Sun Oct 11 3:00pm
Dueling Visions(Season 12, Episode 12) TLC

A bride's conservative dad may not approve of her vision for a dress with sex appeal; a bride is torn between sexy and traditional looks; a bride is equally fond of flowing and structured gowns.

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Sun Oct 11 3:30pm
Dazed and Gown-fused(Season 12, Episode 13) TLC

An indecisive bride has already tried on 50 gowns and still doesn't know what she wants; a bride has a specific style in mind, but finds that it may not be right for her; a bride is torn between two dresses that she thinks are both perfect.

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Sun Oct 11 4:00pm
Style Therapy(Season 12, Episode 14) TLC

A Southern bride has no idea what style she's looking for; a bride is shopping for a sexy dress, but her entourage disagrees; a bride is desperate to please her mom at the expense of her own desires.

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Sun Oct 11 4:30pm
Father Knows Dress(Season 12, Episode 7) TLC

A bride depends on her father to help with her decision since she lost her mother to cancer; a bride and her wedding-planner dad don't agree on her gown; a bride plans to honor her deceased father.

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Sun Oct 11 5:00pm
Entourage Sabotage(Season 12, Episode 11) TLC

A hem's length is a problem for a bride's family; a bride clashes with her bridesmaids over her desire for bling; a bride's mom has her eye on a pink ball gown.

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Sun Oct 11 5:30pm
A Comedian Walks Into a Bridal Salon...(Season 13, Episode 1) TLC

In the Season 13 premiere, comedian Kathy Griffin has a surprise for her former assistant; and Tumi Oguntala ("The Biggest Loser") returns for her fitting.

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Sun Oct 11 6:00pm
Daddy Dearest(Season 13, Episode 13) TLC

A bride wants a Pnina gown but worries that her conservative dad won't approve; a bride and her opinionated dad agree on a princess ball gown; a bride hopes that her deceased father would have loved her choice.

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Sun Oct 11 6:30pm
V.I.Pnina(Season 13, Episode 16) TLC

Brides with unlimited budgets have private appointments with designer Pnina Tornai when the salon is closed to the public.

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Sun Oct 11 7:00pm
Like Mother, Unlike Daughter(Season 13, Episode 14) TLC

A bride's budget is unlimited thanks to her dad, but her mom doesn't like her sexy choices; a mother thinks a form-fitting gown is the best option for her daughter; a bride lets her mother do all the shopping for her.

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Sun Oct 11 7:30pm
Performance Piece(Season 13, Episode 2) TLC

Tony Danza visits the salon to help his Broadway costar Brynn O'Malley find a dance-friendly gown for the show "Honeymoon in Vegas." Also: A ballerina looks for a gown that's different from her dance costumes.

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Mon Oct 12 4:00pm
Til Dress Do Us Part(Season 11, Episode 7) TLC

A bride who lost 100 pounds wants to show off her new curves; a woman wants a traditional gown for her vow-renewal ceremony; a bride worries that her fiancé won't like her dress when she arrives for her fitting.

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Mon Oct 12 4:30pm
One of a Kind Dress Requests(Season 11, Episode 8) TLC

A bride wants to wear pink at her wedding; a bride who's tried on 100 gowns is still looking for her dream dress; a bride hopes her search for the perfect dress will end at the salon.

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Mon Oct 12 5:00pm
If You've Got It, Flaunt It(Season 11, Episode 9) TLC

The WNBA's Kia Vaughn looks for a long dress to go with her 6-in. heels; a comedian wants to show off her figure; a bride who lost 100 pounds hopes her dress still fits.

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Mon Oct 12 5:30pm
All Hands on Deck(Season 12, Episode 4) TLC

"Good Morning America" meteorologist Ginger Zee tries on her reconstructed gown for the first time; the fiancée of former baseball all-star Jim Edmonds flies from St. Louis to shop for her dress; a fashion buyer returns for a second visit.

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Tue Oct 13 4:00pm
Smother's Day(Season 11, Episode 16) TLC

A singer wants a 1930s dress for her jazz-theme wedding; a bride is eager to show off her tattoo, but her mother hopes she'll cover it up; a bride comes for her fitting a month before her wedding.

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Tue Oct 13 4:30pm
More Money, More Problems(Season 11, Episode 4) TLC

A bride who eloped wants a sexy dress for her family reception; a fashionista will spend as much as it takes for the perfect dress; a bride worries that her custom-made gown won't be good enough.

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Wed Oct 14 4:00pm
Design Intervention(Season 11, Episode 11) TLC

A bride comes from Chicago to find a dress for her destination wedding in the Bahamas; a bride with expensive tastes may be limited by her budget; a bride is surprised by a special guest at her fitting.

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Wed Oct 14 4:30pm
Nothing Ordinary Here(Season 11, Episode 3) TLC

A bride wants a blue dress for her destination wedding, but has to convince her entourage; a bride wants a dress that incorporates color; a bride shows off her flower-pattern gown.

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Wed Oct 14 5:00pm
New Dress -- New Beginning(Season 11, Episode 1) TLC

Seth Meyers surprises a fan who's an Army veteran. Meanwhile, a Southern model wants a sexy dress, but one of which her father will approve; and a bride prepares to marry her college sweetheart at their alma mater.

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Wed Oct 14 5:30pm
A Thorn in the Bride's Side(Season 12, Episode 15) TLC

A former Miss USA looks for a dress that will please her future mother-in-law; a bride clashes with her sister; a bride returns for her fitting and hopes a friend will still approve of her dress.

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Wed Oct 14 6:00pm
A Comedian Walks Into a Bridal Salon...(Season 13, Episode 1) TLC

In the Season 13 premiere, comedian Kathy Griffin has a surprise for her former assistant; and Tumi Oguntala ("The Biggest Loser") returns for her fitting.

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Wed Oct 14 6:30pm
Breaking the Bank(Season 13, Episode 6) TLC

A bride has looked everywhere for a specific gown, but learns that it's double her budget; a bride's dream dress comes in thousands of dollars more than she thought; a bride has to decide how much she's willing to spend for a see-through bodice.

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Thu Oct 15 4:00pm
Sister Act!(Season 11, Episode 17) TLC

A bride who is a triplet battles her opinionated sisters over her final dress decision; two sisters shop together and discover they have similar tastes; a bride has second thoughts about her choice of a modest dress.

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Thu Oct 15 4:30pm
More, More, More!(Season 11, Episode 14) TLC

A bride wants a ball gown that will amaze her wedding's 700 guests; a bride's dad responds to her request for more bling; a consultant adds a personal touch to a bride's dress that she deems isn't fancy enough.

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