Wed Jul 8 4:00pm
Sticker Shock(Season 6, Episode 7) TLC

One bride is set on buying a Pnina Tornai gown, while another is on the hunt for a good bargain. Also: Randy and Audrey work hard to find the perfect dress for a picky client.

Wed Jul 8 4:30pm
Make Room for the Groom(Season 6, Episode 13) TLC

A man makes an appointment for his girlfriend so he can propose to her at the salon; a woman's fiancé favors a pink dress; a cop brings her fiancé in to purchase a suit.

Wed Jul 8 5:00pm
Bride, Interrupted(Season 6, Episode 10) TLC

One client is eloping and she races to find a dress for the ceremony, which is just 22 hours away. Also: a bride brings her fashionista fiancé to her appointment.

Wed Jul 8 5:30pm
Double or Nothing(Season 6, Episode 11) TLC

A fitness instructor searches for a wedding dress that shows off her figure, while another bride has her eye on a gown that's $2000 over her budget. Also: a bride already purchased a ball gown, but after changing her wedding venue, she no longer thinks it' (more…)

Fri Jul 10 4:00pm
New Beginnings(Season 6, Episode 12) TLC

A bride brings her blended family to help her choose a gown. Meanwhile, alterations manager Vera has a hectic day in fittings.

Fri Jul 10 4:30pm
Search and Dress-cue(Season 6, Episode 14) TLC

A former NFL cheerleader shops for a wedding dress; a military bride arrives for her first fitting with her fiancé in tow.

Fri Jul 10 5:00pm
Decisions, Decisions, Decisions...(Season 6, Episode 16) TLC

A belly dancer and a former soldier search for their wedding gowns. Also: a bride-to-be returns for her fitting, but the dress is not the one she originally bought.

Fri Jul 10 5:30pm
Happily Ever After...Sort Of(Season 6, Episode 18) TLC

A fashion-forward bride clashes with her mom, who has more traditional tastes, while another bride tries to find a dress that her 15-year-old sister approves of. Also: Syndal Gordon, the future wife of MLB pitcher Chad Gaudin, returns for her first fitting (more…)

Fri Jul 10 6:00pm
Fri Jul 10 6:30pm
It's Just Money(Season 9, Episode 15) TLC

Money is no object for a trio of brides that includes a woman who traveled from Texas to find a dress for her vow-renewal ceremony; a bride looking for a gown to match her stilettos; and another who returns to the salon for her fitting.

Mon Jul 13 4:00pm
New Beginnings(Season 6, Episode 12) TLC

A bride brings her blended family to help her choose a gown. Meanwhile, alterations manager Vera has a hectic day in fittings.

Mon Jul 13 4:30pm
Red She Said(Season 8, Episode 15) TLC

A bride wants a red dress, while another opts for black. Also: a gown that a bride's guests will never forget.

Mon Jul 13 5:00pm
Image Is Everything(Season 8, Episode 9) TLC

A woman who lost 70 pounds fears she's still overweight; a woman searching the northeastern U.S. for a bridal gown hopes New York will be her final stop; a bride-to-be's reservations about her gown are put to rest after she sees the finished product.

Mon Jul 13 5:30pm
NFL Brides(Season 8, Episode 14) TLC

Brides with NFL ties include Holly Robinson Peete, wife of former quarterback Rodney Peete, who plans a vow-renewal ceremony at the top of the Empire State Building; radio personality Devon Anjelica, who shops with her fiancé, Duane Brown, an offensive li (more…)

Tue Jul 14 4:00pm
Sister, Sister(Season 8, Episode 4) TLC

A woman's vow to lose weight results in ordering a dress one size too small; a farmer bride's sister urges her to trade her jeans and cowboy boots for a dress; a woman wants a showy ball gown.

Tue Jul 14 4:30pm
Race Against Time(Season 8, Episode 5) TLC

A bride who lost 50 pounds takes another look at her dress; a woman has second thoughts about a dress she already bought; a woman's wedding is in three months.

Tue Jul 14 5:00pm
Expecting Brides(Season 8, Episode 11) TLC

Pregnant brides-to-be include one who's looking for a sexy dress; another whose wedding is in eight weeks; and a woman in her sixth month who is trying on her gown for the first time.

Tue Jul 14 5:30pm
Not Your Mama's Dress(Season 8, Episode 3) TLC

A woman is willing to share the spotlight with her mom; a bride-to-be and her mother don't see eye-to-eye on fashion; a mother with multiple sclerosis attends her daughter's fitting.

Thu Jul 16 4:00pm
Extreme Entourage(Season 8, Episode 2) TLC

A headpiece consultant at the salon shops for her wedding dress; a woman throwing a Greek wedding brings her entourage along; a bride returns for her final fitting following a difficult selection.

Thu Jul 16 4:30pm
Big Budget Brides(Season 8, Episode 10) TLC

A flashy bride is nervous to try on her gown; a woman's budget for two dresses totals $30,000; a customer is looking for a dress for three ceremonies.

Thu Jul 16 5:00pm
You're Sexy and You Know It(Season 8, Episode 1) TLC

Clients in the eighth-season premiere include a woman seeking a tight, sexy dress; another who wants a dress to show off her figure; and a belly-dancing paralegal.

Thu Jul 16 5:30pm
2 Dresses, 1 Dream(Season 8, Episode 6) TLC

A bride needs two dresses for her outdoor wedding; a woman is adamant about the styles she wants for two different dresses; a bride returns for her second dress fitting.

Thu Jul 16 6:00pm
Size Me Up(Season 9, Episode 8) TLC

A tall bride has trouble finding a gown that's the right length; a busty bride seeks a dress with adequate coverage; a petite bride searches for her dream dress.

Thu Jul 16 6:30pm
Requests Like None of the Rest(Season 9, Episode 17) TLC

A bride who loves the 1980s seeks a dress that matches that era's style, while another searches for a party dress to go with her platform heels. Also: a bride's quest for a dress with lots of embellishments.

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