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Mon Oct 3 9:00am
Six Persians Walk Into a Bar(Season 5, Episode 8) BRAVO

MJ faces fallout from her splintering relationship with Tommy after returning from Palm Springs, Cal. Meanwhile, Reza delves into stand-up comedy, with the gang rallying together for his debut performance. Also: Mike tries to win his wife back.

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Mon Oct 3 10:00am
Lights, Camera, Kaftans!(Season 5, Episode 9) BRAVO

Mike and Jessica meet in a bid to repair their relationship following a romantic night. Elsewhere, MJ reaches out to Asa about her relationship with Tommy, and it's high style and big drama at Asa's debut fashion show, where GG is cornered about rumors.

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Mon Oct 3 11:00am
Belize It or Not(Season 5, Episode 10) BRAVO

Reza plans a last-minute group trip to Belize, hoping Mike and Jessica can work out their issues while there. In Belize, Mike nervously waits for his wife's arrival, MJ mulls over life without Tommy, and tensions explode during a first-night dinner.

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Mon Oct 3 12:00pm
Trouble in Paradise(Season 5, Episode 11) BRAVO

A Belize trip continues with Mike escaping from his marital problems by heading to the Belizean rain forest. Also, MJ confides in Asa, a surprise visitor startles the gang, and Mike is forced to reveal a secret.

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Mon Oct 3 1:00pm
Is It Too Late to Say I'm Sorry?(Season 5, Episode 12) BRAVO

An altercation between Reza and GG lowlights a trip to the Mayan ruins. Also: A remorseful Mike tries to win his wife back; GG engages in a drastic health regimen, shocking her inner circle; and Reza courageously returns to the comedy stage.

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Mon Oct 3 2:00pm
Mr. Shouhed's Wild Ride(Season 5, Episode 13) BRAVO

A trip to Palm Springs finds Reza and Adam taking another step toward their future together. Meanwhile, Mike tries to win back Jessica as an unpleasant discovery surfaces about her, and the group rallies together at Mike's shoe launch in Beverly Hills.

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Mon Oct 3 3:00pm
La Vida Loca(Season 5, Episode 14) BRAVO

MJ prepares for her future with Tommy but struggles to let go of some of the past. Meanwhile, Reza and Adam make their marriage official; Mike poses for Asa's art show; and MJ plans an elaborate "rebirth" ceremony at a Hollywood cemetery, only to receive a (more…)

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Mon Oct 3 4:00pm
OMGG(Season 5, Episode 15) BRAVO

An ecstatic MJ accepts a proposal. Meanwhile, Reza and Adam have an intriguing talk about children; Mike makes a tough decision; and old wounds are opened at an unveiling of Asa's photography project. The Season 5 finale.

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