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Saturday Night Live Episode: "Anne Hathaway; The Killers"

Season 34, Episode 4
Episode Synopsis: Anne Hathaway hosts. Music guest: the Killers. Appearing: Tina Fey and Queen Latifah.
Original Air Date: Oct 4, 2008
Guest Cast Queen Latifah Anne Hathaway The Killers
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Season 34, Episode 4
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Aired: 10/4/2008
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Saturday Night Live Episode Recap: Anne Hathaway Hosts, The Killers Perform Season 34, Episode 4

I think we all knew that Tina Fey would be back as Sarah Palin this week, but we also got a surprise visit from Queen Latifah as Vice Presidential Debate moderator Gwen Ifil. Jason Sudeikis played a mean (as in funny) Joe Biden, but Tina once again stole the show with her dead-on Palin impersonation, and even gave a shout out to those "Joe-six packs" who are playing a drinking game. Ha! Long live Tina Fey!The cold opening: The Vice Presendential DebateI've been waiting for this all week, and it didn't disappoint. Tina Fey and Jason Sudeikis play Sarah Palin and Joe Biden perfectly and the writers nailed the more ridiculous aspects of each candidates performance. For example, Joe Biden would say how much he loved John McCain and then would trash him. And Sarah, oh Sarah… she just kept repeating the fact that she and McCain were mavericks, and wouldn't answer the question she was actually being asked. Some of the best lines:McCain: I love John McCain. He's one of my dearest friends. But at the same time, he's dangerously unbalanced. John McCain, and once again this is a man I'd take a bullet for, is bad at his job and mentally unstable. Palin: We're gonna take every aspect of the crisis and we're gonna look at it and ask ourselves what would a maverick do in this situation. And then, you know, we'll do that (winks to the audience). Gwen: Governor Palin, would you like to respond to Senator Biden's comments on John McCain.Palin: No thank you, but I would like to talk about being an outsider. See, while Senator Biden has been in Washington, I've been spending my time with regular people: hockey moms, and Joe-six packs... I'd also like to give a shout-out to the third graders at Gladys Woods Elementary who were so helpful to me in my debate prep (winks again).Palin: Gwen, we don't know if the climate change whosey-whatsit is man made or just a part of the end of days... and not got to allow that... and also the great Ronald Reagan. It was so fantastic... each side was reamed appropriately for their performance. Watch the full clip here:Anne Hathaway enters looking svelte and lovely, especially considering her recent boyfriend troubles, but she does the best thing she can possibly do, which is make fun of herself. And, she does that by saying she's dating a new guy from the Internet who is a Nigerian Prince. HA! You know you have a few of those emails in your spam folder. It made me chuckle. Good for her.PBS CommercialFred plays Lawrence Welk in a bit from a PBS clip. He's surrounded with bubbles and is boring until Anne, Amy, Casey and Kristen come out as an Andrews Sisters-like group. Anne, Amy and Casey are normal, and Kristen has a huge forehead, baby arms and a snaggle tooth that would make Kirsten Dunst look like the poster-child for orthodontics. It makes me laugh more than once, so that's promising!C-SPAN SketchSudeikis plays Bush, and Kristen plays a very bug-eyed Nancy Pelosi. Ha! Fred plays Rep. Barney Frank who speaks like the Professor on The Simpsons. Kristen very calmly talks about how Bush did the right thing with this bill by backing it, even though his presidency was the cause of our disastrous economic situation... and he'll go down as the worst president ever. Ha! Sudeikis plays Bush like a distracted cocky frat boy. Then, they bring up couples who have been affected by the crisis... of course, none of them really have. This skit is way too long. Boys Night Out SketchAnne, Casey and Kristen are hot girls at a club that won't give Bill, Keenan, Fred and Bobby the time of day. Fred tries to dance and is rejected. Bobby hooks up with Anne for a techno song and they do a whole choreographed routine. The dance is funny but the skit goes no where. Digital ShortIt's Andy vs. Kristen in: Arm wrestling, walking, hat balancing, etc. I think this is a spoof of a commercial, but I don't know which one, so the humor is lost on me. Sorry!The KillersThey killed. Weekend UpdateBest Moments: "O.J. Simpson was found guilty of kidnapping, robbery and assault on Friday, but really, MURDER." "President Bush signed the (bail out) bill into law after consulting with his economic advisors: MC Hammer, Ed McMahon and Willie Nelson.""Two planes scheduled to land on the Greek island of Lesbos had to circle for a half an hour because the air traffic controller overslept. Though, I'm guessing a lot of activities on the island of Lesbos involves circling for a half an hour."Mary Poppins SketchAnne plays Mary who has to explain the meaning of the word "Supercalifra...(I'm so not spelling that). Turns out it's a liver disease that is contagious... and she probably gave it to chimney sweep Burt. This is more creative than usual and is pretty funny seeing Mary Poppins as a slutty nanny spreading an STD.News Cast SketchThis is actually pretty funny... it's about a local news team who can't keep their crap together. They either crack up, or make Freudian slips, or talk about inappropriate stuff (schlong size or buying weed) while they think they're off camera (but tape is still rolling). Mark Wahlberg Talks to AnimalsAndy Samberg plays Wahlberg who talks to farm animals. This is weird, yet the audience is completely tickled by it. Maybe they're drunk. The animals are super cute though. Moving Out SketchJason and Anne play roommates... Anne is moving out. Jason is playing a gay guy with Bill as his boyfriend... until Anne tries to leave and Jason goes in for a kiss. Turns out he's been faking his gayness for five years. They play this perfectly and it gets a lot of laughs. Turns out his boyfriend isn't gay either... he did this all as a way to get close to Anne. He even busts out "What I Did for Love" from A Chorus Line. Random, but a few chuckles. Katy Perry SketchCasey's head is put on a skinny body on the cover of a fake Katy Perry CD, which is insulting because they then cut to her live singing the "I Kissed a Girl" song as her normal-sized self. It's not the most flattering look for her, but still, to skinny her down on the CD is lame. The sketch is about the less provocative songs of Katy Perry like "I Ate a Snack.” Boo, this skit blows.What did you think of the debate sketch? Did you like Anne Hathaway? What else tickled your fancy? show less

I think we all knew that Tina Fey would be back as Sarah Palin this week, but we also got a surprise visit from Queen Latifah as Vice Presidential Debate moderator Gwen Ifil. Jason Sudeikis played a mean (as in funny) Joe Biden, but Tina once again stole the show with her dead-on Palin impersonation, and even gave a shout out to those "Joe-six packs" who are playing a drinking game. Ha! Long live Tina Fey!

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