, Episode 16

The townsfolk try to avoid a scary-looking wolf, not realizing he's actually the dentist who has come to fix Peck's beak. read more

Sparky's Lucky Day Season 1, Episode 15

Sparky loses his confidence right before a barrel race, so Callie gives him a lucky scarf. read more

Peck Takes It Back Season 1, Episode 14

Peck gets frustrated with Toby and calls him a name and immediately wishes he could take it back. read more

Toby Gets Nosy Season 1, Episode 13

Toby gets a big bump on his nose right before the town picture is to be taken. read more

Jail Crazy Season 1, Episode 12

Peck puts the entire town in jail for breaking rules when he's left in charge. read more

Sparky's Rival Season 1, Episode 11

Sparky worries that a fancy steam engine will take his place in Callie's affections. read more

Cattle Overdrive Season 1, Episode 10

Toby and Peck take a dangerous shortcut on a cattle drive. read more

The Pesky Kangaroo Rat Season 1, Episode 9

A lost kangaroo rat arrives in town and creates havoc. read more

Gold Mine Mix-Up Season 1, Episode 8

Uncle Bun learns an important lesson about paying attention when others are talking. read more

Stagecoach Stand-Ins Season 1, Episode 7

Peck and Toby volunteer to drive the stagecoach when the driver has an accident. read more

Toby's Untrue Achoo! Season 1, Episode 6

Toby pretends to be sick to gain attention. read more

Tricky Trouble Season 1, Episode 5

Callie brings a dishonest traveling salesman to justice. read more

Callie's Gold Nugget Season 1, Episode 4

Peck and Toby accidentally lose Callie's gold nugget and resort to telling lies to cover up their mistake. read more

A Dirty Dusty Apology Season 1, Episode 3

Callie, Peck and Toby work to patch things up between bickering miners. read more

Train Bandits Season 1, Episode 2

Sheriff Callie saves the day when bandits try to rob her fellow train passengers. read more

Horseshoe Peck Season 1, Episode 1

Peck wins at horseshoes and becomes a bad sport. read more

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Premise: Music-filled preschool series about a Calico cat sheriff who keeps the peace in her frontier town.


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