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Latest Episode: Big Bird's Nest Sale

Nov 14, 2013 Season 44 Episode 13 watch on (Paid)

When Snuffy helps Big Bird sell old toys at his Nest Sale, he accidentally sells Big Bird’s favorite teddy bear, Radar. Will Big Bird ever get Radar back?

Big Bad Wolf is a Sore Loser. Episode 4082

Apr 20, 2004 Season 35 Episode 12

When the Big Bad Wolf finds out he isn't the best at everything he learns that it's okay to lose some times. Celebrity guest Whoopi Goldberg helps Baby Bear learn different ways to deal with his anger.
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Rosita Learns That Everybody Has a Different Accent. Episode...

Apr 19, 2004 Season 35 Episode 11

Rosita is upset when some kids make fun of her for having a strange accent. Celebrity guest Norah Jones sings about the letter Y with Elmo.
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Curly's Growl is Bigger Than Baby Bear's. Episode 4076

Apr 16, 2004 Season 35 Episode 10

Baby Bear has trouble dealing with the fact that his sister Curly Bear has a bigger Growl than him. Celebrity guest Liam Neeson counts with the Count.
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Cookie Monster Writes a Story About Kingdom Cookie. Episode ...

Apr 15, 2004 Season 35 Episode 9

Cookie Monster writes a story about the Kingdom of Cookies.
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Oscar Awaits Something Grouchy. Episode 4073

Apr 14, 2004 Season 35 Episode 8

While Oscar waits for Grungetta he tries to find different grouchy things on Sesame Street. Celebrity guest Aaron Neville sings about life on the moon with Ernie.
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Professor Grover's Super-Hero school. Episode 4071

Apr 13, 2004 Season 35 Episode 7

Professor Grover teaches the monsters how to be super-heroes. Celebrity guest Christopher Reeve and Ernie say the alphabet.
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Snuffy Becomes Invisible - Pt. 2. Episode 4070

Apr 12, 2004 Season 35 Episode 6

Snuffy becomes invisible when he touches his new eukelele. Part 2 of 2. Celebrity guest Eryka Badou sings a song about friendship.
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Snuffy Becomes Invisible - Pt. 1. Episode 4069

Apr 09, 2004 Season 35 Episode 5

Snuffy becomes invisible when he touches his new eukelele. Part 1 of 2. Celebrity guest Maya Angelou claps a rhyme with Elmo.
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Telly Falls Off His Pogo stick. Episode 4068

Apr 08, 2004 Season 35 Episode 4

When Telly falls off his pogo stick he's afraid to get back on and try again. Celebrity guest Venus Williams plays tennis with Elmo.
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Goldilocks Eats Baby Bear's Porridge. Episode 4066

Apr 07, 2004 Season 35 Episode 3

When Goldilocks eats Baby Bear's porridge, Baby Bear decides it's time to rewrite the story. Celebrity guest Rubin Studdard sings the alphabet with Elmo.
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Alan Goes on Vacation. Episode 4060

Apr 06, 2004 Season 35 Episode 2

Alan goes on vacation and leaves Natalie Portman in charge of Hooper's shop.
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Who Has the Best Pet in the World? Episode 4058

Apr 04, 2004 Season 35 Episode 1

Elmo, Zoe and Telly argue over who has the best pet in the world. Celebrity guest B.B. King sings about the letter B.
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