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Jul 23, 2013 Season 12 Episode 6 watch on (Paid)

From PBS – When colonial estate manager Willie Peppe set his workers digging at a mysterious hill in Northern India in 1898, he had no idea what they'd find. Just over 20 feet down, they made an amazing discovery: a huge stone coffer, containing five reliquary jars, more than 1,000 separate jewels and some ash and bone. One of the jars bore an inscription that appeared to say that these were the remains of the Buddha himself. This seemed to be the most extraordinary find in Indian archaeology. But doubt and scandal have hung over this amazing find for more than 100 years. For some, the whole thing is an elaborate hoax. For others, it is no less than the final resting place of the leader of one of the world's great religions, a sage who died nearly 2,500 years ago. For the doubters, suspicion focuses on a key figure from the time, disgraced German archaeologist Dr. Anton Fuhrer. Renowned historian Charles Allen sets out to solve this extraordinary mystery, once and for all.

Ultimate Tut [HD]

Jul 10, 2013 Season 12 Episode 5

From PBS: Ninety years ago in Egypt the greatest archaeological find in history was made: The discovery of Tutankhamen's tomb and its golden treasures. But the real story has become shrouded in myth, with many mysteries around the tomb unsolved to this day.
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Caveman Cold Case [HD]

May 15, 2013 Season 12 Episode 4

From PBS: A tomb of 49,000 year-old Neanderthal bones discovered in El Sidron, a remote, mountainous region of northern Spain, leads to a compelling investigation to solve a double mystery: How did this group of Neanderthals die? And could the fate of this group help explain Neanderthal extinction?
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Death On the Railroad

May 08, 2013 Season 12 Episode 3

From PBS – A classic story involving foul play, cover ups, a murder mystery and a voyage of discovery explains what happened to a group of Irish men who immigrated to America. In 1832, railroad contractor Philip Duffy hired 57 Irish immigrants to lay railroad tracks in West Chester, Pennsylvania. Less than two months after their arrival, all 57 were dead. Did they all die — as was widely believed — from cholera? Or were some murdered? In 2003, twin brothers who discovered a secret file among their grandfather’s papers investigated the deaths of these men and found the location of their final resting place. Using the latest forensic and scientific investigative techniques, DNA, forensic analysis, facial reconstruction and historical detective work in Ireland and the U.S., modern detectives and experts unravel this extraordinary story.
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Bugging Hitler's Soldiers

Apr 25, 2013 Season 12 Episode 2

From PBS – Spied upon by MI19 in a bugging operation of unprecedented scale and cunning, 4,000 German POWs revealed their inner thoughts about the Third Reich and let slip military secrets that helped the Allies win WWII. The film tells the story of how those conversations were recorded and how they can now reveal, in shocking detail, the hearts and minds of the German fighter. Only now have more than 100,000 hours of these secret recordings been declassified, researched and cross referenced. The documentary includes intense, full-dialogue dramatic reconstructions that use the verbatim transcripts of these bugged conversations to reveal the dark heart of the Nazi regime as never before.
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