Mon Aug 3 4:00pm
Nothing Ordinary Here(Season 11, Episode 3) TLC

A bride wants a blue dress for her destination wedding, but has to convince her entourage; a bride wants a dress that incorporates color; a bride shows off her flower-pattern gown.

Mon Aug 3 4:30pm
Worth the Wait(Season 13, Episode 12) TLC

A bride who bought a dress four years ago is finally ready to walk down the aisle; a woman who's been a bridesmaid several times prepares for her own wedding; a bride wants to make her second wedding perfect.

Mon Aug 3 5:00pm
A Kleinfeld Family Affair(Season 11, Episode 12) TLC

A Kleinfeld consultant becomes a customer; a "Say Yes to the Dress" staffer shops for a dress; a friend of a Kleinfeld employee has a special surprise.

Mon Aug 3 5:30pm
Performance Piece(Season 13, Episode 2) TLC

Tony Danza visits the salon to help his Broadway costar Brynn O'Malley find a dance-friendly gown for the show "Honeymoon in Vegas." Also: A ballerina looks for a gown that's different from her dance costumes.

Tue Aug 4 4:00pm
Booby Trap(Season 13, Episode 8) TLC

A bride with large breasts has a hard time finding an affordable dress; a bride wants to show off her figure, but her mother hopes she'll settle on something more modest; a bride wonders how her dress will look after she recently lost weight.

Tue Aug 4 4:30pm
More Money, More Problems(Season 11, Episode 4) TLC

A bride who eloped wants a sexy dress for her family reception; a fashionista will spend as much as it takes for the perfect dress; a bride worries that her custom-made gown won't be good enough.

Tue Aug 4 5:00pm
Love at First Sight(Season 13, Episode 9) TLC

HuffPost Live host Caitlyn Becker is torn between the first two dresses she tries on. Also: A bride hopes she still loves her first choice at her fitting; a bride says the first gown she wears will be her dream dress.

Tue Aug 4 5:30pm
For His Consideration(Season 11, Episode 13) TLC

A bride shops with her uncle, who wants her dress to sparkle; a bride wants a lace gown for her manor wedding in Michigan; a bride's enthusiasm matches her father's.

Wed Aug 5 4:00pm
Designer Dreams(Season 13, Episode 10) TLC

QVC host Courtney Cason loved Mark Zunino's sketch, and now it's time to try on the real gown, while Danielle Jonas is eager to show off her new physique. Also: A bride clashes with her mom over her vision for a fashion-forward dress.

Wed Aug 5 4:30pm
Vision Confusion(Season 13, Episode 4) TLC

A bride's in for a surprise when she wants to look like a "classy porn star"; a bride is only certain of what her dress shouldn't be; a bride hopes her custom gown is what she imagined when she arrives for her fitting.

Wed Aug 5 5:00pm
If You've Got It, Flaunt It(Season 11, Episode 9) TLC

The WNBA's Kia Vaughn looks for a long dress to go with her 6-in. heels; a comedian wants to show off her figure; a bride who lost 100 pounds hopes her dress still fits.

Wed Aug 5 5:30pm
A Situation in the Salon(Season 13, Episode 3) TLC

Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino of "Jersey Shore" fame helps his younger sister find a gown. Also: A bride feels she's being upstaged by her flower girl's custom-made dress.

Thu Aug 6 4:00pm
Smother's Day(Season 11, Episode 16) TLC

A singer wants a 1930s dress for her jazz-theme wedding; a bride is eager to show off her tattoo, but her mother hopes she'll cover it up; a bride comes for her fitting a month before her wedding.

Fri Aug 7 4:00pm
Daddy Dearest(Season 13, Episode 13) TLC

A bride wants a Pnina gown but worries that her conservative dad won't approve; a bride and her opinionated dad agree on a princess ball gown; a bride hopes that her deceased father would have loved her choice.

Fri Aug 7 4:30pm
It Fits, She Scores!(Season 11, Episode 6) TLC

A baseball player's fiancée wants a fancy dress to compliment her extravagant lifestyle; a sports fan hopes to hit a home run with her dress; a bride is counting on her boss to help her find the dress of her dreams.

Fri Aug 7 5:00pm
Sister Act!(Season 11, Episode 17) TLC

A bride who is a triplet battles her opinionated sisters over her final dress decision; two sisters shop together and discover they have similar tastes; a bride has second thoughts about her choice of a modest dress.

Fri Aug 7 5:30pm
More, More, More!(Season 11, Episode 14) TLC

A bride wants a ball gown that will amaze her wedding's 700 guests; a bride's dad responds to her request for more bling; a consultant adds a personal touch to a bride's dress that she deems isn't fancy enough.

Sat Aug 8 9:00am
Mom's Day, Mom's Way(Season 10, Episode 10) TLC

A bride wants a lace dress, but has trouble pleasing her younger entourage; a bride's daughter disagrees with her choice of a fitted dress; a 50-year-old bride searches for a dress to match her sassy personality.

Sat Aug 8 9:30am
Day of Challenges(Season 10, Episode 13) TLC

A bride wants a simple gown, but her family are looking for something more special; a bride who had weight-loss surgery needs a gown to fit her smaller frame; a tall bride's wedding is in 72 days.

Sat Aug 8 10:00am
Apple of His Eye(Season 10, Episode 18) TLC

A bride brings her opinionated brothers to help her find the dress of her dreams; a bride worries that her father's vision for her dress will be more suited for a sweet-16; a bride hopes to have her brother's approval when she returns for her fitting.

Sat Aug 8 10:30am
A Surprising Turn of Events(Season 10, Episode 16) TLC

An unexpected family reunion at a bride's appointment leaves her overwhelmed; a bride gets a surprise while she's at the salon with her mother; a bride returns for her fitting.

Sat Aug 8 11:00am
Showing off Your Assets(Season 10, Episode 3) TLC

A bride wants to look sexy on her big day, but her mother has other ideas; a bride hopes to show off her curves, but her entourage isn't impressed with her choices; a bride is counting on her breast augmentation to fill out her dress.

Sat Aug 8 11:30am
More Than a Wedding(Season 10, Episode 8) TLC

Brides who had health scares include one who had reconstructive surgery after beating breast cancer; one who is overcoming lung cancer; and one who has a rare kidney disease.

Sat Aug 8 12:00pm
I'll Know It When I See It(Season 10, Episode 15) TLC

The wrong lace is ordered for a jacket to accompany a bride's dress; a bride is adamant about her one-of-a-kind gown; a bride can't have too much bling on her dress.

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