Sabrina's Secret Life

2003, TV Show

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Latest Episode: Witchycology

Jan 01, 2003 Season 1 Episode 25 watch on (Subscription)

Sabrina and Maritza try to convince Cassandra that littering isn't cool.

Cat Man Do

Jan 01, 2003 Season 1 Episode 24

Salem goes undercover as a handsome young warlock at Greendale High after learning that an old nemesis has been released from the Netherworld jail.
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A Midsummer's Nightmare

Jan 01, 2003 Season 1 Episode 23

Sabrina and Cassandra both use magic to sabotage each other's auditions to win the lead role opposite Harvey in the school play.
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Greendale Idol

Jan 01, 2003 Season 1 Episode 22

Sabrina and Cassandra decide to compete in a Teen Talent Competition -- without magic -- and up the stakes so that a date with Harvey is on the line.
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Hot Item

Jan 01, 2003 Season 1 Episode 20

Sabrina takes a rock home from the Netherworld to add to her collection, but is surprised when the "rock" hatches into a baby dragon!
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Best of Show

Jan 08, 2004 Season 1 Episode 18

Sabrina helps Harvey train his dog for a dog show so that she can spend more time with him ... and also beat Cassandra.
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Pet Peeve

Jan 06, 2004 Season 1 Episode 17

Salem is suspicious of Sabrina's cute new pet hamster, Spunky.
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Just a Rumor

Jan 01, 2003 Season 1 Episode 16

Sabrina must visit the Netherworld Rumor Mill in order to get to the bottom of all the hurtful rumors that have been spreading around Greendale.
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Dec 29, 2003 Season 1 Episode 15

Sabrina gets the highly contagious gargoyle flu, and refuses to take Salem and her aunt's advice to stay in bed.
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Food 'Tude

Dec 23, 2003 Season 1 Episode 14

While on cafeteria-cleaning duty, Sabrina casts a spell on the pots and pans so they'll clean themselves. Too bad they have ideas of their own!
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Lather, Rinse, Repeat

Dec 22, 2003 Season 1 Episode 13

Sabrina uses a magic hair lotion that makes her hair smooth, silky and curly, but it causes mortals to turn into werewolves!
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Half There

Dec 16, 2003 Season 1 Episode 12

Sabrina's cauldron blows up and creates a purple invisibilty slime, which Cassandra uses to get closer to Harvey.
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And Baby Makes Three

Jan 01, 2003 Season 1 Episode 10

Hilda and Zelda are off to the Netherworld, so they hire an old-fashioned baby sitter to look after Sabrina.
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SPELL-ing Bee

Dec 08, 2003 Season 1 Episode 9

It's witch vs. witch in the annual spell-a-thon, and Sabrina is determined she is going to cast the biggest and best spell of all.
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Sabrina, Part Two

Dec 02, 2003 Season 1 Episode 8

Sabrina and Cassandra conjure up doppelgangers of themselves so that they can attend witch school and go to Harvey's party at the same time.
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