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Papa Pope Puts a Gun to Jake's Head
03:11 — Olivia saves Jake when he is under the gun...literally.
Mellie Calls Fitz Out On His Behavior
03:48 — Mellie confronts Fitz about his Republican National Convention speech.
Scandal Pops: Watch the Season 5 Finale Recap
03:22 — Watch OMG moments from the "That's My Girl" episode of Scandal.
Scandal Season 5 Finale
01:48 — It's time to vet the candidates.
Scandal's Edison Davis Goes Off On Hollis Doyle
02:29 — Edison presidential run is officially over.
Mellie & Marcus Celebrate Her Big Win
01:09 — Mellie and Marcus get their flirt on.
Olivia and Abby Team up to Take Down Hollis Doyle
03:43 — Hollis Doyle must be stopped.
Huck Confronts Olivia About Her Post Kill Behavior
03:21 — You never get over your first.
Scandal Pops: Watch the Season 5 Episode 19 Recap
03:31 — Watch the biggest OMG moments from the "Buckle Up" episode of Scandal.
David Promises Not to Hurt Susan Again
03:47 — David gets back in Susan's good graces.
Huck and Charlie, the Early Years
02:03 — Meet Charlie -- as in Manson, not Brown.
Charlie Goes On a Blind Date With Sue (Lena Dunham)
03:28 — Charlie gets a little too honest on Scandal date.
Cyrus Needs Charlie's Help
01:09 — We sell paper?!
Charlie Plants a Kiss On Quinn
00:53 — The beginning of a scandal-ous relationship?
How Did Jake Become Rowan's Family?
03:55 — See how it all began between Papa Pope and Jake.
Jake & Papa Pope: the Beginning
02:55 — See how Pete Harris became Jake Ballard.
Olivia Takes the Midnight Train to Jake
02:28 — Jake's not in love with Vanessa. He loves Liv.
Does Jake Go Through With the Wedding On Scandal?
04:19 — Plus, see how Jake first joined B613.
Scandal Pops: Watch the Season 5 Episode 18 Recap
03:07 — Top OMG moments from the "Till Death Do Us Part" episode of Scandal.
7 Memorable Papa Pope Quotes from Scandal
01:58 — The best of the best from one of the most quotable Scandal characters ever!
Papa Pope Welcomes Olivia Home
03:40 — The death of Andrew Nichols will not be forgotten.
Mellie Checks On Andrew and Provides TLC
01:24 — A life-threatening experience brings the lovers back together.
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