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Latest Episode: The Puerto Rican Day

May 07, 1998 Season 9 Episode 20 watch on Crackle (Free)

Jerry and his friends get stuck in the annual Puerto Rican Day parade. Elaine frets over missing 60 Minutes, George decides to repeat a joke he made during a movie that made the audience laugh, and Kramer poses as a potential apartment buyer in a nearby luxury building to use the bathroom.

The Pothole

Feb 20, 1997 Season 8 Episode 16

After he accidentally drops her toothbrush into the toilet and then doesn't tell her, Jerry cannot bring himself to kiss his girlfriend. And as George frets over losing a talking keychain he was given by his boss, Kramer adopts a section of a local highway as his own to maintain.
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The Chicken Roaster

Nov 14, 1996 Season 8 Episode 8

George persuades Elaine to buy him a fur hat on the company account, Elaine's expenses are then scrutinized once the bill comes in. Meanwhile, a Kenny Rogers Roaster chicken restaurant opens across the street, its bright lights interfere with Kramer's sleep, and he switches apartments with Jerry.
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