Scream Queens

A comedy-horror anthology series about a rash of murders on a college campus.

Scream Queens Panel
02:02 — The cast of SCREAM QUEENS reveal exciting details about the second season at Comic Con!
Scream Queens: Abigail Breslin on the 5 stages of getting a script
01:07 — This sounds like quite the stressful job
Ghost Stories Trailer
01:21 — Denise tells a terrifying ghost story Hester's announcement pushes Chanel to the brink A familiar face returns The killer claims another victim.
Mommie Dearest Trailer
01:08 — Grace enlists Chanel's help to learn more about Kappa's past Dean Munsch becomes a target A shocking figure from the past makes a return.
Black Friday Trailer
01:02 — The Red Devil has plans to disrupt Black Friday for the Chanels Believing Dean Munsch is the killer, the Kappa sisters devise a plan to stop her A sho (more…)
Thanksgiving Trailer
01:04 — Chad takes Chanel to his family's home for Thanksgiving, where a surprise guest shows up uninvited Dinner at Kappa House explodes with accusations of (more…)
Dorkus Trailer
00:58 — Grace learns shocking details about the remaining Red Devil Chanel's angry email to her minions goes viral, so she tries to make amends by apologizing (more…)
The Final Girls Trailer
01:07 — In the final aftermath of the Red Devil killings, the remaining killer isn't finished with the survivors and has something in store for them.
Scream Again Trailer
01:08 — Dean Munsch buys an abandoned hospital, recruiting two doctors, Zayday and the disgraced Chanels Secrets from the hospital's past are revealed A new k (more…)
Scream Queens Season 2
Season Two graduates from the college campus and into a hospital with a haunted past, as a new and terrifyingly funny mystery begins.
Character Series: Chanel
00:45 — Emma Roberts divulges some Scream Queens secrets about her character Chanel Oberlin.
Comic-Con 2015 Panel Highlights
01:45 — Jamie Lee Curtis, Emma Roberts, Lea Michelle an Abigail Breslin describe how they each became involved with the project, the strength of the writing, (more…)
Character Series: Boone
01:30 — Nick Jonas divulges some Scream Queens secrets about his character Boone.
Scream Queens Panel
02:00 — The cast of SCREAM QUEENS reveal exciting details about the second season at Comic Con!
Scream Queens Panel
02:00 — The cast of SCREAM QUEENS reveal exciting details about the second season at Comic Con!
Character Series: Gigi
01:15 — Nasim Pedrad shares some interesting back story on her character Gigi.
Character Series: Wes
01:30 — Oliver Hudson divulges some interesting facts about SCREAM QUEENS and about his character Wes Gardener.
Character Series: Hester
01:45 — Lea Michele shares some fun details about her character Hester.
Character Series: Zayday
01:30 — Keke Palmer shares her excitement and divulges some secrets about her character Zayday.
Fan Reactions at Comic-Con 2015
00:35 — Hear from these lucky fans who got to watch the pilot episode of SCREAM QUEENS and get autographs from Jamie Lee Curtis, Emma Roberts, Lea Michele and (more…)
Character Series: Dean Munsch
01:10 — Jamie Lee Curtis gives a great synopsis on the plot of SCREAM QUEENS and shares some insight about her character Dean Munsch.
Are You Scared?
00:11 — Scream Queens is coming to FOX this fall!
Pilot Trailer
01:07 — A comedy-horror anthology series begins with a tale of a college campus experiencing a rash of murders.
Hell Week Trailer
01:26 — The most popular sorority, Kappa House, is ruled by Chanel Oberlin's iron fist until Dean Cathy Munsch steps in a devil-clad killer wreaks havoc on ca (more…)
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