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Latest Episode: Rugrats Mother's Day

May 06, 1997 Season 19 Episode 10 watch on Amazon Prime (Subscription)

When Angelica builds a macaroni bust of herself as a Mother's Day gift for her mom, Tommy, Phil, and Lil search for presents for their own mothers.

Regarding Stuie/America's Wackiest Home Movies

Jun 16, 1998 Season 19 Episode 9

When Stu is hit on the head by his latest creation, he suffers temporary amnesia and starts acting like a baby. / Stu and Drew get into a competition, trying to catch the antics of their respective children on tape to win a prize on a video show.
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Babies in Toyland

Dec 09, 2002 Season 19 Episode 8

The Rugrats discover that Christmas means more than just presents and tradition when they find themselves stranded in the Stu-inspired displays at a Christmas party.
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The Braveliest Baby/Gimme an A

Oct 11, 2003 Season 19 Episode 7

Tommy temporarily loses his nerve after slipping on a playground apparatus, and Angelica challenges the babies to tests of valor to see who's the "braveliest"./Didi takes the babies to college to be part of her Child Development experiment.
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A Baby Sale/Steve

Sep 20, 2003 Season 19 Episode 6

When the babies accompany their mothers to Krudnik's annual half-off baby sale, the Rugrats think that they are being sold./The babies build a snowbaby and name him Steve.
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Bestest of Show/Hold the Pickles

Jun 05, 2005 Season 19 Episode 5

Stu, Chas, Angelica, and Susie enter Spiffy, Puppy, Fluffy, and Herbie the gerbil, respectively, in a pet show, all vying for "Best Pet" honor./Taffy takes the babies to their first fast food restaurant.
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Mutt's In A Name/Hurricane Alice

Aug 01, 2004 Season 19 Episode 4

The Finster's puppy is lethargic, and the babies believe it's because she hasn't been properly named yet./Betty's college roommate comes to visit with her daughter Alice, just as weather reports forecast a hurricane, also called Alice.
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