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Sheep Farmer Season 5, Episode 19 Nov 17, 2016 Subscription

When Timmy sees a particularly grumpy farmer giving one of the flock a hard time, he decides to give him an idea of what it’s like to be a sheep. But when the time comes to have the old farmer back, things aren’t quite so simple.

Dangerous Deliveries Season 5, Episode 14 Sep 14, 2016 Subscription

Every time the postman pays the Farmer a visit, Bitzers canine instincts get the better of him, resulting in shredded mail and and an irate farmer. Shaun decides to help out by taking on the role of Bitzer’s therapist…with unexpected consequences

Happy Farmer's Day Season 5, Episode 11 Nov 14, 2016 Subscription

Bitzer treats the farmer to a restaurant style dining experience, offering a delicious pie as the main course. But when the pie goes missing, Bitzer makes the mistake of accepting Shaun and the flocks offer of help in the kitchen…

Keeping The Peace Season 5, Episode 10 Nov 11, 2016 Subscription

After spending the night putting together the bed instead of sleeping in it…the farmer has a lie in and Bitzer is in charge of making sure his master’s rest is uninterrupted. Keeping the farm quiet proves to be a full time job for Bitzer

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The Kite / Camping Chaos / Save the Tree
THE KITE: The flock think they’re in for fun when a kite blows into their field. But it gets stuck in a tree, so it’s up to Shaun to find a way to get (more…)
Bagpipe Buddy / Supersize Timmy / Party Animals
Bagpipe Buddy: The sheep discover a set of bagpipes on the rubbish dump which they immediately misidentify as a sick emu. They set about trying to nur (more…)
Prize Possession
07:00 — The Farmer can’t believe his luck he has a winning ticket! He just needs to keep it safe until morning and there’s only one dog for the job! Unfortun (more…)
Prickly Heat
It’s a scorching hot day on the farm and the Flock need to cool off. When Bitzer discovers the Sheep Dip is out of action the Flock have to come up w (more…)