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Jeri Ryan Tells All About Swimming with CBS' Shark

Jeri Ryan, Shark

Shark star Jeri Ryan speaks with TV Guide about this week's arresting episode (airing tonight at 10 pm/ET on CBS), life after Seven of Nine and her real-life wedding news. TV Guide: When are we going to learn more about DA Jessica Devlin, James Woods' ambitious boss on Shark? Jeri Ryan: This week's episode is the first one where I actually have a lot to do. You find out about Jessica's past, and it humanizes her. It ties into an old case involving a child murderer, before she was the DA. When she first prosecuted the guy 15 years before, he was being defended by James' character, Sebastian Stark. She was convinced he was guilty and did things that weren't on the up-and-up to put him away read more

I like James Woods as an ...

Question: I like James Woods as an actor and was immediately interested when I heard about Shark. On the other hand, although I also like Victor Garber, Justice was barely on my radar. The early premiere of Justice, particularly since it was right after Bones, got me to watch, and I was pleasantly surprised. In contrast, I was rather disappointed in Shark. Somehow, I just found the whole "redemption" angle of Shark really off-putting. It's like he's a jerk, but he's sorry he's a jerk. Victor Garber's character is unapologetic and does what it takes to win. How are the two shows doing, and what's your opinion of them? Answer: As noted earlier, Justice is struggling, and even Shark got off to a disappointing start in its first week (considering the power of the CSI lead-in). I think both shows are flawed: Justice because it's too trapped by its procedural formula and Shark because it strands James Woods in a hackneyed setup, personally and professionally, and surrounds him with a ... read more

Who would've thought? ...

Question: Who would've thought? According to preliminary ratings, Grey's Anatomy sacked CSI. Although the network still had fewer total viewers for the night according to the ratings, I bet the folks over at ABC are throwing a party right now. But how long will it last? Do you think those ratings are just a reflection of the anticipation from last season? Given the type of show GA is compared to CSI, there would've been more anticipation, right? So now that the show has premiered, is the hype gone? At least now I know GA is here for the long haul. Besides, I find the original CSI to be expendable (although CBS would never do that). By the way, did you like Shark? I did. Answer: I have no idea how long Grey's ratings high will last, but I'd be surprised if there's much of a falloff anytime soon, given the way the stories are spinning on that show. I'm not sure Grey's hype was any more intense than CSI's, but the allure of Grey's is similar to that of Desperate Housewives. These shows ... read more

I might be the last person on ...

Question: I might be the last person on earth who still cares about ER — and frankly, I'm not sure why I do — but do you have any scoop for me? Answer: You're hardly the last person. Did you see those premiere ratings last week? Not only did it trounce the debuts of Six Degrees and Shark, but it was up six percent over last year. Not bad for a show entering its 13th season. As far as scoop goes, producers are currently casting an 11-year-old boy who will have a significant impact on Neela. He's been living on the street and believes that she has some kind of angelic healing powers. Also, somebody close read more

A Gay Old Office Time

OK, how overwhelming is Thursday-night TV? (It's only going to get worse next week when ABC's delightful Ugly Betty enters the mix.)Thanks to some preview screeners, I managed to see nearly everything that aired last night (except on Fox, which is oh-so-easy to ignore right now). And while Survivor was a snooze and ER so glum and ludicrously melodramatic that I'm once again considering throwing in the surgical towel for good (though I will check out John Stamos' arrival to see if the show will neuter his charisma as well), the rest of the night was quite interesting.Commenting on the early news from last night's ratings: Woo-hoo to ABC and Grey's Anatomy for exploding out of the gate, clobbering (though hardly burying) CBS' still-sturdy but slipping CSI, which had a solid opener (and dazzling glimpses of Cirque du Soleil) and a disturbing finish that revealed Catherine had been drugged and taken to a strange hotel/motel room overnight. In an extended scene of wordless anxiety, Cathe... read more

