Wed Jul 29 10:00am
The Shape-O-Bots(Season 42, Episode 5) PBS

While playing Shape-O-Bots, Telly, Elmo and Rosita help Andy Samberg ("Saturday Night Live"), who needs an octagon, a pentagon and a rhombus.

Thu Jul 30 10:00am
Rahki Road(Season 41, Episode 25) PBS

Leela, who's been making bracelets to celebrate the Indian holiday Rakhi, waits for a special present from her brother in India. Meanwhile, Chris and Elmo decide to throw a Rakhi party for her since she's feeling homesick.

Fri Jul 31 10:00am
Oscar's Trash Plan(Season 45, Episode 14) PBS

Oscar learns how to save despite "thrift shop" temptations from Mucklemore (aka Macklemore).

Mon Aug 3 10:00am
Cast Iron Cooks(Season 42, Episode 16) PBS

Jason Schwartzman appears in an "Iron Chef" spoof that finds Alan, Chris and Elmo competing in a cooking contest. Also: Amy Adams explains what an ingredient is.

Tue Aug 4 10:00am
Proud to Be Me(Season 45, Episode 3) PBS

Segi is upset about her appearance.

Wed Aug 5 10:00am
The Furry Four(Season 41, Episode 6) PBS

Telly, Abby and Elmo want to pretend to be the superheroes in "The Furry Four," Telly's favorite comic book, but need someone to be the fourth member of the group.

Thu Aug 6 10:00am
Get Lost, Mr. Chips(Season 43, Episode 1) PBS

In the Season 43 premiere, the Cookie Monster wants to join an exclusive cookie-appreciation club that's run by a connoisseur (David Hyde Pierce) who insists that the club's members savor cookies by looking at, smelling and nibbling them rather than gobbli (more…)

Fri Aug 7 10:00am
Numeric-con(Season 45, Episode 4) PBS

Elmo uses math to solve problems when a convention of number-inspired superheroes convenes on Sesame Street.

Mon Aug 10 10:00am
Bert's Sign Painting Challenge(Season 45, Episode 20) PBS

Chris helps Bert prepare for a sign-painting test.

Tue Aug 11 10:00am
Friendship Day!(Season 45, Episode 18) PBS

Zoe learns to choose her words carefully after she hurts Elmo's feelings.