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Samantha Who? Season 1 episodes

The Birthday Season 1, Episode 15

As Season 1 closes, Samantha and Todd heat up. But she steps on the brakes until he breaks up with Chloe like he promised. The problem: Chloe keeps telling Todd about her sick aunt, and Sam thinks she's preying on his sympathy to keep from being dumped. Meanwhile, Andrea and Regina disagree on plans for Sam's birthday. read more

The Affair Season 1, Episode 14

Sam's affair with Todd continues while he's still seeing a clueless Chloe; Sam gets the idea that Regina is having a tryst of her own. Meanwhile, Andrea and Dena talk about opening up a coffee shop together. read more

The Gallery Show Season 1, Episode 13

Love and relationships seem to have become the central focus of Samantha Who since its return from hiatus. First we had the Sam/Todd/Chloe triangle. Then we had Todd, Sam, and the Funk. And then, last week we had Dena and Chapman. You would think this whole dating thing just adds more complication to Sam's already complicated life and yet she seems to be digging the hole deeper for herself as the weeks go on. This week was no different.It all started with Sam checking the mail. While sifting through the usual bills, Sam came across an invitation to Todd's gallery opening with a single word written in marker "Hey!" That one syllable word was enough to set Sam off on a quest to try and make sense of what she and Todd are doing. She decided to go over and tell him face to face that she would not be attending his opening. When she arrived at her apartment building, she sought the sagely advice of Frank the doorman while she waited for Todd to show up. As Sam tried to break it to Todd th... read more

The Butterflies Season 1, Episode 12

Hey people! It's been quite the Monday night for yours truly. Not only did I get to catch an advanced screening of the new Tina Fey/Amy Poehler flick Baby Mama, I also got to return home to brand spankin' new eps of Gossip Girl and Samantha Who waiting for me on my DVR. I love technology! If you have yet to get on board the GG bandwagon, I strongly advise you do so now cause with this one-two punch you get a nice dose of teen drama and amnesic slapstick. What more could you want out of a Monday evening?As Sam walked to work recounting her recent run-in with Todd to Dena, she ran into her boss in the lobby of her office building. After overhearing Dena compare dating to being a dog, he insisted to Sam that she set him up with her. Though completely against the idea at first, Andrea was quick to remind Sam of the advantages of having a friend dating their boss. Despite still being against the idea, Sam quickly found herself in a situation that would require her boss' help when she wan... read more

The Boss Season 1, Episode 11

This week the Funk came to town and rocked Sam's world. And by the Funk I mean Sam's wealthier and more attractive other boss played by Die Hard villain, Timothy Olyphant. As the episode kicked off, Sam was still obsessing over Todd. She was practically begging him for another chance and he was having none of it. When she arrived at the office another face from her past entered her life and it seemed as though he was just what Sam needed to get her mind off of Todd. Meet Winston Funk. He's handsome. He's charming. And he's filthy freakin' rich. He also happens to be in love with Sam and proposes to her within minutes of seeing her again. If only Andrea wasn't so desperately in love with him. While old Samantha probably would have jumped at the chance to bag herself a billionaire, new Sam felt it appropriate to come clean to her boss/beau that her condition wiped all memories of him and that she couldn't accept his proposal. Later, she described the situation to Dena who found all of... read more

The Girlfriend Season 1, Episode 10

Whuttup TV Guiders? It feels like forever since I've blogged anything that didn't involve the ridiculousness that is Tyra Banks. It's good to be back to a scripted show. When we last saw Sam, she got dumped by her first post-amnesia boyfriend. After getting dumped, Sam realized she still had feelings for Todd. I'm hoping the writers don't jump right into this because that's the type of stuff that can ruin a show this early on. Now for my recap:This week Sam continued to question her relationship with Todd. After some time apart, the two happened to run into each other on the street while Sam was trying out her jump-roping skills. Todd seemed glad to see her and suggested they get together soon. Later that evening while Sam's mom tried to convince her to have a makeover night with her, Todd invited Sam over for a chilli dinner. Ecstatic by the thought of possibly rekindling her relationship with Todd, Sam prettied herself up and went over to her old apartment. Once there, Todd's true... read more

The Break-Up Season 1, Episode 9

Samantha Who kicked off this week with a simple flower delivery. Although there was no sign of him in last week's episode, apparently Sam and Kevin are still dating and it's gotten to the point where Sam is ready to take that next step. As we've seen in her previous attempt to sleep with a man, Sam's got some much to learn about the art of seduction before she could take that plunge. When she turns to Dena for some advice on her big night, it's obvious that Dena is pretty clueless on the subject as well when she suggests Sam "make her carpet match the drapes" by making her bra match her panties. Upon visiting Todd to pick up some of her belongings, Sam learns that Todd's new girlfriend has a drawer of stuff at the apartment and he explains that the carpet/drapes phrase doesn't mean what she thinks it does. Nonetheless, Sam finally has her big moment with Kevin and when all is said and done she thinks she's fallen in love. And as we've come to expect from this show, it doesn't end we... read more

