Sea Hunt

1958, TV Show

Full Episodes(39)

Latest Episode: The Manganese Story

Oct 04, 1958 Season 1 Episode 39 watch on Hulu (Free)

Mike discovers an important manganese deposit, but an ambitious young geologist, sharks, and an approaching hurricane threaten to silence him before he can inform the government.

The Sea Has Ears

Sep 27, 1958 Season 1 Episode 38

The murder of a telephone company employee leads Mike to an underwater cable that is being tapped to access top-secret research conferences.
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Sep 20, 1958 Season 1 Episode 37

Mike investigates reports of a sea monster off the coast of Mexico.
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Lord Christobal

Sep 13, 1958 Season 1 Episode 36

Mike is hired by an insurance company to investigate the sinking of a freighter, but a murder indicates that someone doesn't want him to complete his task.
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The Amphibian

Sep 06, 1958 Season 1 Episode 35

A group of sportsmen hire Mike to supervise their skin-diving outing, whereupon one of them sneaks off and begins photographing secret Navy facilities.
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Aug 30, 1958 Season 1 Episode 34

Mike is hired to destroy an underwater offshore peak that is notorious for ripping the hulls out of passing ships.
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Dead Man's Cove

Aug 23, 1958 Season 1 Episode 33

An underwater camera holds the key to determining whether a woman's drowning was accidental, as her husband claims, or not.
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The Birthday Present

Aug 16, 1958 Season 1 Episode 32

After locating a leak in a gas line and retrieving a young boy's sunken bicycle, Mike is beaten up and threatened by a gang of thugs.
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The Big Dive

Aug 09, 1958 Season 1 Episode 31

Mike's work on a movie prompts a fellow stunt diver to attempt a dangerous record-setting dive.
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The Shipwreck

Aug 02, 1958 Season 1 Episode 30

Mike and three other survivors share a life raft after a storm capsizes their boats.
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Capture of the Santa Rosa

Jul 26, 1958 Season 1 Episode 29

Mike leads a diving team in rescuing a Latin American diplomat and his family from kidnappers.
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The Lost Ones

Jul 19, 1958 Season 1 Episode 28

A frustrated former athlete pushes his children to be Olympic swimmers, resulting in their becoming trapped in a cave by a rising tide.
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Underwater Station

Jul 12, 1958 Season 1 Episode 27

Mike finds a famous rocket scientist being held in an underwater prison by enemy agents.
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The Hero

Jul 05, 1958 Season 1 Episode 26

Mike is hired by a playboy sportsman to supervise their underwater shark "safari" in the waters off Peru.
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The Prospectors

Jun 28, 1958 Season 1 Episode 25

A pair of prospectors hire Mike to trace the source of radioactive fish with a Geiger counter in hopes of finding a uranium deposit.
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