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Abby Gets Reprimanded by Fitz
01:27 — Fitz reprimands Abby for using him and his office.
Is Meg a Client or Friend to Huck?
01:53 — Meg: Friend or Client?
Abby Is President for a Moment
01:05 — Abby protects Cyrus from the death penalty.
Mellie Celebrates Becoming President With a Dance
01:30 — Preview Episode 4: Mellie celebrates as Olivia treads cautiously.
By Dawn’s Early Light
01:53 — Episode 5: The worm isn’t the only thing the early bird gets.
Governments Fall
01:58 — Episode 4: Independent thought has its pros and cons.
02:04 — Episode 3: Day one of Gladiator School, where it's swim… or sink.
Gladiator Wanted "A Job to Kill for"
01:26 — New marching orders and a last-minute interview.
America's Not Safe With Fitz
02:33 — Cyrus tells Fitz that he is keeping this country.
Cyrus Needs Help
04:50 — Tom's return makes Cyrus realize he is in trouble.
Liv Never Saw Cyrus
02:54 — Liv finds it hard to believe Cyrus did not put himself on the ticket.
Even Cyrus Is Under Investigation
01:06 — Preview Season 6 Episode 3: Abby gives Cyrus a warning call.
Liv Tells Abby They Caught the Wrong Guy
00:59 — Abby protects the office of the President.
Olivia Weighs in On Quinn's Marriage Decision
01:02 — Liv is annoyed by Quinn's indecision about marrying Charlie.
Liv Catches Cyrus (and Fitz) in a Compromising Situation
01:24 — Liv brings Fitz new evidence Cyrus is guilty, but Fitz is not alone.
Can Olivia Convince Fitz That Cyrus Is Guilty?
01:18 — Preview Season 6 Episode 2: Olivia brings Fitz evidence Cyrus is guilty.
Cyrus Gets a Clear Message from Liv
01:06 — Liv stops by to give Cyrus her condolences and a threat.
Mellie Learns America Has Made Its Choice
03:00 — Olivia forces Mellie to make a tough call during the election.
Too Close to Call
00:44 — Mellie anxiously awaits election results.
Scandal - Sneak Peek
01:00 — A first look at the new season of Scandal.
Scandal Season 6
Olivia Pope makes problems go away.
Scandal Pops: Watch the Season 5 Episode 14 Recap
03:29 — The biggest OMG moments from the "I See You" episode of Scandal!
Scandal Pops: Watch the Season 5 Episode 6 Recap
03:26 — The hottest moments from the "Get Out of Jail, Free" episode of Scandal!
Scandal Pops: Watch the Season 5 Episode 8 Recap
02:45 — The hottest moments from the "Rasputin" episode of Scandal!
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