Angelica's in Love
12:45 — Angelica gets a crush on a new four year old boy who wears a leather jacket and rides a big wheel. Her heart is broken when the boy and his family mov (more…)
Cradle Attraction
12:44 — Chuckie falls for a new girl, Megan, and they express their affection by picking on each other. When Chuckie catches Megan picking on another boy, he (more…)
Chuckie Versus the Potty
12:43 — When Chuckie spends a weekend at the Pickles house, he tells Tommy that his father is trying to potty train him. Things just get worse when Angelica t (more…)
My Friend Barney
12:47 — Chuckie gets an imaginary friend, Barney, whom no one except Chuckie can see or hear.
I Do
12:42 — Triumphant as her stint as a flower girl, Angelica plans an elaborate wedding for Lil and Chuckie. Marriage isn't quite what they expect and they fina (more…)
Touch-Down Tommy
12:06 — The dads are watching football on TV, the Rugrats are in their pen and Angelica decides she wants Tommy's chocolate milk bottle. She charges Tommy and (more…)
Fugitive Tommy
12:40 — Tommy is the victim of mistaken identity when a one-toothed baby who is dressed like him wreaks havoc on the kids at the park.
Grandpa's Date
12:46 — Stu and Didi leave Tommy and Chuckie with Grandpa Lou for a night. While the kids prepare for an exciting night of videos and ice cream, Grandpa gets (more…)
No Bones About It
12:39 — At the Natural History Museum, Tommy and his pals see their first giant dinosaur skeleton. On the prowl for a souvenir for Spike who had to stay behin (more…)
Under Chuckie's Bed
12:42 — When Chuckie gets a big boys' bed, Angelica tells him there's a monster underneath it.
The First Cut
12:40 — Tommy is rattled when he gets his first cut, but eventually learns that cuts do heal.
Chuckie's a Lefty
12:40 — Chas notices that Chuckie is a left-hander and freaks out, deciding that he must stop this at all costs.
Junior Prom
12:40 — When Angelica hears that Susie's sister is going to her Junior Prom, she decides she wants to stage a prom, just so she can be elected Prom Queen. Ang (more…)
He Saw, She Saw
12:42 — Chuckie falls for Emma, a little girl playing by herself at the park. The one problem is that she's the little sister of Big Binky, an over-protective (more…)
Monster In the Garage
12:07 — The adults blame Spike for mysterious accidents in the garage, but Tommy believes his pet is innocent. Convinced the accidents are caused by a monster (more…)
Beach Blanket Babies
12:42 — Chuckie's father buys him "sea monkeys" - tiny frozen shrimps - to keep as pets but Chuckie believes the creatures will be happier in the ocean.
Chuckie Is Rich
12:42 — Chaz wins $10 million in a sweepstakes, and suddenly things change for Chuckie.
The Big House
12:43 — Tommy gets put in a new-age care center that seems an awful lot like a prison. After winning over the other "inmates," Tommy engineers a jailbreak.
Naked Tommy
12:40 — Tommy decides that he'd rather go naked like his dog Spike.
Let Them Eat Cake
12:43 — When Didi's younger brother Ben gets married, Tommy and Chuckie become enthralled by the multi-tiered wedding cake.
Chuckie's First Haircut
12:42 — The rugrats and Chaz all try to help Chuckie overcome his fear of getting his haircut. Ultimately, Chuckie finally decides to just go through with it, (more…)
Chicken Pops
12:44 — When Chuckie gets a case of the chicken pox, Angelica explains to the babies that he has "chicken pops" and is turning into a chicken.
Showdown At Teeter-Totter Gulch
12:44 — Tommy and Chuck go to a new playground where the peace-loving kids live in fear of a bully called "the junk-food kid." Doing his best Gary Cooper, Tom (more…)
Chuckie's Duckling
12:40 — Chuckie, feeling ignored by Tommy who now has older brother duties, takes chores for a baby duckling, who follows him everywhere. At first it's fun, b (more…)
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  • Premiered: August 11, 1991
  • Rating: TV-Y
  • Premise: The wonders and mysteries of childhood, as experienced by a group of toddlers, unfold in a charming animated series whose gentle, sophisticated humor give it appeal for adults as well as kids. Series creators Arlene Klasky and Gabor Csupo based the show on… (more)

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