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Latest Episode: The Price of Free and Fair Election

Apr 17, 2014 Season 3 Episode 18 watch on Hulu (Free)

Election Day has arrived and nothing is off limits to capture votes.

Episode 36

Oct 27, 2013 Season 1 Episode 36

Jaein visits Taeha in jail to receive his power of attorney in order to take over Taeha constructions. Myongeun and Eunjoong go for a hike together.
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Episode 34

Oct 20, 2013 Season 1 Episode 34

Eunjoong tries to find where Joonghyuk took Sooyoung. Jaein outwardly takes Taeha's side after Hwayoung fires him as her lawyer.
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Episode 31

Oct 12, 2013 Season 1 Episode 31

Ami calls Eunjoong to stand as a witness in court. Using Poonggi as leverage, Jaein threatens Eunjoong to confess to the truth to their Father.
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Episode 29

Oct 05, 2013 Season 1 Episode 29

Eunjoong meets with Mr. Song to discuss his participation as a witness against Taeha. Juha has had enough of her father's antics and decides to fight Eunjoong for the company.
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Episode 27

Sep 28, 2013 Season 1 Episode 27

Hwayoung teams up with Myongeun to take down Taeha through his shoddy construction sites. The adopted Eunjoong officially changes his name to Jaein Gu.
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Episode 25

Sep 21, 2013 Season 1 Episode 25

Taeha discovers that Hwayoung is in Myongeun's house and tries to take her back home. Eunjoong Jang is trying to adjust to his new life when he is visited by one of Taeha's henchmen.
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Episode 24

Sep 15, 2013 Season 1 Episode 24

Eunjoong Ha decides to take his rightful place as the true Eunjoong Jang. Taeha continues to force Hwayoung to take medication.
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Episode 22

Sep 08, 2013 Season 1 Episode 22

Ami tries to convince Eunjoong Ha to go back home with her. In preparation to bring Eunjoong Ha back to his side, Taeha tells Eunjoong Jang to move out and to return his name to his real son.
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Episode 21

Sep 07, 2013 Season 1 Episode 21

After shooting Eunjoong Ha, Taeha Jang discovers he is his biological son. Juha confronts Hwayoung to confess her true intentions she had with Eunjoong Jang.
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Episode 19

Aug 31, 2013 Season 1 Episode 19

For Eunjoong Ha's sake, Attorney Yune decides to drop the case against Taeha Constructions. Eunjoong Ha discovers who Taeha killed in 1988.
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Episode 17

Aug 24, 2013 Season 1 Episode 17

Eunjoong Ha makes an appointment to see Hwayoung to get concrete evidence for the case against Taeha. Eunjoong Jang decides that he will partake in his father's dirty work.
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Jan 01, 2011 Season 1 Episode 16

The Graysons unite in the face of recent scandal; Emily becomes increasingly anxious; Amanda's location is questioned.
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Episode 15

Aug 17, 2013 Season 1 Episode 15

Eunjoong Jang goes to Myongeun Ha for answers and records their conversation hoping for the truth. Taeha Jang hires a bodyguard for his wife to keep an eye on her.
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Episode 13

Aug 10, 2013 Season 1 Episode 13

Eunjoong Ha introduces himself to Taeha Jang as Juha's boyfriend. Ami is adamant to clear her late-husband's innocence by any means necessary.
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Episode 11

Aug 03, 2013 Season 1 Episode 11

Eunjoong Jang goes to Sooyoung's home to get some answers from Myongeun. Eunjoong Ha discovers he is being watched by a private detective.
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Episode 9

Jul 27, 2013 Season 1 Episode 9

Myongeun tries to dissuade Eunjoong Ha from continuing his investigation on the murder of Kichan. Ami has a funeral service for Kichan.
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Episode 7

May 17, 2012 Season 1 Episode 7

Detective Eunjoong Ha brings in Juha Jang to report her for the car accident. Taeha Jang is getting more impatient about retrieving the USB from Kichan.
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The Trail

May 10, 2012 Season 1 Episode 6

Gideon investigates Amanda's past. Flashbacks reveal Olivia and Fitz's first meeting on the campaign trail and the formation of Pope & Associates.
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Episode 5

May 03, 2012 Season 1 Episode 5

Sukbong is determined to prove that Eunjoong Jang is not Taeha's biological son. Myongeun decides to allow Eunjoong Ha to attend school.
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Enemy of the State

Apr 26, 2012 Season 1 Episode 4

Olivia and Cyrus get into a heated argument about the Amanda Tanner case; the team helps a dictator who claims his wife and children were kidnapped.
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Episode 3

Apr 19, 2012 Season 1 Episode 3

Eunjoong's parents are giving their best effort to find the kidnapper and their son. Detective Myongeun decides to resign from the police station.
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Episode 2

Apr 12, 2012 Season 1 Episode 2

Taeha tries to cover up his faulty construction by bombing it before it collapses. The building was supposed to be evacuated but Myongeun's son is still inside.
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Sweet Baby

Apr 05, 2012 Season 1 Episode 1

When a young lawyer starts a new job at a crisis management firm, she must deal with an accusation against the nation's president on her first day.
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