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Latest Episode: The Frogger

Apr 23, 1998 Season 9 Episode 18 watch on TBS (Free)

(TV-PG) George discovers he still has the high score on an old Frogger video game.

The Stand-In

Feb 24, 1994 Season 5 Episode 16

(TV-PG) Kramer gets hired as an extra on a soap opera and convinces his friend to alter his appearance.
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The Barber

Nov 04, 1993 Season 5 Episode 7

Jerry frets over leaving his incompetent barber; George gets a job.
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The Sniffing Accountant

Oct 07, 1993 Season 5 Episode 4

Worried about their investments, Jerry, Kramer and Newman search for clues to determine if their accountant's unexplained sniffle could be related to something he may have snorted.
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