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Latest Episode: Bones of the Buddha

Jul 23, 2013 Season 12 Episode 6 watch on PBS (Free)

Historian Charles Allen examines the mystery of bones reputed to be those of the Buddha

Amazon Warrior Women

May 17, 2000 Season 1 Episode 5

The myth of the Amazons has lingered for centuries, but proof of their existence had always been lacking. Now, a 2,500-year-old mystery may have been solved by an American scientist. After unearthing evidence of a culture of ancient warrior women in the Russian steppes, Dr. Jeannine Davis-Kimball visited a village in Western Mongolia. There, Davis-Kimball found a young girl named Meiramgul. Davis-Kimball finds that the DNA sequences of the warrior women and those from the girl are identical.
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May 17, 2000 Season 1 Episode 4

In commemoration of the 60th anniversary of D-Day, SECRETS OF THE DEAD tells the story of how it all came together, and shows step by step how the Allies achieved victory on June 6, 1944. The film calls upon the testimony of and includes spectacular dramatic reconstructions and incorporates arresting 16mm archive footage that brings the panic and terror of D-Day to the fore. All of these elements combine to create a definitive and dramatic account of what really happened.
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Sinking Atlantis

May 16, 2000 Season 1 Episode 3

Five thousand years ago the Minoans, Europe's first great civilization, flourished on the island of Crete. Yet in their heyday, they mysteriously disappeared. Sinking Atlantis digs deep into the Minoan soil and history, following archaeologists who are finding evidence of a massive tsunami that devastated the Minoans - and may have spawned the myth of Atlantis.
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Bridge on the River Kwai

May 23, 2000 Season 1 Episode 2

In 1942, the Japanese army had captured more than 200,000 Allied prisoners of war and needed a supply route to its frontline troops in Burma. POWs and thousands of Asian laborers were ordered to complete a railway linking Thailand and Burma that would include the infamous "bridge on the River Kwai." Meanwhile, the U.S. was developing a "smart bomb." In late 1944, a group of rescued POWs provided the first accurate information about targets along the railway, and the railway was destroyed.
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Titanic's Ghosts

May 15, 2000 Season 1 Episode 1

Swedish Titanic passenger Alma Paulson and her four young children died when the ship sank. Only Alma's body was identified. Days later, Canadian rescue workers spotted the lifeless body of a fair-haired toddler floating near the site of the wreck. He was buried with other unidentified Titanic victims. In this episode of SECRETS OF THE DEAD, historian Alan Ruffman and a team of scientists use incredible technology to help provide answers -- and closure -- for relatives of Titanic.
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