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High Cost Imposter

December 27, 2001

F.A.L.N./A Rouge by Any Other...

December 26, 2001

Jet Threat; Desert Scam

December 22, 2001

The Banker and Belle/Car Wars

Social Insecurity/Inside Job

Programmer/Child's Play

Food for Thought/Social Insecurity

Moneymaker/Calling Cards

Gentlemen Prefer Bonds/The IDs of March

FALN/A Rogue by Any Other Name

It's in the Mail/Counterfeit Murder

Brothers in Arms

Stalker Logic/Bomb-Protective Mission

Inside Job/Countefeit Murder

FALN/Calling Cards

The Assassin

Murder for Hire/Don't Bank on It

High Cost of Loving/Moneymaker

The Amateur

Larceny Inc./Reach Out and Rob Someone/Jet Threat

Curiosity Killed the Cat/Murder, He Broke

Vet Murder with Extra Cheese

Brothers in Arms/The 100 Club

The Banker and Belle/Moneymaker

Something for Nothing/The Amateur

A Teller of Tales/Food for Thought

Blood Money/Fire and Ice

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