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Examining remarkable relics from around the world that not much is known about, including the Shroud of Turin and the Sphinx.

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Blackbeard's Face Was His Greatest Weapon
02:49 — Blackbeard and his pirates rarely fought the merchant vessels they commandeered. Their secret? Pure intimidation.
Why the Vatican Believes in the Shroud of Turin
02:47 — While many experts believe the Shroud of Turin is a medieval forgery, historians at the Vatican have found evidence that leads them to believe it date (more…)
This Mysterious Stone Structure Is Older Than Stonehenge
04:20 — Until recently, Britain's Stonehenge was thought to be the world's oldest set of stone monuments. But a recent discovery in the Turkish region of Göbe (more…)
Is This Where Humanity Decided to Settle Down?
03:26 — Plant analysis of ancient wild cereals from Göbekli Tepe reveal a remarkable similarity to modern strains. This points to the possibility that humanit (more…)
The Reason This South American Tribe Shrunk Their Enemies' Heads
03:12 — The Shuar of South America is the only tribe to have never been conquered by the Spanish Empire. But the thing they're most famous for is a macabre tr (more…)
DNA Analysis Reveals Troubling News About Shrunken Heads
02:36 — In mid-19th century South America, a lucrative trade in shrunken human heads leads to a rash of fake heads being passed off as real. One museum sets a (more…)
These Trees Uncover What Plunged Egypt's Climate Into Chaos
04:06 — Examining tree rings inside the world's oldest trees reveal a seismic event that took place around 3,500 years ago. Could this be scientific evidence (more…)
The Real Culprit of an Ancient Egyptian Plague Was... Bread?
03:10 — According to the Bible, the 10th plague to befall Ancient Egypt killed the first born child of every family. Now, new scientific evidence suggests tha (more…)
Ancient Engineering That Kept One of the Driest Cities Wet
03:23 — The ancient Nabataeans' water storage and irrigation system was a marvel of engineering. It was the biggest reason they were able to thrive in the har (more…)
Did a Flood Wipe Out the Mysterious Ancient City of Petra?
03:29 — Why did the ancient Nabataeans desert the city of Petra? The answer lies in traces of white sand found in its rubble, suggesting a massive flood. Fro (more…)
Would Jesus Have Sipped From Such a Fancy Cup?
02:23 — Could an onyx cup once held in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem turn out to be the Holy Grail? If so, how would an object this valuable e (more…)
Are There Secret Doorways in King Tut's Burial Chamber?
02:28 — Recently, a team of conservation experts using cutting-edge scanning technology created a 3D model of King Tut's chamber to capture its likeness. The (more…)
Is This the Lost Egyptian City of Pi-Ramesses?
02:44 — In 1940, a French Egyptologist unearthed not one, but a dozen, royal tombs near the ancient city of Tanis. Was this the location of Pi-Ramesses, the f (more…)
Why This Pharaoh Is Considered Egypt's Greatest
02:08 — Ramesses II is thought of as ancient Egypt's greatest pharaoh. His importance is reflected in the size and scale of his magnificent funerary temple, i (more…)
Can Tree Rings Explain the Demise of a Lost Civilization?
02:26 — Archaeologists believe the sudden destruction of a pre-Columbian civilization found in southern Illinois occurred around 1150 AD. But to find the caus (more…)
Why $3 Billion Is Way Too Much Treasure to Hide
02:03 — What made people doubt the authenticity of the Dead Sea copper scroll wasn't the hidden treasure it described, but the sheer quantity of it: more than (more…)
What We Get Wrong About the Great Wall of China
04:03 — Most people believe the Great Wall of China was built at once, by a single person. In fact, it was built on earlier, individual foundations, over seve (more…)
The Pharaoh Who Found the Sphinx
04:20 — King Thutmose IV didn't build the Great Sphinx. He rediscovered it, hidden in the sand, and - according to legend - it made him king in return. From: (more…)
How and Why the Great Wall of China Was Really Built
04:53 — The Great Wall of China was built 2,200 years ago out of military necessity: to combat the Mongolian ancestors of Genghis Khan. Its construction was a (more…)
How to Unroll a Dead Sea Scroll Without Destroying It
02:57 — In 1952, a remarkable copper scroll was uncovered by archaeologists near the Dead Sea. It would take four years for scientists to agree on a way to op (more…)
The Typos on This Dead Sea Scroll Don't Mean It's Fake
02:27 — When the Dead Sea copper scroll was unveiled, doubts were quickly raised about its authenticity. For one thing, it was riddled with spelling errors. (more…)
Do We Finally Know How the Holy Grail Disappeared?
02:45 — How did an onyx cup thought to be the Holy Grail disappear from the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in 909 AD? This historian's breakthrough might provid (more…)
The Entire Bay of Santorini Is an Active Volcanic Crater
03:32 — What happened to the giant volcano thought to have destroyed Atlantis? The answer may be the island of Santorini... all of it. From: SECRETS: Hunt fo (more…)
How the Largest Earthwork in the Western Hemisphere Was Built
01:39 — Located in southern Illinois, Monks Mound is a massive earthen structure, made entirely of clay, a material that tends to shrink and collapse over tim (more…)
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  • Premiered: August 4, 2013
  • Rating: TV-PG
  • Premise: Examining remarkable relics from around the world that not much is known about, including the Shroud of Turin and the Sphinx.