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Latest Episode: The Frogger

Apr 23, 1998 Season 9 Episode 18 watch on Crackle (Free)

As George sets out to preserve his high score on an old arcade game, a serial killer's presence forces Jerry into a relationship he doesn't like.

The Bookstore

Apr 09, 1998 Season 9 Episode 17

Jerry turns in Uncle Leo for shoplifting while George is forced to buy an expensive book he was caught reading in the store's bathroom.
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The Strike

Dec 18, 1997 Season 9 Episode 10

George complains about Tim Whatley's making a donation in his name to a local charity, while Kramer learns that a twelve-year-long strike at the bagel shop where he once worked is over. Kramer then inspires Frank to revive Festivus, a holiday he created as an alternative to Christmas.
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The Merv Griffin Show

Nov 06, 1997 Season 9 Episode 6

As Kramer puts a discarded talk show set in his apartment, Jerry schemes to play with a girlfriend's vintage toys; while Elaine deals with a scheming employee.
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