Sex Sent Me to the ER Episodes

2013, TV Show

Sex Sent Me to the ER Season 1 episodes

Study Buddies Season 1, Episode 29

A quickie at a ballpark ruins a man's engagement plans. read more

Can't Get Up Season 1, Episode 28

A man becomes paralyzed after having sex. read more

Holiday Hanky-Panky Season 1, Episode 27

A couple are exposed while shopping. read more

Retirement Hobby Season 1, Episode 26

A man has sex in his sleep; a hobby gets a man in trouble. read more

Busted! Season 1, Episode 25

Sneaky college sweethearts get busted and must visit the ER. read more

Body Building Blunder Season 1, Episode 24

A backstage quickie at a bodybuilding competition leads to injury. read more

Rock n' Romp Season 1, Episode 23

Two musicians sleep together after a rehearsal; a couple have sex in a cemetery. read more

Pole Position Season 1, Episode 22

A pole-dancing woman hurts herself; a man with a painful injury is treated. read more

Have a Ball Season 1, Episode 21

A boyfriend reveals a secret; a man experiences a mysterious balance problem. read more

The Skydive Club Season 1, Episode 20

Daredevils visit the ER after a skydiving mishap. read more

Stuck on Me Season 1, Episode 19

A man gets a mysterious migraine after having sex. read more

Birthday Surprise! Season 1, Episode 18

A husband's birthday surprise leads to a trip to the ER; a woman experiences abdominal pain. read more

Motorcycle Mayhem Season 1, Episode 17

A motorcycle escapade leads to a trip to the ER. read more

Forbidden Fruit Season 1, Episode 16

A fantasy involving fruit causes problems for a couple. read more

Give a Dog a Bone Season 1, Episode 15

A bondage experiment goes bad; a man is attacked by a dog. read more

Drama Down Under Season 1, Episode 14

A mysterious ailment plagues a vacationing couple. read more

Hot Air Affair Season 1, Episode 13

Two clowns visit the ER; a church group pray for a couple's embarrassing injury. read more

Man In Steel Season 1, Episode 12

A man blacks out during sex; a doctor struggles to remove a steel ring from a man's body. read more

Game Over Season 1, Episode 11

A video-game fantasy leads to injury; a man complaining of itchiness visits the ER. read more

Bedroom Slip-up Season 1, Episode 10

A clumsy couple lose something in the bedroom; a man visits the ER on the Fourth of July. read more

Get Your Rocks Off Season 1, Episode 9

An inebriated husband tries to seduce his wife. read more

Clean Up on Aisle 4 Season 1, Episode 8

An adventurous couple are injured in the shower; a young couple spice things up at the grocery store. read more

Natural Disaster Season 1, Episode 7

A nature lover sustains an odd injury; a couple stumble upon a crime scene. read more

Get a Room Season 1, Episode 6

A secluded pasture is visited; a couple with a medical secret receive treatment from a doctor. read more

Sticky Situation Season 1, Episode 5

A man seeking medication is rejected by a doctor, who winds up treating him anyway; a tryst at a pool party turns into a fiasco; a couple's adventurous side lands them in the ER. read more

Valentine's Surprise Season 1, Episode 4

A man breaks out in a rash; a professional fighter is injured in bed; and a man dressed as a vampire visits the ER with a concussion. read more

Hot in Vegas Season 1, Episode 3

A woman dislocates her jaw; a couple try to have sex in a tree. read more

It Won't Stop! Season 1, Episode 2

A two-hour orgasm sends a woman to the emergency room; an unlikely romantic spot causes injury; a naked man takes a suspicious-looking fall. read more

It Was a Doozy Season 1, Episode 1

A look at injuries sustained while having sex in unusual locations. First up: An obese virgin accidentally injures his partner; a bandleader collapses during an intimate moment; a man with a genital injury is visited by both his wife and his girlfriend while he's in the emergency room. read more

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Premiered: December 28, 2013, on TLC
Rating: TV-14
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Premise: A look at injuries sustained while having sex in unusual locations.

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