Since the original `Saved by the Bell' teens moved to college, a new batch took over at Bayside High School on Saturday mornings with the same principal, Richard Belding. Unlike `Saved by the Bell: The College Years,' this try to keep the franchise going managed to stick around for a while.


Guest Stars

Tom Huntington
Tony, Transfer Student
7 Episodes (1998-1998)
Mario Lopez
A.C. Slater, Slater
2 Episodes (1995-1996)
Denielle Fisher
Danielle, Eric's Girlfriend
2 Episodes (1997-1997)
Richard Lawson
Judge Thurston Jones
1 Episode (1993)
Nick Spano
Liz's Boyfriend
1 Episode (1998)
David Byrd
1 Episode (1993)
Jeff Allin
Liz's Father
1 Episode (1997)
Jimmy Marsden
Class President
1 Episode (1993)