Shaun the Sheep

  • 2007
  • TV Show
  • TV-Y7

Adventures of the sheep first seen in the Wallace and Gromit short film 'A Close Shave.'

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The Kite / Camping Chaos / Save the Tree
THE KITE: The flock think they’re in for fun when a kite blows into their field. But it gets stuck in a tree, so it’s up to Shaun to find a way to get (more…)
The Snapshot
The Farmer wants a family photo and instructs Bitzer to gather all the animals together. Getting them all to stand still at the same time is more tha (more…)
Bitzer has a map and a nose for hidden treasure – especially when it’s a bone! This time he has unearthed more than he can chew. Shaun and The Flock (more…)
Mission Inboxible
The Farmer is engrossed in trying to set up his new computer. The Flock take the opportunity of his back being turned to have a game of football. Wh (more…)
Prize Possession
07:00 — The Farmer can’t believe his luck he has a winning ticket! He just needs to keep it safe until morning and there’s only one dog for the job! Unfortun (more…)
07:00 — When the Farmer pops out for more supplies, Bitzer is left in charge of decorating and calls on the Flock for help. He soon realises this may be a te (more…)
Mower Mouth / Who's the Mummy / Shaun the Farmer
MOWER MOUTH: A pesky goat is tethered in the sheep’s field, and threatens to eat all their grass. When it breaks free, Shaun is taken on a ski-ing tri (more…)
The Visitor / Abracadabra / Shaun Encounters
THE VISITOR: When a strange space craft crash-lands on the farm, Shaun and co. help its little green occupant get air-borne again. ABRACADABRA: When t (more…)
Episode 1
11:37 — Get ready for all-action adventure when Aardman’s Shaun the Sheep returns in sporty style in a series of 1 minute films. Shaun and friends are abuzz w (more…)
06:27 — Power up and prepare to sweat in the elite WWE Performance Center with moves like seal jacks and Cossack stretches to prevent injury and improve perfo (more…)
Prickly Heat
It’s a scorching hot day on the farm and the Flock need to cool off. When Bitzer discovers the Sheep Dip is out of action the Flock have to come up w (more…)
The Skateboard
Shaun decides he wants to have a go at skateboarding and sets about building a skatepark from scrap he finds in the dump. Before too long he gets car (more…)
The Coconut
The Farmer returns from the fair triumphant - he’s won a coconut! He soon discovers getting into the coconut isn’t as easy as it seems. Shaun and Bi (more…)
The Looney Tic
07:00 — Everyone is settling down for a relaxed night on the Farm, when Bitzer begins to act very strangely – he just can’t sit still. When his peculiar beha (more…)
The Pelican
07:00 — An unusual guest lands on the Farm. Shaun and Bitzer try their best to make the visitor feel welcome but can’t work out what the unexpected arrival ne (more…)
Bad Boy
07:00 — There’s a new kid on the block and he’s up to no good. At first Bitzer is charmed by the newcomer, but when he starts to get him into trouble, Shaun (more…)
Shaun Shoots the Sheep / Fleeced / Washday
SHAUN SHOOTS THE SHEEP: Shaun finds a camera which some ramblers have dropped, and sets about taking snapshots of the flock – but Bitzer is soon on th (more…)
Troublesome Tractor / Heavy Metal Shaun / Helping Hound
TROUBLESOME TRACTOR: The Farmer’s tractor won’t start, so when his back is turned Shaun and the flock decide to give it a quick make-over. HEAVY METAL (more…)
The Hang Glider
The Farmer has a thrilling new hobby – however it’s not as easy as it looks! When The Farmer gets stuck in a tree Bitzer comes to his rescue, leaving (more…)
The Piano
The Farmer is playing the piano and torturing everyone with his musical inability! When The Flock discover that Bitzer on the other hand is a virtuos (more…)
Bye Bye Barn
Shaun and The Flock discover that The Farmer has grand plans for their barn – that don’t include them! Drastic action is needed if life on the farm i (more…)
Caught Short Alien
07:00 — When Shaun’s old friend the Alien drops by for much needed loo break, Shaun is only too happy to let him use the facilities in the Farmhouse. While h (more…)
Wildlife Watch
07:00 — A film crew arrives to record a rare bird nesting at Mossybottom Farm. The Farmer is delighted by all the attention, but when a cameraman films the F (more…)
Bitzer's Secret
07:00 — The Farmer decides it’s time to get fit and calls on Bitzer to join him. Bitzer has other ideas and comes up with a secret plan to avoid putting in th (more…)
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  • Premiered: March 5, 2007
  • Rating: TV-Y7
  • Premise: Adventures of the sheep first seen in the Wallace and Gromit short film 'A Close Shave.' (more)

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