Secrets of the Dead

  • 2000
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Scientists seek to uncover celebrated mysteries of the past in this occasional British series.

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The  Bridge

The Wednesday Playlist: The Bridge, Camp, Secrets of King Tut

With so many crime dramas on TV, you'd think murder would be a universal language. But FX's The Bridge (Wednesday, 10/9c), an unusually timely and troubling mystery series set on the volatile border between Texas (sleepy El Paso) and Mexico (dangerou… Read more

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Leonardo, the Man Who Saved Science Season 16, Episode 5 Apr 5, 2017 Paid

Leonardo da Vinci is well known for his inventions as well as his art. But new evidence shows that many of his ideas were realized long before he sketched them out in his notebooks — some even 1700 years before him. Of these "inventions," Leonardo never affirmed that his projects came from his original ideas. Leonardo, The Man Who Saved Science features drawings of his most famous ideas and inventions, some of which trace their original creation to ancient Greece while others were a product of the scientific inventions of golden age of Islamic learning. This knowledge seemed to be lost in Europe during the Dark Ages until the Renaissance when Leonardo recovered it.

Nero's Sunken City Season 16, Episode 4 Mar 29, 2017 Paid

Baiae... An ancient Roman city lost to the same volcanoes that entombed Pompeii. But unlike Pompeii, Baiae sits under water, in the Bay of Naples. Nearly 2,000 years ago, the city was an escape for Rome’s rich and powerful elite, a place where they were free of the social restrictions of Roman society. It was the Las Vegas of its day. Now, a team of archaeologists is mapping the underwater ruins and piecing together what life was like in this playground for the rich. There were vast villas, elaborate spas, and raucous parties on barges floating in the bay. No expense was spared to create a wonderland. Baiae was also the site of some of the most treacherous political dealings of ancient Rome with Emperor Nero and his enemies hatching deadly plots against each other. And then, the city sank into the ocean, to be forgotten in the annals of history until now. What made Baiae such a special place? And what happened to it?

Teotihuacan's Lost Kings Season 15, Episode 4 May 24, 2016 Paid

Follow a team of international scientists documenting an archeological sensation: the exploration of royal tombs beneath the ancient Mexican city of Teotihuacán. Despite many decades of research, not much is known about this long-lost society. When archeologists discover evidence of a sacrificial chamber beneath the famous Pyramid of the Feathered Serpent, they find the clues that may finally tell us who these mysterious people were.

Cleopatra's Lost Tomb Season 15, Episode 3 May 17, 2016 Paid

Join Dr. Kathleen Martinez, criminal lawyer turned maverick archaeologist, as she searches for Cleopatra's lost tomb. Very little evidence remains of Egypt's last queen, but Kathleen’s radical new theory about the real Cleopatra has led her to look where no one else has dared -- and her hunch is paying off as she stuns the archaeological establishment with her discoveries of incredible artifacts, a network of mysterious tunnels, and even a vast city of the dead dated to the time of the Queen and her Ptolemaic dynasty. Now Kathleen has made her biggest breakthrough so far: a 35-meter deep underground shaft that, according to the experts, has all the hallmarks of a royal burial shaft. Could Kathleen be closing in on Cleopatra's final resting place?

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Ben Franklin's Bones
00:38 — Ben Franklin's Bones
Cavemen Cold Case
00:30 — Cavemen Cold Case
Leonardo: The Man Who Saved Science
00:33 — Leonardo: The Man Who Saved Science
Cleopatra's Lost Tomb
00:38 — Cleopatra's Lost Tomb

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  • Premiered: May 15, 2000
  • Rating: TV-PG
  • Premise: Scientists seek to uncover celebrated mysteries of the past in this occasional British series. (more)

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