Shark Week

  • 2003
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An 8-hour marathon of shark-related programs, including “Jaws of the Pacific” and “Sharks Under Glass.”

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Magnetic Stingray Repels Sharks
01:55 — Dr. Craig O'Connell tests whether a magnet will make a hammerhead shark avoid its favorite food. From Shark Week 2016's "Sharks Among Us."
Great White Buzzes Cameraman's Head
03:07 — Chris Fallows nearly has his head bitten off when a great white sneaks up from behind in New Zealand. Are the sharks here hunting as a pack? From Shar (more…)
Shark Trek: the Shark Wins the Tagging Game
02:37 — Young shark advocate Sean Lesniak joins Greg for his last ditch effort to tag a great white off the coast of Florida. Will Sean bring a lucky charm? ]
One of the Biggest Great White Ever Filmed
03:20 — At over 20 feet long, this massive female great white shark is likely the largest ever filmed - and one of the largest ever seen. Her massive girth in (more…)
The Secret Weapon of Hammerheads
03:16 — The hammerhead shark's ability to detect electromagnetic fields gives it a "vision" unlike any other animal and allows for incredible precise predatio (more…)
Sharks Love Death Metal!
02:44 — The team trades chum for music, hoping to strike a chord with nearby great whites. Luckily (or not), great whites have an ear for death metal. From S (more…)
18-Foot Great White Goes Mental On Diving Cage
01:45 — Shark Week Cameraman Andy Casagrande continues the countdown of his top Shark Week moments. Coming in at number 3 is an incredible encounter with a hu (more…)
Monster Mako: World's Fastest Shark Chases Bait
01:28 — A shortfin mako, the fastest shark in the world, races after bait in this unprecedented perspective from Shark Week 2015's Monster Mako.
Cameraman vs. Great White
01:25 — Shark Week cameraman Andy Casagrande is counting down his top 5 ultimate Shark Week moments. Coming in at number 5 is an encounter with a great white (more…)
Shark Trek: Young Shark Advocate Tags Sean the Shark
03:05 — Nine-year-old shark advocate Sean Lesniak helps great white expert Greg Skomal tag a great white shark near Cape Cod and gets a nice surprise for his (more…)
Super Predator: Great White Attacks the Flying Machine
02:40 — As the team tests out the flying machine, a great white attacks, cracking it and severing its lifeline to the boat. From Shark Week 2015's "Super Pred (more…)
Tails Tell Tales of Who Sharks Are
02:14 — Researchers check which sharks are paying them a visit by identifying unique markings on their tails and bodies.
Dynamite Shark Takes a Selfie
02:27 — The crew peppers Shark Alley with an array of Drop Cams to track "Dynamite," a great white on his way to adulthood. The curious young shark takes a se (more…)
White Tips: The Zen Shark Warrior
02:54 — Responisble for the deadliest shark attack recorded in a single event, the oceanic whitetip has one of the most aggressive feeding habits of all shark (more…)
Austin Nichols Is Scared for Sharks
01:57 — Actor Austin Nichols explains the significance of a shark's role in the ocean and why they need our help.
Shark Trek: Thousands of Blacktip Sharks Lure Great White to Shore
03:05 — As thousands of people and blacktip sharks head to Florida for Spring Break, will great whites show up for an easy meal?
Sharks of the Shadowland: Divers Attempt to Tag Sevengill Sharks
03:29 — Divers use an innovative and shark-friendly method of tagging that brings them up close and personal with aggressive sevengill sharks.
Great Whites Attack Shark Rover
02:54 — Low on air, Andy and Devon head back to the boat in their one-man Shark Rovers, but a group of curious great whites have other plans.
Alien Sharks: The Frilled Shark
01:14 — The frilled shark is one of the shark world's most bizarre species. It's possible that some of the myths and legends of sea serpents came from the fri (more…)
Great White Devours Camera
01:39 — In his top moments countdown, Shark Week cameraman Andy Casagrande reveals which shark experience made it to fourth place!
Great White Plays With a Dinghy
01:59 — Coming in at #2 on cameraman Andy Casagrande's top Shark Week moments is his experience trying to attach a fin cam to a great white while bobbing arou (more…)
Monster Mako: Mako Sharks Launch Like Rockets
02:46 — Great whites aren't the only sharks that breach. Shortfin makos are so fast that they can launch completely out of the air when attacking. From Shark (more…)
Bride of Jaws: A Shipwreck and a Giant Shark
02:32 — A huge great white shark looms outside a sunken ship, forcing the divers to retreat before the Joan of Shark lookalike lays siege.
Tiburones: Sharks of Cuba: Why Sharks Are Important to Reefs
01:06 — Coral reefs are second only to rain forests in terms of biodiversity and importance to the ecosystem. And without sharks, there would be no coral reef (more…)
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  • Premiered: August 17, 2003
  • Rating: None
  • Premise: An 8-hour marathon of shark-related programs, including “Jaws of the Pacific” and “Sharks Under Glass.”

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