Wed Jul 1 10:00am
Music Magic(Season 41, Episode 10) PBS

Elmo uses Abby's magic wand to make everyone on Sesame Street sing.

Thu Jul 2 10:00am
Puddle Jumping(Season 41, Episode 27) PBS

On a rainy day, Elmo waits for puddles to form so that he can splash in them. He pretends to shower with Baby Bear; watches Stinky drink the rain; and meets Cookie Monster, who pretends the rain drops are cookies.

Fri Jul 3 10:00am
Elmozilla(Season 42, Episode 19) PBS

Abby casts a spell that causes Elmo to grow taller than the buildings; Drew Brees of the New Orleans Saints is on hand to explain measure; Grover uses his powers of observation; Murray experiments with a skateboard.

Mon Jul 6 10:00am
Hansel & Gretel's Playdate with Big Bird(Season 43, Episode 3) PBS

Hansel and Gretel are afraid they'll forget how to return to the subway station when the visit Big Bird, so they leave a trail of cookie crumbs.

Tue Jul 7 10:00am
Veggies Revolt(Season 41, Episode 33) PBS

Vegetables protest Telly's lettuce-free tuna sandwich, Zoe's leftover broccoli and Cookie Monster's preference for cookies.

Wed Jul 8 10:00am
Baby Bear Comes Clean(Season 43, Episode 4) PBS

Baby Bear spills ice cream on his shirt and then tries to clean it with help from Telly.

Thu Jul 9 10:00am
Grover Does It All(Season 45, Episode 25) PBS

Grover tries to do too much at once.

Fri Jul 10 10:00am
Peter Piper's Purpose(Season 45, Episode 11) PBS

Peter Piper wants to do something special for Pickled Pepper Day at Hooper's Store.

Mon Jul 13 10:00am
Big Bird Loses His Nest(Season 45, Episode 12) PBS

Another bird lays claim to Big Bird's nest.

Tue Jul 14 10:00am
Inspected by 4(Season 40, Episode 25) PBS

Inspector 4 (Judah Friedlander) inspects the coin laundry, Mr. Hooper's store and the letter R to make sure everything is in groups of four. Also: Jimmy Fallon and bluesman Keb Mo' appear.