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Latest Episode: Ruby Faces Rosie

May 08, 2011 Season 4 Episode 10 watch on (Paid)

Jeff joins Ruby as she visits New York City to appear on Rosie O'Donnell's radio show. The two are excited to explore the Big Apple, but Ruby quickly struggles with her weight getting around the city, from difficulties hailing a cab to pressing up against other riders on the subway. Eventually, Rosie and Ruby meet up and have a great time on her show, talking openly about their weight issues and even Ruby's love life. Later on, Ruby visits Rosie at her home where they have a very candid discussion about molestation, forcing Ruby to take painfully closer look at her traumatic childhood issues.

Ghosts of Childhood

May 01, 2011 Season 4 Episode 9

Ruby doesn't plan to take her friends' comments at the summit lightly. She wants to get back on track with her weight loss, and starts the process by entering a charity baseball tournament with Denny, Georgia and Jeff. But baseball only seems to bring back memories of her father, so she decides to visit his grave for the very first time. Plus, she comes to realize she may have few precious moments left with her mom--and she doesn't want to waste them, so she sits with her to have a heart-to-heart about her past. Then, Ruby calls Reverend Paula White in hopes of finally conquering her missing childhood memories.
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50 Pounds and Gaining

Apr 24, 2011 Season 4 Episode 8

Ruby returns to her home in Savannah and must face the consequences of her month-long vacation in Los Angeles and subsequent weight gain. She finally gets her wake-up call when she sees she has gained 50 pounds, with her weight now topping 359. Ruby decides to organize a summit with her friends, trainers, doctors and therapists to help her recommit to a plan and get her back on track. But will she be able to withstand their brutal honesty about her addiction to food? Plus, Ruby reflects on her relationship with Denny and her own "little girl" inside her when she baby-sits a friend's daughter.
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Ruby Falls for a New Guy

Apr 10, 2011 Season 4 Episode 6

While out at a friend's fashion show in Los Angeles, Ruby meets an attractive man named Ian and instantly feels a connection. As the two of them start to spend time together, Ruby wonders if he could be interested in her as more than a friend. After Jeff and Georgia tease her about her new crush, Ruby becomes nervous about going on a date for the first time in eight years since her breakup with Denny. Also, self-conscious about her thinning hair, Ruby decides to get a stunning hair makeover at one of the top salons in the city--just in time for her big date!
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Ruby's Beach Meltdown

Apr 03, 2011 Season 4 Episode 5

Ruby faces a harsh reality when she steps on the scale and discovers she's back up to 347 pounds. Devastated by her weight gain, Ruby looks to Jeff and Georgia for encouragement but instead is shocked by their brutal honesty. Ruby schedules a workout at the beach, but when a new trainer critiques her performance and tries to push her out of her comfort zone, the two get into a heated confrontation. Also, Ruby decides to hold a Women's Fat Night in Los Angeles, and must figure out why she may be self-sabotaging her weight loss efforts.
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Ruby Goes Under

Mar 27, 2011 Season 4 Episode 4

Georgia's son Ben is moving to Los Angeles to attend college and Ruby and the gang decide to embark on a month-long stay there to help him settle in. The group can't wait to settle into their new temporary pad complete with a pool! First thing, Ruby and her friends hit up a water park for some wet and wild fun, but will Ruby be able to push herself out of her comfort zone when she's faced with going on some extreme rides? Also, Ruby takes a friend's advice and tries reiki, an alternative form of healing. But when the session becomes too intense, Ruby realizes that she can't outrun her emotions and must face feelings she has tried so hard to suppress.
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Ruby's High School Reunion

Mar 20, 2011 Season 4 Episode 3

Ruby and the gang hold a yard sale to help raise money for Georgia's son's move to Los Angeles. While Drew and Shazi take the opportunity to turn the sale into a workout, Ruby's high school friends take the time to come visit her. Excited about reuniting with her old buddies, Ruby organizes a mini reunion where her circle of friends can help her reflect on what she was like as a child. She struggles to see the connection between her childhood letters and the person she is today--but with the help of her friends, therapist, and pastor, she may just have a breakthrough.
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Secrets In the Attic

Mar 13, 2011 Season 4 Episode 2

Ruby is headed in the wrong direction with her diet and can't seem to get back on track. As she struggles to deal with her 30 pound weight gain, Georgia's son Ben announces he's moving to Los Angeles--another disappointing fact she'll have to learn to live with. The move won't be cheap, so Georgia and Ruby plan a huge garage sale. Jeff helps Ruby sort through her junk in the attic in hopes of finding stuff to sell--but the treasure he discovers may be something Ruby wanted to keep hidden.
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Ruby and Denny: Toxic Relationship

Mar 06, 2011 Season 4 Episode 1

In the season premiere, Ruby admits to neglecting her strict diet and exercise regimen and refuses to step on the scale. Instead, she tries to mask her weight gain by using slimming tricks such as spray tanning. When her friends get together for Woman's Fat Night, Ruby realizes she's the only one who hasn't lost weight after their retreat three months earlier, so she meets with her therapist to find a reason for the setback. After discussing Ruby's perpetual abandonment issues and toxic relationship with ex-boyfriend Denny, her therapist invites Denny to attend their next session. Emotions run wild as their unresolved issues are brought to the surface, and Ruby is left to decide how Denny will fit in her life moving forward.
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