Shenanigans of department-store workers are chronicled in this popular British sitcom about the constant carping between employees in Ladies Separates and Gentlemen's Ready to Wear. The BBC series has long been syndicated in the U.S.


Guest Stars

Mr. Grace, Young Mr. Grace
Mr. Goldberg
Mr. Grace, Old Mr. Grace
Joanna Lumley
German Lady, Miss French
Capt. Peacock
1 Episode (2016)
Mrs. Slocombe
1 Episode (2016)
Mr. Humphries
1 Episode (2016)
Mr. Spooner
Mr. Grainger
1 Episode (2016)
Mr. Harman
1 Episode (2016)
Miss Brahms
1 Episode (2016)
Mr. Rumbold
1 Episode (2016)