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Apr 25, 2005 Season 4 Episode 13 watch on

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Moby Sick

Apr 11, 2005 Season 4 Episode 11

Sealab is visited by a cherished old friend: Abelard the Talking Whale. Although he can't really talk; it's more like Quinn just makes him talk with a machine. And he's not so much an old friend; he's just some whale that happens to be dying.
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Monkey Banana Raffle

Mar 21, 2005 Season 4 Episode 8

How much would you pay for Sealab? Well, if you were the eccentric trillionaire Max Stone, it wouldn't matter: you could afford to pay full sticker price. And you could also afford a jetpack, a standing table at that posh little cafe on the moon that you
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Return of Marko

Dec 12, 2004 Season 4 Episode 5

The much-ballyhooed return of Marco finally occurs in this eponymously-titled episode, with Marco playing the titular Marco. Marco, Sharko. Sharko, Marco. We'll just leave you two to get acquainted. Also, don't drink that pee.
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Sharko's Machine

Dec 05, 2004 Season 4 Episode 4

Pretty much just like the movie it almost sounds like, which stars the incomparable Burt Reynolds. Mmm, actually it's more like if "The Longest Yard" and "Hooper" had a baby, with just a skoosh of "Smokey and the Bandit II" thrown in for good measure.
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Isla de Chupacabra

Nov 14, 2004 Season 4 Episode 1

A team-building exercise goes horribly awry when the crew of Sealab finds themselves on the dreaded "Isla de Las Chupacabras!" In English, that's "Island of the Goatsuckers." And the episode is in English.
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