Tue May 26 3:00am
Switch It Up(Season 3, Episode 14) DISNEY

CeCe and Flynn accidentally switch bodies via a curse, which means that Flynn will have to dance for CeCe on the show and that CeCe will need to play the tuba for Flynn's marching-band audition.

Tue May 26 3:30am
Opposites Attract It Up(Season 3, Episode 18) DISNEY

CeCe and James discover that they like each other, and they each get friends to help them seem more appealing to one another. Meanwhile, Rocky is assigned to teach in Flynn's class.

Wed May 27 3:00am
Psych It Up(Season 3, Episode 19) DISNEY

Rocky pretends to be psychic to prove a point to CeCe, but all the kids at school believe she can actually see into the future.

Wed May 27 3:30am
Future It Up(Season 3, Episode 20) DISNEY

Twenty-two years in the future Rocky and CeCe attend their 20th high-school reunion, and are asked to dance together one last time.

Fri May 29 3:00am
Stress It Up(Season 3, Episode 23) DISNEY

CeCe tries to stop talking for a week to preserve her voice when she is picked to sing a song she wrote. Meanwhile, Rocky decides to add a sport to her already busy schedule so it will look good on college applications.

Fri May 29 3:30am
Oui Oui It Up(Season 3, Episode 21) DISNEY

CeCe plans a Paris vacation and arranges a house swap with a French family, but the house turns out to be a pig farm that is 500 miles from Paris. Back in Chicago, Ty falls for a Parisian girl staying in CeCe's apartment.

Tue Jun 2 3:00am
Loyal It Up(Season 3, Episode 24) DISNEY

Gary Wilde returns and announces he is hosting a new dance show, and he wants CeCe, Rocky and Tinka to join the program. Meanwhile, Deuce and Flynn panic when they learn that their favorite snack has been discontinued.

Wed Jun 3 3:00am
Shake It Up(Season 3, Episode 26) DISNEY

CeCe gets amnesia due to a mishap at a charity fashion show and can't remember anything about herself or her friendship with Rocky.

Fri Jun 5 3:00am
Hook It Up(Season 1, Episode 8) DISNEY

CeCe and Rocky try to work their way up from background dancers to feature performers but fear they may lose their jobs when they learn two people are going to be fired. Meanwhile, Ty mentors Flynn so Flynn will become more like him.