The Car Season 1, Episode 8

Ahh, the sweet freedom of having a driver's license! I'm sure most of us can recall that glorious day when mom and pop handed over the keys to the family car and gave us the classic speech about trust and responsibility. If you're anything like me, then you can also recall the moment you broke that trust by telling a little white lie about how that dent found its way onto the bumper of the car a short time later(whoops!) This week on Samantha Who?, Sam learned that lesson after convincing her father to let her take the family car for a night out with Dena. As expected, things didn't go so well during the girls' night out and Sam wrecked the car. In an attempt to keep her father's trust, Samantha convinces Dena to help her get rid of the evidence so they could play it off that the car was actually stolen. Just another day in the life of Samantha Newly.The next morning over coffee, Sam had to explain to Dena that old Sam had not returned and their actions were just "a rash decision t... read more

The Hockey Date Season 1, Episode 7

Ohh, little Samantha! Just as soon as she starts getting her memory back, her family and friends try pushing to get her back into the dating world. Despite there being an episode 2 weeks ago where Sam was trying to remember sex, this week it was all about finding that special someone whom Sam could connect with. With Andrea about to jet off to Rome with her new beau and Todd spending time with the kind but dimwitted Chloe, Sam felt the pressure to give her romantic life a kick start and who else to help her do it but her own mother. And thus begins another week of Samantha Who? As Sam brought Andrea over to her place to pick up some clothing, they interrupted Todd's date night with Chloe who had it in her head that Sam's amnesia also messed with her hearing and tried to sign everything she wanted to communicate. Wanting to make Todd jealous, Sam told him she too had big date plans for the night when, in fact, her plans were to play board games with Dena. While trying to wease... read more

"The Hypnotherapist" Season 1, Episode 6

I swear, nothing cures a case of the Mondays like some good prime-time comedy. Although this whole writers' strike thing has already started to affect many of the shows I love, Samantha Who? is still going strong and it looks like it will continue to bring us new episodes for the next several weeks. Another reason to love this show and its writers! This week Sam met with a hypnotherapist, hoping the good doctor would be able to cure her amnesia. As the episode got under way, Sam was preparing some dinner at Todd's apartment. Todd arrived home just in time to stop Samantha from burning the place down and to let her know she was allergic to the oregano she was using in her tomato sauce. That night she met up with the girls for some drinks at their favorite hot spot. During Andrea's time to vent, Sam learned that a hypnotherapist just might be the solution to her problem. Upon discussing the idea with her folks, both parents were against it. Nevertheless, Sam decided to see for herself... read more

The Restraining Order Season 1, Episode 5

This week's Samantha Who? showed us a crazier side of Samantha Newly. It started out with a gun-toting Sam recounting the events that brought her to the current place and time, riding shotgun in the car of her mortified friend. Apparently, it all began with a family trip for ice cream. While sampling every possible food option at the ice-cream parlor, Samantha got overwhelmed with emotion when The Go-Go's We Got the Beat started playing. Later, as she tried to find out if the song had any ties to her relationship with Todd, a random stranger spots her on the street and immediately runs in the opposite direction while yelling about a restraining order. She excuses herself to chase after the raving maniac to figure out how they know each other. This leads her to Andrea. It turns out Andrea not only knew about the restraining order, she also represented Sam in court.As Sam reviewed the details of the complaint, we learn that old Sam practically tortured this poor Nathan guy. Feeling th... read more

"The Virgin" Season 1, Episode 4

I said it last week but I'll say it again: I really love this show. I usually receive the preview clips to get up on every Thursday and whenever I do, it just psyches me up for another Monday night with Samantha and Co. When I found out that this week's show would be about Samantha trying to remember sex, I made the decision to put Heroes on hold for an hour and check out Samantha Who? in real time. Yep, even a DVR delay was too much for me!This week's episode started out with a great family moment with the Newlys. Papa Newly was on the couch checking out the tube while Mama Newly tossed her daughter some backhanded compliments before Sam headed for a night out with Andrea. Sam and Andrea arrive at the bar and immediately catch the eye of the sleaziest guy in the bar. The guy uses every lame pickup line in the book to which Sam is completely oblivious. After Andrea needs to pull a rescue mission, it occurs to Sam that she can't recall pickup lines, or anything related to... read more

The Wedding Season 1, Episode 3

Samantha goes to a friend's wedding, only to learn she's been uninvited by the bride. Valerie: Jessica St. Clair. Bridesmaid: Kara Taitz. Paul: Gerald Downey. Paul's Wife: Amanda Young. Troy: Curt Cornelius. read more

The Job Season 1, Episode 2

Samantha returns to work, and a board meeting reminds her what a cutthroat workaholic she used to be. She begins to wonder whether she wants to be that way again. Tracy: Joy Osmanski. Chase Chapman: Rick Hoffman. Dr. Kegoshian: Frank Maharajh. Waiter: B.J. Clinkscales. Jerri: Dana Sorman. Vic: Jamison Haase. read more

Pilot Episode Season 1, Episode 1

In the pilot episode, Samantha learns that she's a cheater and an alcoholic, and has no real friends. read more

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Premise: An accident victim awakens from an eight-day coma with amnesia and must start over. As she does, she learns she wasn't a nice person.



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