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Latest Episode: Top 10 Things to Know Before Buying a Dress [HD]

Jul 01, 2011 Season 101 Episode 6 watch on (Paid)

A wedding dress is a big purchase and finding the right one starts with the bride. This episode of Randy's Top Ten will showcase rules every bride should know before she shops for the perfect wedding dress.

Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta: The Royal Treatment

Apr 09, 2012 Season 1 Episode 12

Caitlyn isn't interested in sharing the spotlight while shopping for a dress. Mojdeh is convinced that her consultant won't be able to help her find a gown to make her feel like a princess. Katie returns after her first dress fitting was a disaster.
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Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta: In Mom's Absence

Apr 09, 2012 Season 1 Episode 11

Margaret tragically lost her mother a few years ago and shopping for a wedding dress without her has been difficult. Jill brings her mother-in-law. Emily feels lucky to have her mother's support after her last dress fitting went horribly wrong.
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Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta: Bridal Veterans

Apr 09, 2012 Season 1 Episode 10

Lavina has walked down the aisle as a bridesmaid fifteen times. Jennifer, who works at Bridal's by Lori, quickly makes all the rookie mistakes trying on dresses. Latrina is worried her plus sized figure will keep her out of the dress of her dreams.
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Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta: When Push Comes to Shove

Apr 09, 2012 Season 1 Episode 9

When picky bride Rene brings her even pickier mom, finding the right dress becomes almost impossible. Nnenna's mother is fed up with her daughter's indecision and takes matters into her own hands. Elizabeth has doubts about her dress choice.
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Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta: For Better or Worse

Apr 09, 2012 Season 1 Episode 8

Katie, who is self-conscious about her figure and whether her dream dress will fit, also has a picky fiancé. Ivy's fiancé insists that Ivy tries on a dress that is four times her budget. Meg's 15-pound weight loss has the alterations team scrambling.
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Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta: Looking for Support

Apr 09, 2012 Season 1 Episode 7

When cancer survivor Joya's dream dress is over her budget, her friends offer support. Ria knows exactly which dress she wants, but her picky friends won't give her the support she's looking for. With a clever two-dress plan, Neera keeps everyone happy.
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Bridal Nightmares

Nov 16, 2007 Season 1 Episode 6

It's one of those days at the salon where everything seems to be going wrong. The tension amps up, and its up to the managers to make things right. But tensions can run too high when an out of control mother of the bride punches alterations manager Vera.
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I'm Not the Problem [HD]

Nov 09, 2007 Season 1 Episode 5

The salon opens with their monthly sample sale where brides can get a deal on a designer dress and consultants can make their monthly sale goals! Caryn and her family are convinced that the dress the fitter has brought out is not the dress she tried on.
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Ciao and Cheerio

Nov 02, 2007 Season 1 Episode 4

Bridal is a tough business and selling the first time out is even tougher. Audrey and Sarah find out the hard way as they struggle to please indecisive brides. Meanwhile Keasha entertains a bride with a very unique shopping style.
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To Have And To Hold... The Dress

Oct 26, 2007 Season 1 Episode 3

Hala is an Egyptian-American bride who brings four generations of her family to shop! The sales manager is worried that her inexperienced consultant Claudia can't handle the crowd. At the same time, one bride returns to the store with buyer's remorse.
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One is Not Enough [HD]

Oct 19, 2007 Season 1 Episode 2

Camille is going to wear three different gowns styles for her over-the-top wedding. A consultant turns out to be less than top notch during a sale. Claudia is a new employee in serious need of some mentoring. Her problems begin to mount.
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Say Yes to the Dress: Bridesmaids: Peacocks, Pink, and Purpl...

Apr 10, 2012 Season 1 Episode 1

A bride who loves peacocks and a bride who loves purple are both battling their bridesmaids. Lori's team is working overtime to keep these bridal parties from exploding. And another bride prays for pink dresses to save her wedding day.
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