Beat the Dress
Liza has returned to the salon to top the incredible $17,000 dress with two skirts that she custom-designed. Leanne purchased a department store gown (more…)
Secrets and Surprises
Niki Ann is a fashion forward bride with shopping experience and a budget of $5,000 or so she thinks. Mom's arrives at Dawn's dressing room with a lit (more…)
Father of the Bride
Daddy's girl, Katie comes to the salon hoping to find the perfect mermaid style dress. Kayla's dad and sister disagree on what type of dress she shoul (more…)
New Beginnings
Bride Lindsay has been through her share of tragedies so this wedding is fresh start for her. Cher brought new blended family with her because she is (more…)
Mom Knows Best?
07:44 — Victoria has always settled for dresses simply because they fit. Lizzie is at Kleinfeld after visitng another salon in which she felt nobody wanted to (more…)
New Dress, New Beginning
05:15 — Comedian Seth Meyers surprises a delighted fan, Shealynn, an injured army vet. Southern model Ashley wants a sexy dress that also impresses her picky (more…)
Seeing Eye to Eye
Bride Brooke tells Dianne and Randy that her budget is $7000, but her mother reveals that the budget is actually $4000. Amanda is a pageant queen whos (more…)
Top 10 Most Outrageous Bridal Requests
From big time color, to twists focusing wedding themes or the bride's extreme tastes, Randy will take us through the brides with the most outrageous r (more…)
Daddy-Daughter Dilemma
Courtney and Reata are shopping together for wedding dresses with Courtney's dad who is also Reata's groom! Trisha's father overcame heart failure and (more…)
A Dress Like None the Rest
Broadway star Sutton Foster hunts for a dress to top all the other dresses she's worn. Wedding dress model Lauren fears she has worn too many gowns to (more…)
To Mom with Love
13:06 — Consultant Christianne's first appointment is to find plus size bride Brianne a princess ballgown. Jennelle's not used to being the centre of attentio (more…)
For His Consideration
Fashionista Britanny shops with her beloved uncle who insists her dress has ?’lots of sparkle!' Nicole is an excited daddy's girl, whose dad is just a (more…)
If You've Got It, Flaunt It
09:56 — Kia is a pro-basketball player embracing her height, as she looks for the perfect long dress for her six-inch heels. Comedian Christie looks for a dre (more…)
Worth the Wait
Brittany who was always the bridesmaid but now the bride, wants to 'drop it low' in a dress! Veronica is determined to make her second wedding perfect (more…)
Randy to the Rescue
Consultant Sarah has her hands full with Rachel, a bride who wants something sexy with lots of bling. Theresa lost weight several years ago but is sti (more…)
Bride Interrupted
Justyna's eloped and is tying the knot in 22-hours, so she must walk out with a dress today! Shauna has arrived at the salon with her family even thou (more…)
Top 10 Figure Flaunting Brides
Finding a gown to showcase a bride's body is what bridal expert Randy Fenoli does best. From brides who want to rock their curves or accentuate their (more…)
Top My Dream Dress!
05:02 — Three brides hope Kleinfeld can top the dream dresses they've already found. Lucille found a satin dress, but still wants more bling. Dana is head ove (more…)
It's Too Poufy
02:25 — The assertive entourage had a day of "No's". The small beading added to the top made the dress.
Extra Bling
01:57 — Mom is really hard to please. Moving the sparkling trim to a different part of the bodice makes all the difference.
No Peeking
03:34 — A victim of the Boston bombing leaves everyone speechless. It's been a tough year and this is now a new beginning.
Entourage Divided
01:49 — Bride knows what she wants even if mom doesn't agree with her choice.
Happy Dress
02:49 — After differing opinions with her trainer Jillian Michaels the chosen dress is the one where she's happy.
Dreamy Dress
02:26 — Trying on the dress the consultant chooses makes the bride cry. Her brothers approve and paid for the dress.
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