Ratings: CSI Is Taught an Anatomy Lesson

This is where the ratings get fun, folks. Cutting to the chase for a moment, Grey's Anatomy's new time slot (and those multiple video-playing online ads, I suppose) paid off big time, as the ABC drama bested 9 o'clock-hour stalwart CSI in their premieres' head-to-head clash. The overnight tally: Grey's 25.15 million total viewers, CSI 22 mil. Of note: CSI's most recent season finale drew 25.05 mil, whereas Grey's was watched by 20.9 mil. ABC can also claim bragging rights to the droolworthy 18-49 demo, where Grey's snagged 50 percent more than CBS' crime drama.Rewinding to 8 pm, Survivor: Cook Islands led the pack with 17.7 million, followed by a Grey's clip show (13.4 mil) and NBC's My Name Is Earl/The Office combo (each with about 9 mil). Leapfrogging to 10 pm, we had a bit of a horse race as ER, still showing a pulse in its kazillionth season premiere, admitted an audience of 15.5 million, edging out newbies Shark (CBS, debuting with 14.9 mil) and Six Degrees (ABC, with 13.3 mil)... read more

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Betty: Part 2

Here now, the rest of mine own fall forecast:WednesdayThe Nine, ABC: A fun little cast of familiar faces (24's Audrey! Bailey Salinger! The shadowy Prison Break dude!) and a far-out premise make this serialized drama more than worthy of a long hard look. But the crux of the show ? What exactly happened to the nine people involved in a seemingly life-altering 52-hour bank hostage situation? ? could prove frustrating if the mad-cryptic flashbacks are only parceled out mere seconds at a time. Jericho, CBS: As I told the show's publicist, I was loving this pilot, about a small town isolated from the rest of civilization after some sort of nuclear assault on major cities, until the very final scene, which in my opinion rang illogical. Blocking that moment out, however, I'm excited for this series. Justice, Fox: Alias' Spy Daddy (Victor Garber) as the most cunning of cunning, high-priced defense attorneys? I'm so there. Plus, I like the gimmick of showing us, in the coda, what really happ... read more

24 Exclusive: Look Who's Returning!

Just got off the phone with my 24 mole and he/she informs me that Eric Balfour has signed on to reprise his Season 1 role as independent CTU contractor Milo Pressman. My spy wouldn't say how Milo would be re-introduced, but he'll be sticking around for a while: Balfour will be credited as a series regular. (If you need a refresher on who Milo is, click here.)In other 24 news, former Star Trek: Deep Space Nine doc Alexander Siddig is joining the cast as one of the evildoers behind the big Season 6 plot. Additionally, Carlo Rota (aka Mr. Chloe O'Brian) will be back as a series regular. And now, in completely unrelated news, a rep for CBS' new Thursday-night drama Shark confirms that James Woods has had a death in the family and production has been temporarily halted.That's all the scoop that's fit to print. For now. read more

I have a comment on a ...

Question: I have a comment on a topic that I've never seen you address, and I could be the only one who feels this way. With so many new shows in the fall, it's really hard sometimes to keep them all straight, and the names of the shows often make this more difficult. They're not very distinctive! Last season, there were three sci-fi shows premiering, and they all had one-word names: Invasion, Threshold and Surface. I could never keep straight which one was on which network, and even though I had read your reviews and knew that you endorsed one especially, I could never remember which one. For this coming fall I've counted eight new series with one-word titles, and none of them are very distinguishable (Vanished, Standoff, Justice, Smith, Jericho, Shark, Traveler, Kidnapped). Just a note to the networks: If I need a visual aid to remember which shows I want to check out, I'm not likely to watch — unless they become hits and the name is repeated enough to remind me. Not a very good ... read more

CBS' Official Fall Sked

The big news (and the worst kept secret in the TV biz) is that Without a Trace is headed to Sunday night. The complete release is below.CBS ANNOUNCES 2006-2007 PRIMETIME SCHEDULECBS announced today the addition of four new series to its 2006-2007 primetime line-up, enhancing a line-up that will return 18 shows from last year's schedule, including six from last season's freshman class. The line-up, which includes three new dramas and one new comedy, was unveiled this morning by CBS Entertainment President Nina Tassler. The four new shows feature a roster of award-winning actors and executive producers and a unique mix of concepts and genres. The freshman series include a young and sexy ensemble comedy, THE CLASS, from "Friends" co-creator David Crane; SMITH, a high octane heist thriller from "ER's" John Wells starring Ray Liotta and Virginia Madsen; the apocalyptic drama JERICHO, from the producer of "National Treasure," Jon Turteltaub, starring Skeet Ulrich ("Scream"); and SHARK, a ... read more

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