It's Too Poufy
02:25 — The assertive entourage had a day of "No's". The small beading added to the top made the dress.
Extra Bling
01:57 — Mom is really hard to please. Moving the sparkling trim to a different part of the bodice makes all the difference.
No Peeking
03:34 — A victim of the Boston bombing leaves everyone speechless. It's been a tough year and this is now a new beginning.
Stunning Satin Sheath
01:40 — This unique David Fielden design is all about luminous fabric -- and all the curves of the body wearing it! Take a close look at a sheath wedding gown (more…)
Entourage Divided
01:49 — Bride knows what she wants even if mom doesn't agree with her choice.
Triple D Letdown
01:22 — Comedian Christie wants to stun at her classic New York wedding. This dress flatters her DDD bust, but is it a showstopper.
High-Fashion Organza
01:41 — This Mark Zunino dress is a fashion-forward take on the sultry mermaid silhouette. Airy organza softens the bombshell effect of this floral, feminine (more…)
Happy Dress
02:49 — After differing opinions with her trainer Jillian Michaels the chosen dress is the one where she's happy.
Dreamy Dress
02:26 — Trying on the dress the consultant chooses makes the bride cry. Her brothers approve and paid for the dress.
Lakeside Wedding
01:49 — Cy tries on multiple dresses and goes with her gut even though her friends like another dress.
Drop Waist
02:05 — Making alterations to the waist changes everything plus makes everyone cry.
Instant Bouquet
02:39 — The lace dress feels perfectly. The whole family reveals a flower to hand the bride as she has found her dress.
Custom Gown
02:15 — Customizing the dress with new skirts and cap sleeves, Sabrina is able to say Yes to the dress.
Pin Pointing a Style
02:36 — Anna Claire doesn't know what she wants so a variety of dresses are brought into the dressing room.
Mark Zunino Speaks Her Language
03:01 — Randi has a surprise for the bride. Mark Zunino sketches a dress and it's perfect.
Surprises Continued
02:15 — Katherine is surprised by her fiance with a proposal then a shopping trip to Kleinfelds where her aunt and sister are waiting.
Absolutely No White Dresses
01:01 — In traditional Indian culture, brides don't wear white -- widows do. Bride Christalyne thinks she can get away with an ivory or champagne gown, but he (more…)
Cap Sleeve
02:40 — Ginger Zee from GMA brings her hair and make-up team. Randi is able to make a vail lover out of anyone.
Chic Organza
02:10 — Chic is in for her first fitting. The tag says "chic organza" and the dress explodes with "chic-y factor"
Structured Lace
01:53 — Trying a dress that combines both structure and soft lace and it's the best of both worlds.
Mother-in-Law Opinion
02:30 — Miss USA finds a dress that her soon to be mother in law is on board with the dress.
Classic Princess Ball Gown
01:34 — This Pnina Tornai design is soft and romantic. It's a classic princess ball gown that will forever be in style. Learn more about the dress and see it (more…)
Mermaid Dress With Floral Appliques
01:43 — In this close-up look at a Kleinfeld exclusive by designer Mark Zunino, be enchanted by feminine floral appliques on a curve-hugging mermaid dress.
Perfect Fit
01:49 — Nicole found her perfect fit. It's her style transferred into a wedding gown.
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