A doctor provides a haven for mysterious creatures with the help of a team that includes a forensic psychiatrist and a technician.


Guest Stars

Christopher Heyerdahl
Bigfoot, Druitt, Druitt/Bigfoot, John Druitt
22 Episodes (2008-2011)
Ian Tracey
Adam Worth
7 Episodes (2010-2011)
Pascale Hutton
Abby, Abby Corrigan
7 Episodes (2010-2011)
Peter Wingfield
Dr. James Watson, Dr. Watson, James Watson, Watson
4 Episodes (2009-2011)
Francoise Yip
Dr. Lee, Lillian Lee
3 Episodes (2011-2011)
Gil Bellows
2 Episodes (2011-2011)
Tom McBeath
General Villanova
2 Episodes (2011-2011)
Lynda Boyd
Dana Whitcomb
1 Episode (2009)
Polly Walker
1 Episode (2011)
Kavan Smith
Joe Cavanaugh
1 Episode (2008)
Paul McGillion
Terrence Wexford
1 Episode (2010)